2020.03.15 Black and White Ball

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2020.03.15 Black and White Ball
Black Tie Event
IC Date March 15, 2020
IC Time Late Evening
Players Madeline, Jolene, Gabriel de la Vega, Paige, Mikael, Phoenix, Persephone, Leonardo, Istvan, Oscar
Location Edgewater Beach Resort - Elysium Great Hall, Carlsbad, Ca
Spheres Vampire Camarilla

Sunday, March 15, 2020 Edgewater Beach Resort - Elysium Great Hall

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NUM ST Genre Title Date Sgnps 1151 Jolene Vampire Black Tie Event Sun Mar 15 19:00 CST 1

Black and White Ball

Setting: As you enter into the Elysium Great Hall, it appears as if you have been transported back in time and color has been drained from the world. The lights are set low this evening casting an ethereal glow that adds a touch of magic to the evening, black and white linens line the table, with silver-tone flatware that ties in with the theme.

Food: The tables are lined with white chocolate, dark chocolate, champagne, gingerale, and other food and drinks that go along with the theme.

Old Time Photo Booth: For those that can and wish to take a Momento of the evening, there is an old style camera set up, using black and white film.

Gabriel has shown up early this evening, dressed to the nines as always. He moves across the rtoom and settles into a chair. A smile and nod is given to anyone that catches his attention

Black and White Ball

Setting: As you enter into the Elysium Great Hall, it appears as if you have been transported back in time and color has been drained from the world. The lights are set low this evening casting an ethereal glow that adds a touch of magic to the evening, black and white linens line the table, with silver-tone flatware that ties in with the theme.

Food: The tables are lined with white chocolate, dark chocolate, champagne, gingerale, and other food and drinks that go along with the theme.

Old Time Photo Booth: For those that can and wish to take a Momento of the evening, there is an old style camera set up, using black and white film.

Tonight, is all about black, white and glamour. The bodice of Jolene's gown is perfectly fitted to the lovely woman's body, cinching Jolene's waist and flattering her beautiful shape. The black silk corset is accented by white lace roses here and there and for added drama, it is laced up the front and then double along the back with white ribbon. The garment leaves the Jolene's shapely shoulders and back bare for the eye to enjoy that flawless skin. The skirts are cut to flow generously around the lady as she moves, diaphanous white tulle flows with gentle ruffles, each one lined with a thousand tiny silver seed pearls to accentuate their shape and create some contrast. Atop this is a black overskirt of the same luxurious silk, gathered just so, to allow the white to take the lead. To finish the look, a black choker with white lace roses gently embraces her slender throat, and white fingerless gloves add the perfect touch.

(https://www.cityofhopemush.net/index.php/File:JoleneBaWB1.png) (8 successes for design and creation of the gown by Madeline)

Madeline strolls out from teh interior of Elysium, an utter vision tonight. She smiles at the setup the Keeper has arranged and nods "beautiful"

Paige arrives, stage right, giving just a tiny nod as she makes her way in, dress and violin case.

The Keeper is ready to great her guests as they arrive, offering a warm hug to her friends and new faces she is more than happy to see this evening, taking a moment to gently take Gabriel's with both of her own, "Good Evening Sir." She surely doesn't want to make anyone feel left out this evening, as she greets them each as the enter smiling at them in their finery, she even curtsey's graciously to the Duchess as she arrives, "Your Grace." She offers with a warm smile.

