2018.6.14: Sabbat Come To Church - Act II: Strategy Meeting

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Sabbat Come To Church
Act II: Strategy Meeting
IC Date June 14, 2018
IC Time Night
Players Amelie Angelica Caerus Constance Guivre Heathen Ilias Oleksiy Phoenix Mikael
Location Edwards Prospect Stadium 18 - Conference Room
Spheres Vampire Camarilla

Edwards Prospect Stadium 18 - Conference Room

This room is large and it is decorated with modern office furniture. It has an exquisite table with several comfortable chairs, acting as the focus point. There are no windows and only one door that allows you entrance.

The walls have been painted in various earth-tone colors and odd little pieces of art hang from the wall, the strangest of them all are the ones that hang over the doorway and on each corner of the room. It's a simple set of crossed bones.

Purpose Agenda for Meeting:

1) Identify the situation at hand so everyone is aware.

2) Get organized with a leader, and firm volunteers (Will need both fighters and outside lookouts).

3) Decide among the ones going who can do what, and decide on a plan for decisive action.

Oleksiy comes slipping into the conference room, a little early for the meeting, moving around to a comfortable place to sit and listen.

Ilias comes walking into the room, with a rather well-built man in his late 30s, wearing a suit, a pair of shades and an ear mic communication device. The expression on the man's face is something south of pleasant. Ilias is dressed differently as well, wearing a black turtleneck sweater and a pair of black pants. The man's gloved hands rest within the confines of his pockets and he takes a moment to look around and nods thoughtfully. "Good evening."

Oleksiy rises as the other arrives, and bows slightly to him "Primogen." he responds in greeting.

Amelie has been inside the room, sitting at the table, waiting for the meeting while checking out reports on her tablet. She bows her head to those that enter. "Bon Soir, Primogen Hemingway, Monsieur Druzyna." She is dressed for business still, waiting to hear more about what is going on so she can give her own input.

Guivre slips into the room just as the meeting is getting underway and he is wearing his usual attire. Hung haphazardly from his left shoulder is a canvas and hemp-weave knapsack. Guy nods to Ilias as he passes him and quietly goes to find a seat where he can stash his bag by his feet.

Mikael comes in with Phoenix, and gives a bow to those already inside. "Bonsoir, Monsieur Taylor wishes me to inform you he will be a few minutes late as he had to attend to something first." He takes out a thin tablet from his jacket pocket, and waits for Phoenix to find his chair before sitting down himself.

Phoenix follows along with Mikael, settling near him and offering a nod to the others.

Oleksiy stays standing until the others arrive at seats, politely waiting to sit.

Angie walks into the conference room quietly. She steps to the side but doesn't sit down just yet. She has a tablet in hand for possible notes

Heathen makes his way in, fashionably late, as often he is, moving to sit near Phoenix and Mikael

Oleksiy is sitting quietly where he can participate in the briefing. He glances over as Angie comes in and he nods once to her.

Heathen looks toward Ilias to ask.. "Would you like to start, or should I?" he asks the elder.

Ilias waits and watches as people file inside, standing beside the bodyguard that's with him. "Excellent.. welcome. This is Sebastian Kuerig my associate. Small unit tactics expert, specializing in breaching. He is going to be assisting." He motions his gloved hand lightly and offers everyone to take a seat. "As you are all hopefully already aware, we are taking down what remains of a sabbat pack haven, known as the Shed." He turns to look towards Heathen and motions, "Could you provide a recap Mr. Taylor, for those who were not present?"

Phoenix cocks a brow, silently listening.

Guivre is not taking any notes but he still appears to be giving each speaker his full attention and listens closely during the 'recap.'

The bodyguard brings up a brief case, putting it on the table and opens it. Then takes out a stack of manila folders, to start handing them out to those present. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1TYtNtWC9Qq4rixdVSRJQAucWwKh7I7jA

Amelie listens intently, her tablet at the ready. She takes a folder as they are offered out.

