2019.04.10: Sparring Night at Secrets

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Sparring Night
Wednesday Night Social held at Secrets Arena with a Sparring demonstration, and then several pairs jump in to try it out themselves with each other.
IC Date April 10th, 2019
IC Time Night
Players Amelie ST, Amos, Aubrey, Bonnie, Carlson, Constance, Heathen, Madeline, Martha, Mikael, Milenka, Oleksiy, Paige, Phoenix
Location Secrets Arena
Spheres Vampire Camarilla Giovanni

Martha slips in with a look about for once early instead of late, spotting Amelie she does stop and greet her, "Evening Madame Keeper how are you this fine night?"

Oleksiy comes stepping down into the arena area, looking about as he enters, to consider the area and who might be here.

Amelie smiles to Martha, "Bon Soir, Harpy Withermen. I am doing well tonight. So much to look forward to. How are you tonight?" She waves to Oleksiy, spotting him enter.

Martha nods, "Doing good looking forward to having some fun tonight really." with a nod to Oleksiy as he shows up, "Evening Primogen." then a wave to Aubrey as she heads to the bar.

Oleksiy offers a smile and nods to Martha, but addresses Amelie first and foremost "Good evening Keeper Renoir. I hope this evening turns out well.. It should be interesting at the least.

Aubrey settles herself in at the bar after slipping inside, "Good evening Keeper." Martha gets a smile, "Harpy now? Congratulations."

Oleksiy smiles to Aubrey and nods to her as he sees her.

Martha says, “Thank you Madame Giovanni, it is an interesting journey, and position.”

Amelie hmms, "I do hope everyone has some fun tonight. I remember that one time in here when poor Monsieur Beauregard was sparring with others and he ended up without pants. Quite a sight."

Aubrey lifts a hand in greeting to Oleksiy before turning to Martha at the bar and speaking.

Martha smiles as she sees Heathen and waves to him then turns to Aubrey, and says something softly.

Oleksiy offers to Amelie "I'm sure it will be as entertaining as Monsieur Beauregard losing his pants.. " he smiles a little then offers to Martha "That's right.. congratulations are in order Harpy Withermen. "

Heathen makes his way into the arena, making some small talk with the others he's arriving with, returning Martha's wave as he checks out if anyone has braved the arena yet

Bonnie will saunter slowly into the area, pausing to look around and see who has arrived. She'll adjust her hat, tipping it towards those she passes by politely as she makes her way towards the circle of couches. Slowly lowering herself onto a couch, she'll lean forward on her forearms that rest on her knees.

Bonnie takes a seat at a circle of couches.

Martha says, “Thank you Primogen Druzyna" with a grin now then looks to the ones coming in, "I am hoping to spar with someone, there is pleasure in it.”

Madeline strolls in with a smile and nods to all "bon soir" as she moves to take a seat

Mikael enters the room with his arm around Phoenix's waist. "...and it took me some time to make the Monsieur understand he was in the lounge, not the subway."

Carlson comes in shirtless and without his sword. He offers a greeting of "Good evening everyone" and then sits down on one of the couches. He will look around in silence if any look to him he will smile and give them a nod of recognition.

Connie slips in with the crowd of people though she's quiet as a mouse as she slips through the doors and heads towards a place to plant herself. She's not keeping to herself so much as she is not going out of her way to be seen as she settles into a seat.

Madeline takes a seat at a circle of couches.

Phoenix walks along with Mikael, listening to his story and laughing. "But does it really matter in the long run?" he wonders.

Madeline settles down onto a sofa with Bonnie and brushes a hand along her skirts

Bonnie will turn her attention to Madeline as she sits next to her and lifts her hand to tip her hat politely. "Howdy, Ma'am.", she'll offer. At the soft question to her, she'll give a crooked grin, "Normally, yeh, ah'd be sparrin', but ah don't gotta lot'a time t'night. Ah can't stay long, so ah'm just spectatin' this evenin'."

Amelie giggles lightly at Oleksiy's suggestion. "Oui, I do hope so." She looks around at everyone gathering and is quite pleased indeed. "Such a good turn out."

Carlson takes a seat at a circle of couches.

Angie follows after Maddie and takes a seat, crossing her legs.