Madeline is a lovely young blonde, about 22 years old with the graceful body of a dancer. She stands at 5'6" and her sapphire blue eyes sparkle with energy as her quick smile warms the room around her. Tonight her golden hair is down, left to spill across her back with a crystal pin holding it back lightly at each temple. This striking gown is intended to draw the viewers attention and leave them breathless. This form fitting creation highlights the lady's elegant shape as it flows along her body to barely brush at the floor. At its heart, the gown is rich black Italian silk that forms the foundation upon which the artistry of the dress is built. Leaving one shapely arm bare, the garment is fully hand embroidered with crystals and microelements depicting motifs inspired by butterfly wings and baroque elements. Upon the lady's shoulder, an avant garde rose is delicately crafted of costly black lace, with embedded crystals shining as the light hits them. The lush ebon silk and sheer organza wind around the lady's arm to end with a beautifully tailored cuff at the wrist. This delicate fabric is found in the bodice, strategically placed to entice the eye and give a glimpse of the flawless skin beneath. Then as the skirt flows along her body, the applique of black silk becomes almost an afterthought atop the nearly transparent black organza, giving the viewer a tantalizing, glimpse of this skilled dancer's shapely legs. The gown is a work of art adorning the beautiful lady that wears it. 10 combined successes on the gown's design and creation https://www.pinterest.com/pin/632474341397644817/

Mikael arrives with Phoenix, his arm around the redhead's waist. He is dashingly dressed in a tailored black and white Italian worsted wool suit that fits him to perfection. A black silk shirt with a white collar is accented by a black and white divided tie. The chain for a pocket watch is chicly attached to a vest button. He carries a black and silver cane with an ornate raven handle. https://i.pinimg.com/originals/11/4e/e3/114ee34f26e1d87a26af9866688f3b0e.jpg

Phoenix is dressed in a black Italian double breasted silk suit with spidery lace lapels and cuffs with a waist belt. He walks in with Mikael, glancing around with the vague interest he shows all things. https://www.menclassicstation.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/ac3e51bb-95bc-49d1-8d70-5e7a8648bac8.jpg

Jolene can not help but smile at the arrival of Phoenix and Mikael, looking stunning tonight and dressed up, so well. "Each of you are true visions of perfection, only outshown by our Duchess." She winks to Madeline, and hugs each in turn. "I am glad to see you join us tonight and hope you enjoy the evening!"

It's become routine after the last year. The buzz and vroom of the engine, the commotion that follows suit. Soon enough, the doors push open and here is Persephone! Still dressed in her normal get up, black boots, leggings, and leather jacket - but tonight! The leather is freshly cleaned, the spikes polished, and it just glistens in the light. "Well well well, looky here! Everyone has joined in my choice of color!"

Madeline looks up with a smile and nods to Phoenix and Mikael as they arrive then moves to Jolene "bon soir Mademoiselle Keeper, you look stunning"

Paige raises her brow as she looks around, eyes settling on the refreshments for a moment before moving on. "I am impressed Persephone, you actually cleaned that jacket, I was relatively certain it is older than I am."

Mikael gives a bow to Madeline and Jolene, "We can not hope to compare to either of your beauty this eve. Merci for the invitation." He turns then to Paige and Persephone, and gives them a bow as well, "Bonsoir, Mesdemoiselles."

Phoenix nods in greeting to those around. "Interesting idea for a party"

Jolene smiles at Phoenix and gives a warm hug to Mikael, "You are such a sweet heart Mikael. It had been an idea turning around in my brain for awhile, but, last minute, I am glad to see the turn out this evening for it." She then smiles at Paige and Persephone's banter. "Thank you ladies for joining us this evening, You are both a vision this evening." As they enter the music begins in the background, not to loud but enough to let them know they can dance if they wish on the newly installed dance floor.

Persephone looks around at the changes around here and then shrugs to Paige, "Well, she said formal right?" She straightens out her jacket and flips up the collar. "This is as formal as I get unless someone stakes me and then dresses me themselves." Her eyes move to the food table. "We expecting a crowd of ghouls or something?" Taking note of the others and how they are dressed she gives a chin jut of recognition to each in turn. "Hey, you all really pulled out the finest tonight. Nice going. Certainly classed up the joint."

"Evening Mikael, good to see you." Paige raises her free hand in a small wave to the man, before she gives a curtsy to everyone else softly. "Thank you all for having me." Then a pause. "Don't give me ideas Persephone, please."