Heathen stands back up for a moment. "I think everyone was around to hear the basics in court, or got the summery. Smash and grab attempt at Connie's place, human smuggling, killed one, questioned the other. Only thing for me to add is it isn't related to the smugglers I've been working on. Damn border crossing is a choke point for every nickle and dime operation this side of Texas."

Angie pulls out her tablet and takes a folder that is handed to her.

Guivre flips through manila folder and mutters under his breath, "Seems pretty straight forward."

Oleksiy nods once as he looks the information over, he doesn't say anything just yet, though his brow furrows slightly.

Mikael looks over Heathen and Phoenix's folders if he doesn't get one, arching a brow at the beautifully done report, a slight nodding of his head before his attention goes to Heathen.

Amelie tilts her head, "Smash and grab? I thought it was a domestic problem, mostly because the husband had been shovel-headed. Hmm." She looks over the report, having seen Ilias' before.

Ilias nods his head and says, "Thank you Mr. Taylor." Giving everyone time to look through the report at their leisure before he gestures towards a screen and the projector turns on (nifty Ventrue boardroom tricks). "This, is "The Shed". After my interrogation of David Blane, Ms. Osti and I began some reconnaissance work on the location." The picture displays the once thriving garage and auto repair/bodywork shop. Now run down, and only a single 3-bay building remains truly functional. Beat up old cars, and pieces of machinery in the yard.

Heathen nods to Amelie. "We were fortunate that he blended the two and chose his own family as the first target."

Guivre lifts his chin at Heathen's words and sends him a look, wrinkling his nose but ultimately turning attention back to the report as he listens to the conversation at the table. When they are shown a photo he looks at the screen closely and tilts his head to the side as he studies the sight.

Caerus looks over the report and nods. He listens to what is being said and nods a little to himself.

Mikael frowns at what Heathen says, a dark expression slipping through his eyes for a moment before his attention turns fully to Ilias.

Angie glances at Heathen a moment before looking back to the screen and Ilias..

Ilias looks about, walking slowly around the room and presents with ease, "Research on the location suggests that the business was thriving back in the 80s and 90s, but then suffered during computerization of the industry. This caused it to tank, and resulted in the Father who owned the location eventually died and the Son took over. By around 2005, he had run the business into the ground and started working with local gangs to use the location as a chop shop." Ilias gestures and says, "The gang lost control of the location around the end of 2005, and the property ended up being forfeited to the city." He lifts his gloved finger and indicates, "Here's where things develop. The property was never re-sold, became a local hangout and shooting gallery and there's been a number of arrests at the location since, but the area was ultimately cleaned out."

Oleksiy listens closely his eyes moving from person to person, as he looks at the picture. He doesn't offer anything yet, but listens closely

"It sounds like a hundred other Sabbat packhouse shitholes." Guivre chimes in when there is a break in the information dump, "Are we going in with handful of Neonates and handling this violently- as your report suggests? Or is the purpose of this meeting to find a way to spare these shovelheads? As I understand it, they can occasionally be rehabilitated...few know there is another life. Another way and so they die by the sword."

Heathen watches as details are detailed about the detailing shop. "Like was attempted with Abraham and Patricia?"

Angie turns her gaze to those that speak, listening. She remembers her past and remains quiet.

Ilias gestures to Guivre and says, "Excellent question. Shall I cover security, and the rest of the details before we get to making that decision Mr. Beauregard?" He smiles lightly, the question seeming rhetorical as he continues all the same. The slide changes to a day picture of the yard, and a Mexican man and some dogs in the yard. "During the day.. this property is guarded by the help of Juan Diaz, street name Pork-Chop. He, as well as the pack of pitbulls are likely ghouled. Juan Diaz has a reputation for being insane, unpredictably violent, and generally a low-life piece of shit that would sell his own mother. "All of the vehicles in the yard are junk, except a motorcycle was found with plates that link back to one Raymond Garcia, of El Paso, Texas." Ilias turns the projector off and says, "The outside.. it looks just like any normal shit house full of shovel heads. The inside, is a different story. Namely beginning with a intricate high-tech network inside the building that my team could not crack. Suffice to say that's unusual. There's five active cellphone signals inside, as well as disposables. The security is setup to monitor something underground, but nothing above ground."