Madeline nods to Bonnie "perhaps another time" she smile then holds out a hand to Angie, welcoming the girl beside her with a kiss to her cheek "bon soir cheri" then Carlson also gets a nod "monseiur"

Wade is always in or around Secrets, or a regular face, anyway. Probably because it sits on Brujah territory. So his appearance here is probably not that surprising to most. The sword he often carries not present, probably again, no surprise. He comes down to the VIPs area and passes through, eyes immediately scanning the area. He pauses neat the back of the room to find a wall to lean on, brow raising in curiosity.

Carlson props a boot up as he leans back in the couch. He will reply to Madeline, "It is good to see you Madam. I hope tonight treats you well." He smiles gently, brushing his hair back so as to see a bit better.

Mikael nods a greeting to each in the room, starting with Amelie and ending with Madeline. "Bonsoir, I hope the eve finds you well?"

Lights flicker and in one area dim as Milenka forms out of the darkness. A roving nightmare of shadow gives birth to the small woman and her attendant shades. The shadows present deepen with this new presence. Milenka pauses and gives a nod of greeting to Amelie.

Phoenix offers a bit of a salute to those around, remaining at Mikael's side for now.

Madeline looks up with a happy smile to Mikael and Phoenix both "bon soir my dear friends, yes very well"

Angie smiles to Maddie as she kisses her cheek. "Bon soir Madeline" Her eyes drift over the area, noting one and giving them a nod and smile

Heathen takes a seat at a circle of couches.

Bonnie's hat tips up slightly as she looks around and then she'll look over at Carlson, tipping her hat politely. She'll ask in a low tone, "Y'all gona spar? S'a good opportunity.", she'll say.

Heathen makes his way to lounge out at the couches, watching the comings and goings

Oleksiy enters the lounge.

Oleksiy makes his way over to a quiet place to sit, for the moment.

Enter the Paige, armed with her very dangerous violin case. Armored in her dress. Truly a warrior to behold.

Phoenix nods to Mattie "Evening. How's it going?"

Carlson gives a wink to Angie and then a raised eyebrow and a grin to Bonnie's question. He will reply to her with, "I am much more a lover than a fighter. But the thought amuses me. I might hop in and stretch my legs a bit." He then looks around to see who else is here.

Madeline invites Mikael and Phoenix to sit if they wish "Well enough though I had not planned on sparring tonight. Would laying bets be inappropriate?" she smiles

Mikael leans against the wall until Madeline motions to them, and then moves with Phoenix to the couches.

Constance lifts a hand to wave towards Mik, Heath and Phoenix though she gets distracted by Milenka's entrance her brows lofting a bit. The Sister however keeps quiet and turns her attention towards the cage for a moment considering it with a little press of her lips.

Amelie steps up near the Cage and claps her hands twice. "Bon Soir! Good Evening one and all! Merci for coming here tonight. If anyone would like to take a turn to spar - come up with your own agreed upon plan for it - be it for fun or training - please come right up! We have equipment provided here if you would like. This is not for any death cage fighting, just for learning and fun."

Phoenix grins "Depends on who you bet against" he tells Maddie as he wanders over to sit with Mikael

Mikael takes a seat at a circle of couches.

"Ah, and who do we have fighting?" Paige notes, giving her nods to those in attendance, her violin case set down by the bar. "Or may I claim champion status now?"

Phoenix takes a seat at a circle of couches.

Bonnie nods at Carlson and says, "Would be mighty fun.", her tone low. She'll take out her phone and look at it, a frown on her features before she rises. "Ah gotta take care of mah business, ah'll be back.", she offers to those near the couch and tips her hat to them. She tries to be mostly quiet, so as to not interrupt Amelie, before she turns and strolls out of the Arena area, clicking her phone and putting it up to her ear just as she steps out.

Bonnie stands up and leaves a circle of couches.

Heathen chuckles and watches the cage. "I think everyone came to watch, and nobody wants to actually jump in."

Oleksiy smiles a little "Perhaps" he considers "So what are the rules for the fights here? Blades only? no gifts or powers Other than those that are innate, such as potence and fortitude? but not Celerity?"

"I believe, Oleksiy, that the general rule is that the first one to die... loses." Paige rolls her shoulders into a small shrug as she takes another look around. "But well, I cheat."