"For those that wish to partake Persephone, otherwise it is more for effect, and will not go to waste either way. I do hope you enjoy some of the changes we have added, with The Duchess' support and guidance." Jolene offers reassuringly, "You fit the Theme just fine Persephone, and if ever there is an event that you have questions on, well at least an event that I am holding I will be happy to answer them." As she says a more upbeat song begins to play so that any who wish to dance, can. Some may recognize it, others not so if they are not familar with modern music.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hVqh2_0sR_g&list=RDhVqh2_0sR_g&start_radio=1&t=69 - Fifth Element Diva Song RARE FULL DANCE VIDEO

Mikael accepts the hug from Jolene and pats her shoulder with a gloved hand. "You are too kind." He glances around the room and smiles brightly, "The changes add more beauty without taking away what was already present. Congratulations." He moves towards the table with Phoenix and gets one of the glasses of champagne, then chooses one of the chocolates to nibble on.

Madeline takes a moment to step over to Mikael and Phoenix, greetin each with a kiss to the cheek and soft word. Turning her head she smiles at Jolene "you ahve worked very hard here Lady Keeper"

Phoenix wanders along with Mikael, not taking anything, but keeping him company. He turns to smmile to madeline "Evening Maddie" Phoenix cocks a brow to Mikael and smiles to him.

Mikael murmurs something at Phoenix's ear and then accepts the kiss from Madeline with a bright smile.

Jolene tilts her head as she watches the others, but notices how quiet Gabriel is being this evening, and steps over to where he is to introduce herself. "I am not sure we have met formally before, I am Keeper Jolene Addison. Have you met the rest before?" She looks around the room.

Persephone laughs with Paige's comment. "You have enough ideas on your own, Sheriff." She grins to Jolene, "I see, and thanks. All good." She hears the music and cocks her head a bit, turning to Paige, "This is that song with the blue alien, no?"

"I am pretty sure it is." Paige smirks a little, her head tilting as she shifts off to the side. "How have you been anyways?"

The next song that begins to play, is one that is easily recognizeable. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GuJQSAiODqI - Madonna - Vogue (Official Music Video).

Phoenix grins to Mikael again and turns to watch the goings on

Madeline smiles at the music "Phoenix someone should be dancing to this non?"

Phoenix chuckles "Suppose they should. Know any dancers?"

Mikael nudges Phoenix in the side, "I know one" and he starts to tug the redhead towards the dancefloor.

Gabriel stands as Jolene approaches his table and gives a polite bow, "Good evening." he replies with a smile, "Pleased to meet you Ma'am. I am Gabriel de la Vega." there is a pause as he looks around, "I know most, i believe."

Shrugging, Persephone replies to Paige, "Fine. Just itching for a good fight. I've got some writer's block for my next book. The row within the clan ain't helping it either since it's just talk." She keeps her eyes open around to see those voguing along, and those greeting each other.

Phoenix laughs and whines a little, but if anyone could convince him, its Mikael

"You ever consider making it not just talk?" Paige raises up a brow softly. "The traditions are very clear on the subject of killing another kindred without the Prince's permission, they are however, quite murky on the subject of kneecaps."

Madeline smiles warmly at Phoenix "i know a few, one especially talented"

Jolene smiles at Gabriel as he gives that polite bow, "Please call me Jolene." She offers a respectful bow of her head, "I am glad you came to join us this evening. It is definitely a testament that I need to be present more often, if I have not met you before now. My apologies Mister la Vega. May I ask what it is you do?"

While Mikael isn't as skilled or graceful a dancer as Phoenix he is experienced now with partnering with him on the dance floor and they move easily in unison to the music. He leans forward and whispers somethng against the redhead's ear and chuckles softly.

Gabriel grins and looks about, "I love what you have done with the place." he offers a seat at the table in case she wishes to sit.. "Study mostly. I really need to get out more myself." he admits.