"Call me crazy... but if it spares even one Kindred life-" Guivre looks over pointedly at Heathen, "If even one Sabbat /Ghoul/ or hopelessly lost Shovelhead with a heart of gold can be saved... the process should be repeated. Despite how many times it fails, we have the strength to make the effort. I think the reward-" Guy clears his throat, "Is worth the danger." Guivre clears his throat, "Or should we have killed you when we killed Abe? Based on the association?"

Guy falls quiet again, though when Ilias continues talking about security and he crosses his arms with a soft sneer while he listens.

Oleksiy gives a slight humm sound, but doesn't interrupt.

Caerus looks to Guy and nods a little. He says, "You're a crazy guy, but I think I love you." He grins, gives Guy a wink, and then looks back to Ilias. "Tunneling? A prison down below?"

Mikael tenses slightly, his gaze going from Ilias to Guivre to Heathen. He drops his head then to get back to taping something on his tablet, the sound of it so soft that one wonders if his fingers are actually touching those keys.

Heathen watches Guivre for a long moment. "Fortunately, I was never.. patched in as it were. But consider that even by that standard, the first thing one of them did was use his newfound power was to terrorize his wife and children. I think Patty might have been offering to help kick these asses were she still around."

Amelie listens and finally adds, "Most shovelheads are not given a choice. There might be one worth saving. That decision should be made in the field. Have preparation for both possibilities."

Oleksiy raise a hand slightly to indicate he has a question "Do we know if the sight is warded?"

Guivre rolls his eyes at Caerus and stifles a laugh, muttering, "At least one of us does." Guy doesn't keep arguing with Heathen. He just nods at what Amelie says and looks down to his folder with a stern thoughtful expression.

Ilias offers, "From what we were able to gather, these inhabitants are new. Pork-chop was here a year ago, and has since returned. So he may have some insight into who's truly in charge at this location and what they are up to. It is very likely that the group is engaging in human trafficking out of this location." He motions his hand and says, "The working hypothesis is that there are Kine imprisoned below, and being held for some purpose." He turns to look towards the man debating and says, "My tactical suggestion is that Mr. Kuerig here," he gestures to his ghoul and says, "Detains and questions Juan Diaz, and eliminates the pitbulls. We get actionable intelligence and strike first thing the next evening. We eliminate everyone but the person in charge, collect blood samples from all of them, and detain the leader for further questioning to find out if there are more connected. Release and mind-wipe any kine we find to protect the Masquerade." He spreads his gloved hands and asks, "Any questions?"

Ilias offers to Oleksiy, "We do not."

Oleksiy frowns a little bit and nods "I see. We have very little real information other than hypotheticals on what is inside... It sounds very high tech and secure for simple human trafficking."

Ilias gestures towards Mikael and says to Oleksiy, "You are of course welcome to consult a psychic. Though without actually going inside the building, it is pretty difficult to actually know what is inside. Do you have a suggestion on the topic?"

Oleksiy looks to Ilias and raises an eyebrow "If its Unwarded. I can peer beyond the walls, if I can get close enough.. unfortunately my strength isn't great enough to do it from more than about 50 feet right now."

Angie shifts in her seat as Heath and Guy exchange words. She remains quiet listening, unsure if she has anything to offer at this point

Guivre is chewing gently the inside of his lip in thought, "I'm missing something. Can we see the photo of the location again, please?"

Heathen looks over at Oleksiy a moment, and.. chews over a possibility.. "A spot inspection from a pack higher on the food chain?"

Ilias brings up the screen once more, flicking back to the image of the grounds. "I have some aerials as well, for vantage and perspective." he uses the laser pointer and says, "This 3 bay garage is where all the activity seems to be localized."

Caerus looks to his phone and raises an eyebrow. He types something and hits send.