Madeline smiles at Heathen "but my nails" she teases

From Milenka, or her shadows, her voice comes soft sweet and inhuman "I brought combatants with me.. If any wish to fight the darkness. Perhaps we could start by sending ghouls in first. Pit one another's ghouls and minions against the others? I see some people brought some too."

Mikael smiles to Carlson, "Merci, Monsieur, it is good to see you as well." He glances around the room, and then back to the redhead besides him and he chuckles at something.

Madeline shakes her head to Milenka "My retainers will not be used so Primogen, you will pray pardon me"

Martha moves to push off the bar, "Another time, I think I want to fight someone, just who is the question, and fist or blades." with a smile as she moves to find someone to spar with, there is a bit of a grin on her face too.

Carlson grins as he listens to the others. He says, "I was hoping Leonor would be here, I know she has been practicing quite a bit with combat. Pity"

While waiting for those assembled to decide if any would dare to enter the cage, two ghouls enter the cage. Each with a kendo stick, wearing long black pants and no shirt. They each take a bow to the other, and then ready a stance. Quickly they go on the attack, the sticks hitting with forceful thwaps back and forth as they dance around the ring.

Paige shifts a little, she weighs like ninety pounds, what the heck is she going to do, flail at someone in the ring? But she does sigh, finally snorting once. "Am I going to have to get in there?"

Shadows swirl about Milenka as she turns to regard Paige and Martha "It seems willing combatants are in short supply tonight beyond the provided amusement. You two seem willing though. Let us sweeten the pot. As there is little reason to do so without reward yes?" Milenka flows closer to the actual sparring cage. "To the winner I offer either further education into our kinds past, or an opportunity to venture into my private library for the night and return unharmed."

Phoenix leans in and murmurs to Mikael

Oleksiy rises slowly and offers "I will fight for training.. If any wish to do so." he walks over, removing and laying aside his own kilij, and looks for a training blade with similar shape and balance, if there is one. "But I do request that there be no powers, but fortitude and potence, which are innate. " he doesn't explain why he asks this..

Before long, one ghoul dips down and does a leg sweep, knocking the other one down. He raises his kendo stick and fwaps it right into the others mid section, leaving an obvious RED bruise. That is going to take a bit to heal. The ghoul knocked down does a kip up surprisingly, and whooshes around smacks his kendo stick with a fury and loud THUNK into the other ghouls head. Down he goes.. 1.. 2.. 3.

Angie takes a seat at a circle of couches.

Aubrey watches the fighting, "Fighting is like running I only do it when I really need too.."

Madeline smiles and slips an arm about Angie with a nod to her whisper

Martha nods as she was already willing to fight, then looks between Paige and Oleksiy, "Well Fair enough Primogen, and well me and you first then another?" with a tilt of her head as she takes a practice blade up. "This is hurt some fighting not real fighting all out anything goes." to Aubrey.

Ah yes, the Beast of Idyllwild. Paige tenses, she does not like its attention on her at all. One of the few things that actually break her own mask. Her voice however finally comes out. "Nothing is barred. Let it be done when whoever is ready."

Oleksiy nods to Martha, and looks to Aubrey "I suspect if it came to all out between Harpy Martha and I.. then Everyone here would want to run." he smiles a little grimly "But this is for honor and practice." he finds a saber shaped practice blade, close to his preferred Kilij. he hefts it a moment then salutes Martha, "After you?"

Madeline smiles and applauds the pair as they prepare

Carlson watches the two come to terms and then make their way to the ring. He will brush his hair out of the way again and say, "This should be entertaining."

Phoenix whispers softly to Mikael

Constance's eyes follow the fight and her head tilts and then her gaze turns back towards Oleksiy and Martha to watch the two with a curious expression as they prepare to go against each other.

Martha moves to get into the cage with Oleksiy with a smile and Salute.

Carlson will stand and as he moves past Madeline he will say, "I have a little experience in combat, but I am considering it Madam." He then moves to the bar to get a drink and watch the fight.

Martha pushes away from the bar.

Martha enters the cage.

Carlson stands up and leaves a circle of couches.

Carlson walks up to the bar.

Oleksiy leaves the lounge.

Oleksiy enters the cage.

Amelie walks over to check in with the ghouls that just sparred, and then watches those in the cage now.

