2020.05.27 The Freak show

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2020.05.27 The Freak Show
Edgewater Beach Resort - Pool
IC Date May 27th, 2020
Players Alissa, Angelica, Constance, De Gris, Fritz, Guivre, Heathen, Mikael, Jolene, Katharina, Lila, Madeline, Martha, Mikael, Nino, Oleksiy, Phoenix, Shiori, Svetlana, Vampire, Camarilla, Ghoul
Location Edgewater Beach Resort - Pool, Carlsbad, Ca
Spheres Vampire Camarilla Ghoul Mortal Mortal+


Welcome to the Freak Show!

It is impossible to miss the enormous black and white striped circus tent dominating the end of the lawn, past the pool but before the grass gives way to beach sand. The tent was placed cleverly along an already laid cobblestone path so an inviting avenue of charming stonework wanders up to the entrance. This evening the edges of the path have been decorated with small electric paper lanterns in the shapes of various night birds.

Inside the tent a stage and stadium style seating for the masses has been erected and decorated in rich fabrics and colors like plum and puce. If the Imperator and his Officers attend there is a special area set up for them on a raised dais with luxurious armchairs and way too many pillows. The atmosphere in the tent is grand and the modern looking stage is lit for the evening's performances.

Access to the pool area and surrounding grounds is restricted this evening for those attending and working the Kindred party. All staff has been specially selected and carefully vetted to ensure a comfortable atmosphere for socializing without any worry about casually breaking the masquerade. Stay calm and drink blood!

Martha comes in dressed in head to toe Leather, in it a leather chauffeur's outfit, with hat. In her leather gloved hand she has a skull carved skull, https://www.pinterest.com/pin/2462974782466375/. She moves the skull about almost dancing with it.

Svetlana follows relatively behind Martha - her chauffeur. Ok, not really her chauffeur. Still, the blonde woman carries herself with poise and posture. Nothing macabre tonight. Nothing freakish. Sorry to disappoint. Still, she has chosen to wear something from the Victorian era. Purples and blacks. Drawstring bodice. Floor draping gown. Oversized cuffs. Black veils. Black lace fan. (https://i.pinimg.com/originals/51/96/e0/5196e0321276a3c481424942c32c7524.jpg)

De Gris arrives dressed a little more elegantly with a black on black suit and a cabernet red tie as the only color.

Tonight, this Gypsy(Jolene) is dressed in a Spooky Board cotton swing dress with elaborate printed board detail and hand collar detail, attached satin sash, and matching all seeing eye headband. Her hair is done in large ebony waves, and her make up done to accentuate her luscious lips and high cheekbones.

Costume: https://tinyurl.com/y8x36sb8

Fritz arrives wearing an outfit reminiscent of those old-timey strongmen: black tank top with a wrestling outfit's neckline, black shorts, and leather boots that look like they could've been made from some of those early leather football helmets. His hair's neatly tucked away under a bald cap, and his face sports one of those handlebar mustaches. Also in tow: an oversize barbell, for liftin'.

Phoenix steps in, glancing around for someone but not seeing them, so stepping to the side a bit for a moment.

Guivre has been here all evening setting things up and making sure the lighting cues for everyone's performance are perfect... and he's been doing it in style! This evening's host is dressed as The Bearded Lady with rosy circles on his cheeks and tiny little pink and white flowers in his beard. A fashionable turn of the century debutante dress in baby pink and white is made larger than life with a grand cage under the skirt. As guests arrive, he is already roving around the scene shouting out hellos and sipping from a champagne flute of red liquid. "Bonswa, everyone looks so lovely!" Twirl and a curtsy!

Arriving in style, a black SUV arrives out front and making their way in is the couple that so rarely seems to be seen out and about together. The Duchess Starhemberg, and Scourge Druzyna. Dressed in midnight blue lace and satin, Katharina is looking flawless from head to toe. She holds Oleksiy's arm as they walk together. "I do look forward to these events I am able to make it out to." She is smiling that dazzling infectious smile of hers and begins to wave to those she sees that she knows.

Lila makes her way into the pool area, her casual attire marking her completely as a spectator for the evening's event. While not completely coming to a stop, she does slow her step-in order to take the area and those gathered in.