Mikael looks back at Ilias when he gestures towards him, then over to Oleksiy, and finally to Heathen before stating, "If I can get within sight of even one of their electronical devices I think I could tell more about this system. As to the warding, it would depend on what type of magicks they are using..." He looks over to Caerus then.

Caerus says, "Unless they have Agate's twin, it shouldn't be warded. If they have a mortal sorcerer working for them, they will probably have a detection ward...but that is unlikely. I can send a ghost in there later tonight and have a peek and let you know."

Guivre gets up from his seat with a transfixed expression and he paces closer to the screen, "Primogen Hemingway..." Guy still has his eyes on the screen in a haunting fashion as he comments from the corner of his attention, "May I please see your... remote." He holds his hand out without pulling his eyes from the screen... it is clear that he isn't entirely present on this plane of reality any longer. He looks... far away... mentally.

Oleksiy nods once "As you say. I am willing to see if I can find a ritual that may help as well.. But Im not sure I have access to it. I will aid where I can though."

Phoenix sits quietly, looking over things but seems lost in thought as he listens.

Ilias offers the projector clicker to Guivre and nods, "Certainly." then he slips his hands back into the confines of his pants pockets and takes a step back to allow them to digest all the information he's dumped on them.

Mikael watches Guivre curiously, then glances to Phoenix, tilting his head slightly before placing a hand on the redhead's shoulder. His eyes go back to the front of the room then.

"Thank you." Guivre says to Ilias while still sounding distracted... he steps up so he is standing -just- infront of the screen and he flips through the photos rapidly. He is flipping through the aerial shots and the other pictures without prejudice. He spends a solid seven minutes standing there watching pictures blur back and forth. It looks completely useless.

Heathen watches Guivre do his thing, shaking his head a moment, tilting his head toward Phoenix. "If these guys don't have good intel on us, a couple of those of us belonging to Clans that normally choose the Sabbat could potentially get an infiltration team inside. Unfortunately, despite previous association, I was never priviy to any inner workings, so.. I'm not sure how far or how long I can personally maintain such an illusion."

Mikael watches Guivre more closely, having had a long acquaintance with the children of Malkov. He doesn't say anything though, and listens to the others continue their discussion.

Ilias lifts a gloved hand from his pocket and motions it slightly, "This was never intended to be a rescue mission, or a rehabilitation mission. This is a Sabbat pack, and despite the soft-lines some people may take on our enemies, they are never-the-less, still our enemies. Members of this pack attacked one of our locations, attempted to take my life, and wanted to capture children for the purpose of human trafficking. I appreciate your desire for the moral high-ground here gentleman, but this is an extermination. In the event we find something worth salvaging in the process, so be it. But lets not go into this with any illusions of hidden treasure within."

Guivre clatters backwards suddenly with a yelp and he drops the remote in the process. Like a reflex he falls to the floor on his hands and knees to find the device, "Oh my word. I'm sorry..." He casts a careful sidelong glance back to the screen but he just shakes his head and looks away again. "Do you not see him?" Guy stands back up and looks around the room, "The man standing in the shadows."

Angie watches Guivre as he falls over, she goes to help him up but she never leaves her seat as she sees him already standing. She looks back to the screen

Oleksiy frowns a little bit as he watches, considering what passes without a word.

Phoenix glances to the screen to see.

Mikael blinks as he watches Guivre, tensing up again, "What man, Monsieur?" as his eyes go to the screen.

Guivre finds the courage to fully acknowledge the screen again and he balks at it... walking back over and reaching out into the projected light to touch an empty spot of heavy shadow. "He was here." Guy clicks the button quickly twice and points to the window of one of the stalled cars, "The same man. He was sitting on the trunk of that Ford." Guy clicks three more times, "He was in all of these."

Caerus's left eyebrow raises slightly at the outburst and falling and then he looks more closely at the photos. He shakes his head, "Sorry. He is gone now that I can see."