Madeline laughs at something said at her sofa but certainly not at the combatants to whom she returns her attention

Oleksiy steps in after Martha, waiting for her to one side, as he moves to the other side of the cage. He raises his blade in a salute and smiles. He doesn't say anything, as he moves in, his footwork is set, strong and sturdy.. clearly someone who initially learned while wearing armor. His blade though moves quickly, His focus is on Martha, as he starts to test her defenses with several fast, sharp blows of his blade.

Heathen watches the pair start their dance, lounging at the couches and seeing what the deputies can do.

Mikael chuckles softly at something said, and then his eyes go to the cage.

Martha moves to it she is fast even without celerity up, agile more than one use to armor. She moves to step aside, weave and dodge as she gets in a couple of swift blows that Oleksiy seems to just shrug off for the most part, though if he was mortal some of those would of been to slow, or impede him.

Madeline calls encouragement to both combatants, clearly unwilling to take one side or the other

Constance shifts in her seat, hands folded over her lap while she watches the movements of Martha and Oleksiy intently. Eyes lingering on their style and form with a contemplative expression.

Watching as they perform Milenka pets one of the solidified shadows that attend her as she judges the performance of the two combatants. She nods at times when there is a good riposte and seems well versed in the ways of fighting.

Oleksiy starts to smile slowly and he moves with increasing confidence, right now, his blade catches hers more often than either blade catches flesh. The pace of blows changing tempo, but generally getting faster, as they continue to test each other. he shifts to a broader stance as he sees her increased speed, so he has to move less, to counter her movements, and try and make her move more for her advantages. This might take a while.. as they seem quite comparable to each other.

Phoenix nods to Mikael and grins then turns to glance back, a touch disinterested, but watching all the same.

Aubrey leans her back against the bar, long legs cross as she watches the sparring.

Mikael watches earnestly then. Then is always something one can learn.

Martha is well a bit frustrated with Oleksiy when he changes stances, and well she is not a knight or noble fighter so as she moves to strike him she feints a blow and does a hard kick to his knee of all things trying to weaken his stance and bring her practice blade to his throat. She fights dirty.

Madeline's lips quirk a bit wickedly, the elder clearly appreciating that tactic

Carlson moves close to the cage. He stands with his hands behind his naked back, still and quiet as he studies the two fighting. A slight grin appears on his face as he watches on.

Carlson pushes away from the bar.

Oleksiy grunts a little at the kick, but he twists, letting his knee drop to the ground, bringing his blade up into a high block, and leans in, coming in under her guard, as her weight comes down forward on his leg, his free, left hand comes out and he elbows her back off of him. Pushing her much lighter form back several paces with that blow. He comes back to his feet fully ready again "Humm" he offers, but only smiles a little more now..

Madeline applauds as both strive back and forth, giving them a good show

Martha slams into the floor on her ass from that she is tall, and lithe, she took a good enough blow as she rises rolling stand like someone trained in some martial arts, she shakes her head healing the damage and paling some any spending of her vitae with her coloring shows. There is a nod as she moves again fast seeking one good blow on him while trying not to be hit by the tank in front of her.

Oleksiy shifts his stance again, blading his body more with her, shifting his weight back, as he comes in, minimizing her target, and advancing his blade, low, so that he can work the curved blade to parry and force her to change direction of attack, he is still not as fast, but there is a lot of practice involved in his skills.

Carlson moves to Amelie and says, "Madam Keeper, I wish to participate if possible. I do not have a partner though."

Martha moves in again this time she does a side kick to his head, no pretense at all as she runs up, kicks then slashes down his face welting his face with the damn practice blade, if it had been a real blade she would of opened it eye brow to chin, even though that does give him an opening she hurt him this time not slap tickled him, she is not as strong, but her aim is sure and moves swift.

Amelie nods to Carlson, "If you would like, one of the ghouls can go in with you. Hopefully someone else would volunteer at that time."

Paige looks to Milenka, well sort of in her direction. She doesn't make any sort of what would be considered eye contact. An eyebrow raises.

Carlson nods and says, "I would appreciate that. Thank you." He will wait next to the cage for his turn, watching the fight continue.

Oleksiy spins with the blows, keeping his feet moving, even as the blade slams against his jaw line, he spins and his own blade slaps with an audible impact against her abdomen, probably it's good that its high enough to hit ribs.. even if it's a training blade.. He then dances around to the side and back, reaching his free hand up to touch his cheek "Ouch." he states simply "That hurt."