Madeline turns to watch the pair with a pleased smile

Phoenix is easily drawn along with Mikael, grinning a bit to him as he dances with him, shaking his head with amusement.

Laughing, Persephone shakes her head, "Yeah, but I don't want the job either. I've got a few ideas that are less than lethal and well within traditions." She leans over to Paige and points to Gabriel kinda subtle like - but not really. "That dude is one of the Prospect Tremmies, right? With all the ones that come around here, I'm surprised to see him. Then again, the others are all hiding out - maybe he did not get their internal memo?"

For the moment, Jolene graciously takes the seat across from Gabriel to socialize with him a moment, "I am really glad that the changes are being accepted so well. It really makes me feel good about the decision. May I ask what it is you Study, Mister la Vega? I know I spend a lot of time studying as well, it seems it is all I do sometimes to keep up with changes in my field."

"Gabriel, whip last I checked, but I will admit to not checking for a while." Paige offers a small tilt of her head to one side. "And well, lord knows what that gang is up to. However on topics closer to home, my vote is for Miss Merry. But well, I do like throwing wrenches in things don't I?"

Gabriel pulls out the chair for Jolene and slides it back in as she sits, only then does he retake his seat. He doesn't seem to react to the conversation between Paige and Persephone, music you know.. He smiles and replies to his tablemate. "A bit of this, a bit of that. You can call me Gabriel if you like.."

Persephone grins, "Merry is a treasure. I like her. I need to take her out sometime. Maybe grab Madison and make a good girl's night of it." She watches the others dancing and smiles to them. "Hey, we having a meeting anytime soon, or things too quiet for that?"

Madeline beams at the dancing pair and then turns to the rest of the guests.

Phoenix is happy to forget everyone else a moment and move about the dancefloor with Mikael, murmuring softly to him.

The next song that comes up, has a dance beat to it that is easy for most to tap their toes toe and dance to. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cAQSZhazYk8 - DeBarge - Rhythm Of The Night (Official Music Video)

Mikael stays on the dance floor with Phoenxi as the next song starts and he twirls him, doing a bit of a swing to the song.

Jolene smiles warmly at Gabriel pulling her chair out like a gentlemen, and leans forward to give her attention to Gabriel for the moment. "A pleasure to Gabriel, Thank you. That much hmm? I can understand that. I have a lot on my plate too, tonight it is really nice to just, unwind a bit, and have some fun with friends." She smiles over to where Madeline is, and motions her over if she would like to join them.

"It has been quite slow, and well, getting Amos out of bed...." Paige waves her hand very slowly. "You do know my door and my phone are always open to you right Persephone?"

Mikael nods his head to Phoenix, gives him a final swing before the redhead slips away. He moves back over then to the others, retrieving his glass and taking a sip of the champagne.

Madeline steps over to Jolene with a smile "Iti slovely thus far dearest" and nods to Gabriel "monseiur"

Gabriel nods to Jolene, "I am always studying it seems. Too much some might say." he pauses, "I do hope to attend more of these gatherings though." He stands again as Madeline approaches the table, "Good evening Duchess." he smiles as he says the last part.. "How are you this evening?"

Persephone nods to Paige, "Yeah, I know. I haven't had much going on here outside of keeping watch, waiting to see if Arianna shows up again, and meeting Mr. Rebel Yell." She recognizes Phoenix leaving, and all the nice greeting and formalities going on around them.

Jolene smiles warmly as Madeline joins them this evening, and motions for Mikael to join as well if he would like. "Please join us Mikael. I am sorry to see that Phoenix had to leave so early. I am delighted he was able to make it though. You are both beautiful on the dance floor.

Madeline turns to Paige and Persephone before she sits and smiles "I am so pleased you both made it tonight, it is a delight to have you visit us Paige"

Mikael steps over to Jolene and smiles brightly, "Again, you are too kind but we did appreciate the invitation. Perhaps you might give me the honor of a dance later?"