Martha looks back to Svetlana with a grin all dressed in head to toe Leather, in it a leather chauffeur's outfit, with hat. In her leather gloved hand, she has a skull carved skull, she is now tossing from hand to playfully as she dances in, there is a look to the Bearded lady and grin now. https://www.pinterest.com/pin/2462974782466375/.

Nino stalks straight-backed into the pool area wearing a vintage suit, altered for a slightly more modern time. No one has ever witnessed Nino dressed up before except for Katharina and that was a long long time ago, and here he is, in what appears to be a hand-tailored suit. Of all the surprises to see, he looks clean, freshly bathed and his unruly mop has been brushed and is in a semblance of order.

BikerChic strolls into the pool area and pauses, tossing her long braid over one shoulder as she looks over the gathering. And yes... Nino in a suit raises an eyebrow

De Gris smiles to Fritz, "Senor Fritz I see your dressed for the occasion. I'll be watching." Dark eyes roam over the other guests never lingering too long.

Oleksiy walks with a carefully measured stride to match Katharina, he smiles a bit and nods "Your presence always improves any event, My dear. And so many more than just myself say that. " he escorts her in and lets her direct who they approach first. He seems quite aware of the surroundings this evening. "I’m glad that matters have permitted our joining the event tonight."

Despite Nino joining in on the occasion, his countenance is unchanged. A deep-set scowl remains locked into place on his face and his eyes are daring /anyone/ to speak to him.

Guivre is bopping from group of people to another as he makes his rounds of hellos but the sight of Nino all cleaned up and in a nice suit stops him dead in his tracks... he has to golf clap softly against his wrist while still holding the champagne flute. "Bravo..." Guivre issues a slow and respectful shake of his head as he smiles at Nino, "I didn't think I'd live to see the day; you look amazing." He reaches out like he might even clap him on the shoulder but gesture falls short and he just grins again, "Thanks for agreeing to perform."

While lingering around the area, Alissa begins her way over towards where Guivre is in that beautiful dress of his. Her own outfit is similar to what she usually wears, however there is another head attached this evening (desced if needed). It is an exact replica of Alissa's own head, though, well. It's just not alive anymore. It hangs to the side, and currently Alissa is fussing with it, reaching up with her left hand to tug back the blonde locks just enough to where it makes the limp head straighten up. "Look alive, dear. The guests are arriving," she says to it on her way about the area.

Nino turns his malicious gaze upward to Guivre and he says with a slight nod, "I wouldn't miss a Freak Show. Yours and Sniffles efforts to spice up this area have not gone unnoticed either."

BikerChic smiles to herself "This area being the Pool, Carlsbad or the fact we need more freak shows?"

Svetlana decides that it's best to allow others to take the lime light. Indeed, the Ukrainian blonde dressed in her purples and blacks keeps to a more discreet location. She 'hides' herself behind a black lace fan and simply observes the exchanges.

Shiori has apparently found a look she likes, at least to some degree. Black leather, black tee, black lipstick and... a tophat. She pauses and her smoky gaze moves over the crowd. Her gaze lingers for a moment on Madeline, with a little bit of a smile and she steps forward. Her gaze is drawn to the exchange betweeen Guivre and... Nino? She lifts an eyebrow slightly.

Lila's lips curl into a slight smile the more she looks around, her expression brightening somewhat at the sight of the carousel. She does make her way over to Martha and Svetlana once she catches sight of them, offering each a genuine smile in greeting. "Good evening. This should be fun, don't you think?"

BikerChic smiles and leans over to brush a kiss to Shiori's cheek "you look lovely Primogen"

The Gypsy, dressed as a Ouija Board, smiles as she walks around, clearly loving each of the customs and politely remind everyone there are prize give aways this evening, as well as other attractions to enjoy if they have missed them. (Page OBL if you want to participate in the Russian Roulette or the Prize Wheel)

Martha nods, "It should be great fun, do me a favor put this up somewhere, if I should drop it allot of work kaput, and if you see Paige give it to her make to say nextor lexor burst and burn when you hand it to her, be all dramatic like a curse or something. She should get the reference and joke. If she does not, run." handing the carved skull to Lila with a smile.