Ilias arches a brow slightly and asks, "Perhaps there is someone with the ability to conceal them-self within the facility. "The reality is no matter how much surveillance we conduct, we are going to face things that we were not prepared for. The best laid plans fail within moments of implementation. We prepare a team, with the right assortment of capabilities, and we strike." He looks around, "Who will be going in?"

Guivre raises a hand, distracted and reluctant, as he continues to study the screen.

Caerus says, "I am working on another job for the Prince, but I will go if you need me."

Oleksiy frowns a little "I am of little use in hand to hand, but I can help with other things."

Mikael continues to watch Guivre, and the screen, but sees nothing of the extra man. He looks to Heath and Phoenix then at Ilias' question.

Phoenix cocks a brow to Mikael.

Angie glances to Mikael as the other ghoul in the room...then she looks away...what did she have to offer and more so...what would Azrael say. She was just trying to make herself useful..but his blessing came first of course.

Phoenix gives Mikael a pointed look. "I'm afraid I wouldn't be much use in a fight"

Heathen looks at the image for a moment himself. "So, whomever it was, stands out to Mr Guivre's unique perspective. I'll join. I've got a good skillset, but need the chance to hone them."

Constance knocks softly before stepping into the conference room and shutting the door softly behind her. She casts a quick brief smile around the room before moving to find a wall to hold up out of the way.

Guivre finally looks away from the screen when Constance enters, he throws her a faint smile and a wave from where he stood in front of the projection screen. He has a small remote in his hand and he appears to have been trying to study an aerial image of The Shed.

Mikael glances from Phoenix to Heathen, but remains quiet for now.

Heathen gives Connie a grin and and wave when she comes in.

Oleksiy rises and nods to Constance, then returns to his seat, quietly now.

Ilias turns to look towards Constance and says, "The room has been briefed on the situation, with the information we were able to get Ms. Osti. We are currently taking a head count for who will be going into the Shed to deal with the problem." He gestures around, "At count.. other than myself and Mr. Kuerig here." he gestures to his bodyguard, "There may have been one?.. I'm not entirely sure. But I think we have spent a glorious amount of time and energy setting up this meeting - more should be spent in actually resolving the problem."

Oleksiy offers "I agreed to go." he states simply.

Heathen raises a hand. "And I." and he gives the Malkavian Primogen a wink. "And I think Mr Guivre wishes to be on hand, in case anyone is rehabiltibatable."

Guivre wheels around, "Oh. I was raising my hand to confirm my assistance. I can handle myself in battle and I'll want to be there incase this Obfuscate user's talent can be pierced by Auspex." He nods to Ilias and goes to take his seat, "I won't be killing them, you understand, I am staking and moving on. I'll leave you lot the privilege of killing the incapacitated."

Constance inclines her head to Heath, Oleksiy and Guy. She rests gloved hands in front of her and she presses her lips together, "If necessary I will come as well." Though she glances to Oleksiy and then Heath and then Guy as well. "It seems the meeting was fruitful, however."

Mikael makes a soft sighing sound as he hears Guivre, and looks back to the others his face carefully set.

Heathen gives a shrug. "If they're incapacitated, we can bring them back and rehabilitate or ash as need be."

Mikael gives Constance a smile, and softly greets her, "Bonsoir" from his seat over by Heath and Phoenix.

Ilias nods and says, "Time is of the essence.. the longer we wait, the more time they have to scope and analyze and prepare themselves. The longer we wait, the more lives are endangered or being trafficked. The time for discussing this matter, should be over now. So lets act."

Caerus stands, "Shall we go now?"

Guivre picks up his knapsack off the floor, "If we're going now, just let me change." Otherwise, he looks ready.

Oleksiy looks between you and offers "I will ready myself, if we are to go now."

Heathen rises from his chair and nods. "Sounds good, we have what we need. Everyone should go into this well fed, and prepared. We'll only get one shot, and even if we route them, and they escape instead of being captured or destroyed, the next will be that much harder."

Angie watches as they pack up to leave and start. She goes to turn off her tablet...sighing gently