"You may think that Madeline, everyone else on the other hand." Paige smirks softly, before she gives a nod to Persephone. "Enjoy the silences, there tends to be short spurts of intense movement and stress, then long lulls. Hopefully Arianna reappears, would hate to have to replace a sheriff."

Another fun little song to play for the evening, if for no other reason than to have a bit of fun with it, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SneCkM0bJq0 - John Denver - Leaving On A Jet Plane (Official Audio)

Madeline nods to Paige "Actually yes we do need to prepare for that eventuality. May I speak with yourself and your deputy tomorrow evening?"

Persephone sighs, "No doubt. I do have a meeting with my clan tomorrow evening. Make it Tuesday? I'm not sure how long that meeting is going to take."

Madeline nods "tuesday it is then" she says and lookd to Paige for confirmation before turning to Gabriel she smiles "bon soir mon ami, I am well merci. Thank you for coming out to Carlsbad tonight"

"Tuesday is fine." Paige holds up her hand a moment. "But be aware the choice is entirely yours, and unless Josette pops up, I do not know what advice I can give." A slow nod then, and a shrug. "I need to return to my office. Do take care. Persephone, stay safe."

Madeline nods "walk safely in the night Mademoiselle Imperial Sheriff" she smiles.

Gabriel smiles to Madeline, "Of course Duchess.. I always enjoy coming to your gatherings, just been distracted as of late." he then retakes his seat and smiles to Jolene, "So how long have you been around here?"

Jolene smiles at Mikael's offer and nods, "I would truly love that Mikael, And if you like we can snap a picture later?" She thinks about it a moment as she answers Gabriel's question, "I have been around Prospect, for the last 5 years, since I awas 19." She notices that Paige is about leave and stands to offer, "Thank you so much for coming Paige! I wish you well tonight."

Paige nods, gives a smile to Jolene and a wave to the others as she departs.

Mikael smiles to Paige, "I hope the rest of the eve finds you well."

Waving to Paige as she leaves, "Fly safe!" She looks to Madeline, "So you two making this a regular weekend event here?"

Mikael gives a playful flourishing bow to Jolene, "As you wish, Mademoiselle Keeper." He takes another sip from his glass and listens to the conversation.

Mikael gives a playful flourishing bow to Jolene, "As you wish, Mademoiselle Keeper." He takes another sip from his glass and listens to the conversation.

Madeline smiles "Gabriel do you honestly not know my childe?" she asks, with a touch to Jolene's shoudler then nods to Persephone "if the Keeper allows it, I think it a wonderful idea to let people know Carlsbad is a good place to gather, socialiaze and such"

Gabriel smiles and nods at Jolene's answer, turning to Madeline, "I am sorry, I believe this is the first time I am meeting her.. But I do tend to forget things these nights."

Jolene smiles understandingly, "It is quite alright Gabriel, I do not recall meeting you either, and that is probably partially my fault for being gone so much between the Hospital and other distractions, that pull me out of court some nights. It would have been easy to miss me. I can not fault you for that." As the next song comes up though, she does wink to Madeline and Gabriel, "Excuse me if you would, I do believe I promised a dance to Mister Mikael." giving a nod to Mikael.

The next song that comes up, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HaZpZQG2z10 - Queen - You're My Best Friend (Official Video) another recognizeable song to most.

Madeline smiles warmly at Mikael "And thank you for dragging poor Phoenix onto the dance floor cheri, its good for him"

Mikael takes Jolene's hand, and chuckles softly at Madeline, "You notice that he slipped away right after. He can only tolerate social gatherings so long, and he used the dance as a good excuse as he had 'participated'." He leads Jolene towards the dance floor and slides his arm around her waist, leading her into a two step that matches the tempo of the song.