Madeline is pointing out each combatant's move to those at her sofa, instructing Angie it would seem

Martha almost bends in half to the blow to her abdomen, and the sound of a crack can be heard, he broke on for sure. But she manages to straighten, "If we're using magic not just blades I sooo kick your ass." with a grin. As she circles him again even with the pain of that rib. She is more wary now of Oleksiy and pales a bit more her skin almost well translucent, as only a true red head can get and fully straightens with a strange sound from her body like bone on bone.

Oleksiy grins a little at that and chuckles "Who knows" he agrees. calling on his own blood to heal the gash in his cheek, "I think that we have both upheld honor.. Shall we call this a draw.. I have the feeling that we could continue this for .. longer than the Keeper wishes us to be occupying the cage."

Martha nods, "For now another time, and damn I still need to spar with someone else this week." as she salutes and heads out of the cage.

Martha leaves the cage.

Amos nods to Oleksiy. "Probably a good idea. I mean she might actually knock you out for a month or two, and then that would just be more work for Paige."

Madeline winces a little but nods "Well fought on both sides. Bravo!"

Oleksiy salutes as well and follows her out. He smiles a little to Amos' statement "Indeed. Who knows.. " he doesn't argue it. He will return the training blade, and then recover his live blade.

Milenka offers "Perhaps another night we can have sorcery battles." before side glancing at Paige then over to the waiting Carlson "If you wish an opponent. I can simply summon one for you. I do not know your martial prowess though." then she smiles applauding Oleksiy and Martha's match as they finish. "Hmm.. With a draw I suppose I do not have to, as they say, pay out."

Angie applauds alongside Madeline. "Well done.." She watched and set a goal for herself. It was time for more combat training

Mikael applauds the two. He glances over to Amos, and chuckles softly. "I have seen the Mademoiselle 'all out', and she can be impressive."

"That is simply the reward for work well done Deputy Campbell. More work." Paige notes, her lips falling into a broad smirk. "I will take the next challenger, on Miss Milenka's bet. With the caveat that I am hardly a fair fight. And that the battle will be open."

Martha looks to Paige and nods, "Well we have done work in the field so know that well what all we can bring to bear there is not so wise to show here." with a look to Oleksiy.

Oleksiy nods to Martha "And Certain magic's are... Unwise to even witness.. there is no half way with them."

Aubrey claps for the pair as the sparring ends.

Phoenix silently watches things as they transpire.

Carlson looks to Paige and says, "I am ok with that." He looks over to the Armory and reaches out, lifting his arm in that direction. Soon after a steel long sword flies off of a rack and across the room into his hand. He then moves into the cage.

A nod from Milenka to Paige before looking over at Carlson to see if he accepts the terms of the battle. Then nods once he does "For either training in ancient lore or a night of safe access to my personal library." reiterating the prize for a winner.

Mikael stays silent as he listens, his arm around Phoenix's shoulders.

Carlson swings the blade delicately in his hand as if it was a part of his body. He turns to Milenka and says, "Madam Warmaster, I do not wish for any reward other than to test my skill. I thank you though." He moves the blade into a salute position to her.

Paige takes in a breath, not that she needs one. It is just to keep herself calm. "Deep in the belly of a whale I found her / Down with the deep blue jail around her / Running her hands through the ribs of the dark / Florence and Calamity and Joan of Arc." Her voice is soft, quiet as she sings, mostly to calm herself from the looks of it. A sword of a random type taken as she steps into the ring. Prize is on the line, her face shifts to concentration.

Phoenix nods and smiles to Mikael, hugging him. "Alright I'll see you at home."

Mikael murmurs softly to Phoenix as they prepare for the next fight.

Madeline kisses Angie and begins to take her leave also rising to go

Madeline stands up and leaves a circle of couches.

Phoenix stands up and leaves a circle of couches.

Phoenix stands "I'll see you at home.."

Carlson looks to Paige and smiles. He tells her, "for honor and friendship my dear." and then salutes with the sword.

Mikael settles back then on the couch and finishes his brandy as he watches the two new opponent.

Martha moves to sit with Oleksiy of all things and looks to him, "That was fun." as she moves to get a roll of coins out her pocket count some out then well pop them in her mouth and swallow before she puts the roll back in her pocket with a more than happy look for a few moments as her skin returns to normal with a hint of a blush to it.