Phoenix glances around, watching the goings on thoughtfully

"Wonderful, delighted to hear it." Guivre raises a hand as he takes a step away from Nino and bellows out enough for everyone to hear, "Thank you all for coming out! If you would please gather in the tent, the show will start shortly. I would like to say a special thank to the Duchess and her Keeper for helping Clan Malkavian plan this wonderful evening, it would not have been so special if not for the touch of a rose!"

Svetlana smiles and nods to Lila, "Vhill be curious." She looks back over the gathered crowd, "Vhonder if vhill have same vhonder as Lazarus Collredo and Joannes Baptista." She then quiets herself as Guivre begins speaking.

De Gris must take his eyes away from Madeline who sizzles in biker chic. He'll find a place to sit by himself.

After he ushers everyone to the tent Guivre disappears to get into his own costume and once people are settled the show begins right on schedule.

Shiori touches Madeline's arm lightly and gives her a smile, "Good evening, Duchess. Thank you. Sadly, not nearly as fine as you look tonight." She looks toward Guivre, and then nods toward the tent, "Shall we?" She starts toward the tent.

(Madeline) BikerChic can't help that the leather hugs curves in all the right ways but, of course the way she stands isn't helping. Smiling, she nods to Guivre as he thanks her and inclines her golden head, tossing that heavy braid over her shoulder once more.

Fritz grins and returns to De Gris, "I hadn't planned on performing, but figured I should fit the theme regardless." He raises an eyebrow at his fellow's demeanor but doesn't press as he rolls with the festivities. Cartoonishly large barbell in tow.

Lila arches a brow as she takes the skull from Martha, eyeing it and then her. "Uh...sure," is all she manages to get out before Guivre's voice is heard. Tucking the skull delicately under one arm, she then smiles back to Martha and Svetlana. "I'll keep it safe enough while we're here." With a slight nod to each, she turns and starts towards the tent to find a place to sit.

Alissa(s) pitter patters on over towards the tent as she hears Guivre's voice. Her left hand is keeping a tight hold on the lifeless blonde head to her right, and her right arm remains lifeless at her side as she moves about. Once inside the tent she glances over the costumes others wear, and as she giggles she slips off to change as well.

Katharina smiles and rubs Oleksiy's arm a bit. Looking around she sees someone and then leans in to whisper to Oleksiy.

Martha head in after the others to see the show more then excited. There a big grin now as she moves.

Oleksiy smiles to Katharina and speaks softly to her as they look around, moving casually.

Nino's eyes are narrowed and he appears much grumpier than usual, he observes each and every individual present but his eyes do not linger long in any one place. The lights in the room lower to a dark, cavernous ambience as Nino slowly trudges and limps his way into the tent and up onto the stage to a spotlight before the assemblage while a ghoul quickly replaces the house microphone with an old-timey one, a large contraption that partially covers Nino's face as he moves to stand behind it. Over the speakers, soft music begins to play and it is a gentle melody, quite unlike the demeanor of the congenial monster. When he speaks his voice is cold and spiteful, "When I was a mortal, I sang in the opera. After my embrace, the change had altered my vocal chords and I could no longer perform at the level I once did. I still enjoy singing, but I'm pretty sure most were unaware that I do." his horrible visage looks like stone as his bulbous eyes dart around hatefully from behind the microphone, a malevolent gaze to be sure. The only clue that he is a little nervous, he wrings his hands stroking the top of his hand with those horrible fingers of his. Even with his massive overbite, when he sings it comes out clear and it comes out from deep within.


Threw, you the obvious, And you flew with it on your back A name, in your recollection, Down among a million same... Difficult not to feel a little bit Disappointed and passed over When I look right through, See you naked but oblivious. And you don't... See... Me...

But I threw you the obvious Just to see if there's more behind the Eyes of a fallen angel, Eyes of a tragedy. Here I am expecting just a little bit Too much from the wounded, But I see, see through it all, Seeing through, see you... Cause I threw you the obvious To see what occurs behind the Eyes of a fallen angel, Eyes of a tragedy Oh well... Oh, well. Apparently nothing, Apparently nothing at all

You don't, you don't, you don't see me... You don't, you don't, you don't see me... You don't, you don't, you don't see me... You don't, you don't, you don't see me... You don't see me, You don't, You don't, You don't see me at all.