Jolene smiles to the question about weekly events, "As much as I would love weekly events, I think it is best to limit them to twice a month, to give me time to plan them and make sure everyone has enough notice to plan to attend if they like. However, Our Duchess, is also wonderful at throwing events as well, and can always throw a party, when I can not. So maybe weekly is possible." She smiles and laughs as Mikael slips his hand around her waist and she keeps up with him and the song, gently placing her hand in his. "You are always a pleasure to dance with Mikael." For the moment her attention is focused genuinely on him, and dancing in that gown breaking in the new dance floor.

Persephone replies, "Sure thing. Hopefully we can do something a little spicier one night. While this is nice and all, would be good to get out a bit to socialize as well. Like one of the clubs or something."

Madeline laughs gently "yes I did notice" she says about Phoenix's quick departure then smiles at Jolene "And I am delighted to help my Keeper, you should not be the sole party responsible for such thing" before turning to Persephone with a smile "Is your club up and running by the way?"

Mikael keeps his attention on Jolene as they dance to Queen, unconsciouslly singing a bit of the lyrics under his breathe.

Gabriel leans back in his chair as Madeline speaks to Persephone and Jolene goes off to dance, he watches the goings on around him.

Persephone shakes her head, "Not quite yet. Got the building picked out, just got to get it decorated." She is talking with Madeline and Gabriel. "So hey Gabriel, you stay in the Prospect chantry right? I hear tell Martha has returned? Let her know for me that I want to meet up with her sometime?"

Jolene leans in to give an affectionate kiss to her friends, cheek as he sings along with the song, even if he may not realize he is and speaks quietly to him. Her dress flowing around the floor with her as if she was dancing on a cloud with Mikael, who is even more light on his feet than she is.

You whisper "You are my best friend Mikael, always. I adore you so much, I hardly ever get to tell you how much you mean to me." to Mikael.

Mikael whispers "You know how much I value your friendship."

Gabriel nods when he is spoken to and replies, "For the moment I do.. Sorta. Ocasionally. And yes she has returned and I will pass the message along."

Mikael seems to be enjoying the dance with Jolene, and he gives her a bright smile. As the song comes to an end he twirls her and gives her a bow, "Merci for the dance, it was wonderful." He then offers her his arm to excort her back to the group.

Madeline nods to Persephone with a smile "Let us know when you're ready and we will certainly be there" she watches Jolene and Mikael with a fond smile then turns to Gabriel "I am glad you were able to join us mon ami, please know you are always welcome"

You whisper "Knowing just how much brings me to tears sometimes. Grateful Gator sized tears. I know you are out there watching out for me like I was your little sister, you are protective over. And I will do my best to protect you too. The world needs so many more like you in it, but I am glad there is only you." to Mikael.

Mikael murmurs at Jolene's ear as they step back across the room.

Mikael whispers "Your words echo the feelings of my heart. Being considered a part of your and Madeline's family means everything to me."

There's a few moments with the security before Leonardo is escorted into the room. He lightly tugs at his cuffs as he looks about the Elysium. Spotting those who are there, he smiles and steps closer their way, listening to who is speaking so he doesn't interrupt anyone who may be important of course.

Jolene smiles warmly at Mikael, as they step back across the room, and she looks up to see Leo, entering into the Great Hall, a new and unfamilar face this evening, and looks to Gabriel apologetically, "Good Evening and welcome! I do not believe we have had the chance to meet?" She would have offered a graceful curtsey as the Duchess Madeline left. "Welcome to the Carlsbad Elysium, I am Keeper Jolene Addison, may I ask who I have the pleasure of meeting?"

Gabriel smiles as Jolene returns, then his attention goes to the new arrival as she speaks to him. He waits for the man's response.

Persephone snaps her fingers to Gabriel and winks, "Thanks a lot there." She looks over to see the new guy walking in and Jolene getting to her job there. "Another pretty boy. I'm guessing not Brujah."