Oleksiy leaves the cage.

Oleksiy enters the lounge.

Constance stands up after a few moments and moves over to touch Mikael's shoulder and leans over to murmur a quiet greeting to him before she moves over towards the bar area.

Paige enters the cage.

Oleksiy returns to his seat, in the lounge, relaxing now

Carlson enters the cage.

"I love the way she looks in her underwear / I lose my page then the plot then the book then I swear / She makes the most of her time by loving me plenty / She knows there'll come a day when we won't be getting any" Paige keeps at it, her face otherwise flat, but she nods once, indicating to Carlson to begin when he is ready.

Mikael listens to Constance and smiles softly, responding to Constance.

Carlson lifts his hand in Paige's direction and tries to lift her. He concentrates but it is broken by a glance at one of the beautiful women in the room. He mutters, "Shit".

Martha enters the lounge.

"The stain of the sepia the butcher Crimea / Through the wreck of a brass band I thought I could see her / In a cakewalk she came through the dead and the lame /Just a little bird floating on a hurricane." Paige raises her eyes upwards, tense, already moving, away from Carlson, towards the edge of the cage. Her singing stops, and instead a single word, a name, not in command, but in recognition.


And there she was, her darker skinned counter, coming quickly from being, pressing against the back of the Tremere, arm wrapped around to plunge the wooden stake through his heart with a grin and the smell of herbs and sandalwood.

Or at least that is what Carlson sees, and feels, and smells. To everyone else, Carlson is just likely to stop moving suddenly.

Carlson sees the unseen and freezes suddenly with a look of horror on his face. He thinks to himself, "This is not how I thought my end would come..."

Martha watches with a wince when she realize Carlson has been had, "ohh damn." sighing "I brought my car, that is a good thing."

Paige in the end just steps forwards, poking Carlson with her fiberglass blade a few times, to prove you know, there was only one combatant left. Then slowly she reaches down, nodding once to Agate as she fades off into the darkness, and well, to everyone actually watching, mimes plucking something from Carlson's chest and throwing it to the side. A stake removed, and illusion ended. And a sudden bite of her lip and grip of her head as she staggers out of the ring.

Paige leaves the cage.

Carlson leaves the cage.

Martha watches and then claps for Paige, just claps.

Carlson looks shocked and then confused. He will pick up the long sword and follow Paige out of the cage with a smile on his face, after realizing what happened. Once out he gives her a hug and whispers to her.

Aubrey stands from the bar and pauses to murmur something to Martha on her way out. "Good evening all."

Martha looks over and waves to Aubrey, "Another night."

Amos winces a bit with the others as the 'fight' plays out, then starts and heads over toward Paige to make sure she isn't about to collapse. "Let me guess, it only works once?"

Mikael watches and tilts his head to the side as he wonders what just hit Carlson's mind...

Carlson place the long sword on its rack and then moves to sit down on a couch. He still has a smile on his face but a look of "Wow."

Carlson takes a seat at a circle of couches.

"No, just...hard. Hurts." Paige nods slowly, towards Amos. Though she does give Carlson a hug back and a small smile. A pained one however. "How the art works, have to imagine it, picture it, feel it. Then project it. Bit draining to imagine staking yourself."

A raised eyebrow but Milenka claps none the less. "Very impressive. I recall in the 13th century we had to retrieve some items from a Ravnos who had given a Ventrue a vision of a romantic evening. He robbed her blind while she romanced thin air."

Amos nods to Paige as she explains. "Okay, so in the same ballpark, at least." Some things are. He glances over to Milenka and smirks. "How'd the Ventrue take it when she found out?"

Angie takes a seat at a circle of couches.

"I wouldn't think well, given they were sent to retrieve it." Paige notes, sliding onto a bar stool, resting her head in her hand as she squints.

Paige walks up to the bar.

Angie resumes her seat at the couches, watching the others

Mikael smiles to Angie as she returns. "You missed quite a feat, Mademoiselle."

"Boons. Boons and boons to a half dozen elders to have their childer hunt down the Ravnos of the region and find the stolen goods." Milenka replies to Amos "Then because she was a bitch we only returned her goods. Not the Ravnos with it. He offered us a better deal. She was less then pleased."