       His demeanor did not shift once during the entire performance though it is obvious by the twin streaks of dark red on his jaw, that his fangs have sliced his flesh as he fought to pronounce each word clearly. Even before the final note dies, Nino vanishes into the darkness. When the lights come back up, the old Nosferatu cannot be found.

BikerChic pauses and turns to the stage, Nino.. on a stage, behind a microphone and then he sings. The Elder Toreador keeps her jaw from dropping but just barely

De Gris applauds for Nino the twisted creature’s song evoking some sympathy by the set of his brow.

Ouija Board Lady had stood at the edge of the opening to the tent, as she watched the performance of Nino and applauded with a bright smile watching him stand on the stage and sing. Even offering a whistle in support of his performance.

Martha just claps, no pity, just some real pleasure in the song chosen by Nino, and how he sings it for them.

Guy always stands an unassuming somehow unforgettable five foot ten with a face defined by angular clever features that tend to a kind cast. Earlier evening though he was painted up like the Bearded Lady and he still has rosy circles on his cheeks but the smoky eyes have been mostly smudged off just leaving a khol liner. His healthy brown hair is cropped sloppily short and he wears a tall sparkly black and gold top hat, his usual beard is completely gone!

The clean shaven Guivre looks sharp in his Ringmaster's costume, the jacket is a bold red and the waistcoat a shimmery golden fabric. The lapels of the coat have fancy gold embroidery and the back of the jacket ends in tails. He wears black slacks tucked into tall shiny black boots.

He comes back out to center stage, "How was that folks, how about another round of applause for Nino?" He lets that hang and then follows up with, "And next, our very favorite Sister in something a little different!"

Katharina claps and claps with gusto for Nino. "Bravo!"

BikerChic lays a hand to her heart then applauds long and loudly

Svetlana offers a silent golf clap as it were for the Nosferatu. She shows no display of emotion regarding any of the lost humanity. Stoic and reserved.

Phoenix remains silent thought he does applaud

Shiori turns her gaze to the stage to watch Nino perform. When he finishes, she applauds. A thoughtful look rests on the dainty beauty's face. She turns to Madeline again to say something quietly.

When Guy announces the next act there's a little drumroll before the lights go low and a light is turned on at the center of the stage. Someone who looks a lot like Sister Constance but is definitely not -dressed- like sister Constance stands mid-stage.

Slender arms raise up, hands out and she bows a little to the audience as from above a pair of blood-red silks are lowered from the scaffolding built in the top of the tent.

Upraised hands grab the flowing red silk loop and she pulls herself up and into it like a swing. With a little sway and as the ropes begin to lift Connie rolls herself through and around the silk, inverting herself and then pishing her legs ut with the silk wrapped around her legs. When the height of thirty feet is raised Connie begins to spin and dance within the embrace of the crimson tissue. The performance is a dramatically graceful climb, wraps and drops as if the fabric were a dance partner rather than a tool. Even when it seems she's fallen somehow she manages to wrap herself up beautifully tied in the red... and the music slows as does her dance. And a large white ring descends from the darkened scaffolding. (Cont)

Oleksiy listens to the song and smiles applauding genuinely as well "Well done" he calls out to Nino in approval "Bravo."

       Now returning to the main area, Alissa steps to the side and glances about. She no longer has the faux head attached to her shoulder, and she's changed for what will come later. She's in a sparkly gold leotard, dressed up as a magician's assistant. She begins to watch the silk dance, eyes widening at the sight.

Guivre stands in the wings of the stage watching Constance with a bated breath and he gasps and claps softly where appropriate as he performance continues.

Having set the skull on her lap once seated, Lila listens with rapt attention to Nino's performance, clapping with appreciation once the song ends. Cradling the skull gently then between both hands, her gaze remains fixed on the stage and Connie's act.

BikerChic shakes her head and finally stops applauding, smiling to Shiori "No clue, in all these years he's never done such a thing"

Martha watches the next performance with a bit of real fascination to all the motion, almost like a cat watching a bird waiting, waiting.

During the transition and the lowering of the glittering Lyra Connie swings back and forth a few times before letting go of the silk and flipping through the air and... She misses the cerceaux!