Leo pauses as Jolene speaks to him. He smiles warmly to her, steel greys studying her for a moment. "Ahh.. Keeper Addison. Greetings indeed. I have to say we have not actually. However, I am quite happy to meet you. I just so happen to be quite fresh to Prospect in general and I got word this would be one of the places to come see. I wish to of course, properly honor the traditions."

Gabriel smiles over at Persephone, "No problem at all." he says before his attention goes back to the keeper and the man she is talking to

Mikael steps to the side as Jolene goes into Keeper mode. He reaches for his glass and finishes off the last of the champagne in it as he looks over Leonardo curiously.

There is no end to the warm smile of Jolene, as Leo introduces himself as a new rose in town, "Ah a beautiful Rose to welcome to our Garden, it is a pleasure indeed Mister.. " She tilts her head noticing he has not offered his name yet, "You will of course want to submit a letter of introduction, to your Primogen Shiori Reinhart, myself, our Duchess Madeline Blanchard, Imperator Vegard Torvik, Duchess Arya Torvik, and Keeper Amelie Renoir. They will most likely request a blood test from you during your introduction as well. I hope that will not be a problem? It is with only the best interest of the Praxis at heart, that we must be so thorough."

Straightening up, Leo raises a brow thoughtfully. Then he smiles warmly. "Ahh, pardon me Keeper. I am Leonardo Marquis. I have already sent an initial letter to my Primogen and the Keeper Renoir. However, I have no problem to send another to those whom you mentioned." He smiles with a small shake of his head. "A blood test seems a bit strong to me. However, considering rumors I have heard about this area being in contest? I suppose it is required. I will submit to what is necessary for the good of the Praxis, of course."

Istvan is always dressed impeccably, and the clickty clack of the taps on his shoes can be heard long before he can be seen. His sword and shield are left at the door. (Does he carry those everywhere?) The helmet is not removed until he is within and in sight. A deep, formal bow, with a military crispness. The removal of the helmet sompracticed it doesn't leave a hair out of place. "I appologize for 'fashionably late' becoming 'tardy'." and with a glance around. "I seem to have missed the lady of the hour. I had meant to congradulate my clanmate..."

Jolene nods at him already being taking care of what is necessary, and offers softly, "It has proven necessary, especially to those of the Rose, to many have tried to hurt us from within, not to make sure everyone of us are, who we say we are. It is a small thing for Praxis security to remain intact. It is our home after all, and it seems one you have chosen as well. Please come in and enjoy the evening." She smiles as another impeccably dress man comes in this evening too and smiles. "Your clanmate sir?" She tilts her head to Istvan.

Persephone watches the greetings and only adds in, "See the Sheriff in Prospect. He's the only one that does them around. You can get his number in Elysium." She sees another Rose enter and just feels like they keep on coming!

Oscar walks in crumpled tuxedo that does not fit right, a plastic raggedy ann halloween mask and some flip flops with "formal" written in sharpie

Leonardo smiles to Jolene and nods deeply to her. "Thank you, Keeper, for your wise words. I can appreciate that." Looking over to Persephone, Leo smiles her way as well, giving a dip of his head. "Thank you as well. I will make sure to seek him out. I do have to apologize.. as I'm sure you've heard my own introduction, but I'm quite afraid I don't know who you are, Miss..?" Looking over to Istvan, Leo steps to the side to allow Jolene deal with him as well.

Istvan gives Jolene a a slight incling of his head. "Duchess Blanchard, my dear. I may be a chaotic, self centered anarchist, but the Blood is thick, and achievement recognized. However, it is a long drive from Laughlin, and helicopters feel rather.. exposed. Perhaps I'll ask Dona Giovanni if her private jet is available one night for a more timely arrival." And looking around the room, he offers to those he has yet to meet..."Istvan Permoser, Toreador, Knight of the Order of the Chancileer."

Gabriel stands and smiles at Jolene.. "Thank you for having me.. I had better get going if I want to get a bite and get home before the sun."