Martha says, “It was quite the amusement." then the look to Carlson, then look to Paige, and The Darkness, "Sounds like an interesting time.”

Constance slips off towards the door quietly with a little wave to Mikael and a smile Martha's way.

Amos rolls his eyes. "Rookie mistake there, should've put it in the contract. Still, bet it kept her busy for a while."

Martha catches the wave too late and sighs as Constance leaves.

Amelie hmms, "Those Ravnos. I've met one before here. Caught him trying to steal from Elysium."

"She gave us the equivalent of a dime tip and banished us from her Domain." Milenka smiles "So I bought up all he weapons and bandits from a few regions and payed for a few dozen rebellions and peasant uprisings till she had to flee." Milenka sighs "Such good times."

Carlson leans back in the couch a bit as before, propping his foot up. He winks to Martha if she is paying attention and grins.

"Well it is the one gift from my erstwhile sire." Paige waves her hand in the air softly, the one not holding her head. There is an intake of breath that again she doesn't need. "Though I have at least refrained from robbing Miss Renoir." A pause. "I will have to give you my answer, Miss Milenka...after this headache subsides."

Martha note the wink and sighs with a wry smile. Then nod to her clan mate.

"Okay, I have to ask," Amos says. "/What/ did this paragon of clear thought want to steal?"

Mikael glances over to the Elder Lasombra as she relates her story, and he listens as he takes a sip of his brandy.

Carlson says, "I think I am going to take off." He stands and says to everyone, "Thank you all for a wonderful evening. Safe travels my friends." He then makes his way out and into the night.

Amelie finds a place to sit and listen to the story from the Elder. "I always enjoy these stories." She gives a wave to Carlson as he leaves.

"Ten to one it was one of the artworks." Paige notes to Amos, though she does nod to Milenka. "It is good to learn. I have been trying to figure out if the Praxis has archives."

Martha nods to something with Oleksiy, then moves to get up. "It has been a good night time to go and be well." as she moves to head on out.

Martha leaves the lounge.

Milenka looks to Amos "Well the Ventrue in question wasn't actually the Ventrue and had stolen it first. But it was a locket inscribed with 2nd City writing detailing certain parts of Prophecy. Then they lost it to a Ravnos. Who took it because it was gold and pretty. And was happy to give it back to us for safe passage through my lands and a place to stay for a short time." Milenka nods to Paige regarding letting her know which she wants before continuing with the story. "But it was tied to a regional entity of Oleksiy's homeland. Part of a series of writing that was split up for safety as it all being in one place was a danger to others."

Amos hangs back to take in the story, thinking back and trying to picture it playing out. "But they didn't just destroy it outright, either, because 'one of these nights we're gonna need it again'."

Martha pauses just to listen more than curious now.

"Well what if Cthulu /actually shows up/." Paige notes, tilting her head. "Going to need to know how to get rid of him then."

Mikael glances over to Paige, "Let us hope that the caretaker's of such will bring it back together again to defeat him."

Martha waves to all and heads on now.

Milenka nods "Or more likely was collecting it on behalf of their elder.. Which means losing it was going to be very bad. Also likely they couldn't read the locket."

Amelie hmms, "A different language or something else?"

"Something like a formula perhaps?" Paige comments.

Milenka nods to Amelie and the others "The language of creation that supposedly predates the Tower of Babel. Few read it. Fewer still speak it. Which was interesting. We ended up collecting quite a few examples."

Mikael asks curiously, "Were you able to decipher any of it?"

Amelie asks, "What happened to the locket then? Do any of your group of elders still have it?"

Paige, in time, slips away, still holding her head lightly, though at least she seems to be getting better.

Oleksiy rises and walks over to Amelie "It has been a pleasant night Keeper.. Thank you. I am going to retire for the morning."

Amelie nods. "Have a good night."

Milenka smiles "Paige might be able to find out if she chooses that." nodding to the others "I shall take my leave. Thank you keeper." as she melts away into darkness.

Amelie nods. "It was an honor to have you, Elder."

Mikael bows his head to Milenka as she leaves, and then rises himself, "Merci for the evening, Mademoiselle Keeper" He nods to Amelie as he moves to the bar to place his empty glass on it. "May the rest of the eve find you well."

Mikael stands up and leaves a circle of couches.