At least it looks that way, Connie has hooked it with one leg, swinging like a pendulum from the bottom of the silver hoop it begins to spin and Connie, like a dancer uses her arms to slow the spin before twisting back up into the hoop. As the music plays the acrobatic Caitiff begins another complex display of aerial agility.

As the hoop spins the lights go low and the hoop itself seems to light up. The LED colored lights shining in blues and purples which react with the white parts of the outfit the Sister has put on. The mock-tattooed Sister nearly doubles herself backward over the hoop and slides through so she's holding herself by her neck, her body taking on an elegant leaping position as she does. The hoop spins and she uses the momentum to pull herself back up. As the music slows Connie is lowered to the ground and once there she bows and the spotlight turns off.

Fritz rises to get a better look at the performance going on, one of those drinks from the Russian Roulette in hand. He takes a bit of a drink, then stops as presumably the taste catches him off guard. He sets it aside and returns his attention to the high-rise ribbon dance.

Shiori watches Constance with fascination. When the performance ends, she claps for the performance, smiling.

OBL watches in quiet fascination as she watches Connie, doing hoppes and spins in the air from the red ribbon, the dance is elegant and beautiful and captivating, and hard to tear her eyes away from it.

Svetlana is again entertained by the suspended ballet, giving that typical golf clap that's subdued and reserved.

After the applause for Connie finally tapers off..

       The lighting cues change and the whole stage is illuminated in a wash of bright white stage lights to expose Guivre standing center stage in his Ringmaster's ensemble. The rest of the stage is empty except for a long rectangular blue box with fancy red filigree on the sides, "Once again, ladies and gentleman, welcome to the show!" He pulls a white scarf out of what appears to be thin air and with a showy flourish he tosses the scarf -high- into the air where it erupts with BANG! into a puff of feathers. A dove flies above the crowd... Where did it come from?
        Guivre starts to speak again, "And please, if you will, welcome my lovely assistant Alissa-" He scurries to the edge of the stage to offer Alissa a hand and welcome her to the show, giving everyone a few seconds to applaud for the two of them.

BikerChic smiles in delight as she watches the show, applauding again "Brava!"

Martha claps and looks to Svetlana, "This is something special." then a tilt of her head, "Quite flexible, wonder what size box she would fit in?"

Once Connie's performance is finished and she's ducked off stage she returns to the main tent to watch Guivre's show. Standing off to the side of the stage with her hands clasped in front of her and a smile on her face.

Lila lifts her hands to applaud once more, seeming to take care not to jostle the 'precious cargo' resting on her lap. She glances at the skull briefly, making a slight face at it before turning her attention back fully to watch what will take place next.

Fritz quirks an eyebrow and a slight smirk as it appears a magic show is about to happen. He chimes in on Martha's question to Svetlana, "Either one impossibly small box or two separate boxes, if I know my magic acts." Then a sip of another roulette-sourced drink - this one he takes a moment to savor before setting down. A nod of approval.

Alissa reaches out to take the offered hand as she skitters out onto the stage, heels clacking away merrily. As she steps out with Guivre she puts on a bright, cheerful smile and gives a deep bow before continuing farther out, finding her place to stand. Once there she stands tall with chin up, and she shifts slightly, just enough to make every sequin on that outfit sparkle as much as possible!

"Yes, folks, isn't she lovely. And without her this next trick just wouldn't be possible." Guivre gives the audience a sweeping look and he gesture to someone offstage as he sings out a loud bold, "Maaaaaestrooooo!" A dramatic steady drumbeat starts up and continues for the duration of the trick, Guivre begins to speak more quickly as if to keep pace with the drum beat. "If you would merci, mon cheri, step into the box." And he offers her a hand to take so she can carefully climb into the box.

Once she is settled he picks up a saw and raises it high over his head, "This is the portion of the evening where things can get a little bit messy for if you would reach under your seats, you will find your provided ponchos." He is still speaking quickly in time to that steady drumbeat and anyone who is silly enough to check for a poncho will find a cheap plastic one in a rainbow of colors. "The ponchos are a disclaimer and waiver, things might get messy and now is your chance to walk out-" Guivre pauses long enough for anyone who wants to leave or put on a poncho...then he starts to saw into the box.. getting closer and closer to Alissa with each pull of the blade.