Mikael bows his head to Leonardo at his introduction and then again to Istvan. "For those who do not know me, I am Mikael Rousseau, humble servant of Monsieur Heath Taylor or the Lasombra."

Jolene shakes her head and offers respectfully, "My apologies Knight Permoser, I do not believe we have had the pleasure to meet before, not formally, She is my Sire, and I am sorry we had not had that priveledge to meet before. I am glad that you were able to make it this evening, late or not, I can not say how much it means you would go through the time and effort to attend this evenings festivities." She bows her head respectfully to him. "Monsieur Rousseau is also a dear friend to myself and the Duchess Blanchard."

Persephone straightens the collar of her leather jacket. "I'm Persephone Clark, Imperial Deputy, and the one in clan Brujah with her own barbed wire bat." Because that is art, right?

Oscar holds up a hand. He throws out "Oscar.". Quietly curses just after having caught his tongue in the mouth slit of his mask.

Leonardo smiles to Mikael, giving a small nod of his head. "It's nice to meet you as well, Mister Rousseau." Looking over to Istvan at his introduction, he gives a nod his way. "Leonardo Marquis, Sir Knight. Toreador, although I can't claim such a good strong title." Looking over to Oscar, he raises a brow, then nods slightly in greeting. Looking back to Persephone, there's a small smile there. "A pleasure, Deputy Clark. I can't say I'm exactly surprised at such an impliment to be used in your duty. My own tools of my craft tend to just be a hammer and chisel."

Mikael gives a smile to Oscar, recognizing the name if not the man in his mask, "Bonsoir, Monsieur. It is nice to see you again. Have you moved to Carlsbad or just visiting to attend the party?"

Istvan gives Persepone a lookover, and ahhs. "Well, that certainly sounds like a Brujah weapon of choice. Might I suggest a Deputy Badge on the pommel that can be heated into. a brand and popped onto someone's chest?." and then toward Leonardo. "Ah, it may be impressive sounding, but if there are three of my Order that yet live, I would be... surprised."

Persephone looks over to Oscar, "Well, that is a getup." A grin to Leonardo, "Aah, sculpture. What's your choice of rock? Any particular theme?" At Itvan's suggestion she cackles. "A brand. I love it."

Oscar struggles with the bowtie even ya boy don't breathe. "Just thought I'd swing by after mass. See what's good. I live in the fam spot underground." to Mikael.

Gentle Music filters through the resorts sound system adding to the atmosphere.

Leo smiles to Istvan and nods a little. "Hmm.. I understand, Sir Knight. Still. An honor to meet you." Looking to Persephone, he smiles warmly. "I tend to prefer marble. However, I heard there is some facinating minerals out here in Prospect that I've hope to come claim and shape. As for theme? I actually have found a wide range of sources helps me to keep fresh with my art. Statues, landscapes to free form. As the muse strikes of course." He motions a little with a small smile. "I actually have something for the Prince of the Praxis. Please do keep an ear out for how it goes, if you can't see my introduction in Court."

Mikael nods his head to Oscar, "Of course, Monsieur."

Istvan wanders toward the food, and wafts some toward his nose for a moment. "An example of someone's culinarynartistry? Hm, a little.. overambitious. Too many competing scents for anything to truely shine." And offers Leo a small nod. "Intrust the piece you choose to display will be well worthy of the time."

Persephone notes, "Court is due to be here on Friday. So get ready to be here."

Oscar looks around and exclaims softly "Huh..shoulda worn my other suit.".

Istvan ahhhs. "Perhaps, if I cannot meet up with Ms Madeline before then, I can at least extend my congradulations then."

Persephone gets a message, "Crap. Need to go check something out. You all don't wreck the place." She waves to the group and her boots make loud noises as she tromps on out to her bike.

Mikael looks to Istvan, "Perhaps you might leave her a note, Monsieur. I am certain the Keeper, Mademoiselle Addison will see that it is delivered. (@mail)

Oscar looks back and forth then shrugs then starts to tip toe toward the exit.