Svetlana smiles thinly to Fritz, "Zinkink best if sayink sleight of hand act. Illusion and misdirection." She wrinkles her nose, shaking her head, "Not magick." Ok, it would seem that the Tremere is a little bothered by stage magic being called 'magic'.

Martha looks to Svetlana, and just smiles.

De Gris raises a brow but he will put his poncho on. Too late to dress casually now.

Fritz grimaces. "Right. Apologies, you're right. Misdirection is much more apt, considering." He then makes a show of checking for a poncho - and kicking it behind his seat. "I've had worse."

Lila's head tilts slightly at the mention of a poncho and she does indeed look under her seat. With a soft laugh she reaches down to pick it up and proceeds to unfold it just enough to place it on her lap. She's certainly not going to take the chance of anything getting on that skull she's babysitting at the moment.

OBL is standing near the entrance hoping that her distance will be enough to protect her as she watches the stage on the show with a smile, and watching the reactions of the crowd as they decide to take cover or deal with the consequences of not preparing.

Oleksiy considers and pulls out the poncho, he carefully places it over Katharina, so she can see without risking her person.

From her place there in the box, Alissa moves around just enough to get comfortable, and she turns her face upwards as if to look back at Guivre. She can't really see him thanks to the box, however, but it's part of the show! Her eyes widen as the saw comes out, and she closes her eyes tightly when it begins to make its way down through the box. Oh, just hear those sounds!

With Alissa's eyes closed there first comes a little giggle, one that makes her smile go wide, but soon enough there is a sharp twitch that runs through the blonde. Her eyes snap open and her face jerks upwards again, neck suddenly craning as she gives a yelping gasp. Her eyes widen and she begins to wiggle inside the box, gaze filled with terror as she glances out and puts on a happy face for the crowd. Her teeth are bared as that smile just -has- to stay there, even as her right eye begins to twitch. Towards Guivre, a spurt of red leaps up at him, coating at the saw's blade.

Svetlana doesn't appear to be all that worried about ponchos and blood being spilt or lives being taken. She simply watches with mere curiosity. It's not the first time she has witnessed a Divertissement Salon.

BikerChic gasps and covers her mouth with a manicured hand.

Fritz looks on impassively at first... then purses his lips and raises a brow as the blood starts spurting. A glance toward OBL and her smile puts any worries he might've had at ease, as his features once again relax and he leans back to enjoy the macabre.

Only those with the highest level of Auspex would notice, and they would have to be looking to notice Nino slipping out, apparently fighting the urge not to frenzy, he composes himself as he stalks into the night.

The blood squirts spatter Guivre sending lines across his clean-shaven face and he laughs loudly over the sound of her screams, "Nearly through now!" He speaks animatedly to the crowd and the panic stricken Alissa in turn, "I am so glad we didn't rehearse this ahead of time. You're right, its so much more authentic this way." His laughter mounts to a fever pitch and he puts one of his feet up on the backside of the box for leverage. The saw passes all of the way through the box and he kicks her feet away. The bottom half of the box is on wheels and it rolls in an arc to momentarily... for a perfect few second... to expose a glimpse of entrails. "Anyone seen Paige? She might want the bottom half."

The blood soak Malkavian runs around to wheel the foot end of the box back into place. He then kneels beside Alissa's head and says in a stage whisper, "Wiggle those beautiful feet love." Then he stands up and wipes some of the red off his face, "Blech, cherry."

OBL covers her mouth in a shock of horror as she watches Alissa get sawed in half. She watches the reactions of the crowd and those who have chosen to wear the ponchos, and giggles when Guivre comments about Cherry.

Katharina watches from a distance with Oleksiy, It is clear she is entertained, but glad not to be too close.

Martha watches the others more then the show up front and there reactions, for some reason this is the show for her, there is time to watch everyone with an occasional look to the stage to see where that is at.

Lila blinks slowly as she watches, head tilting from one side to the other before finally just staring at the end result of the sawed box. "I can say with certainty I've not quite seen it performed like this before," she murmurs softly to no one in particular.

BikerChic smiles over at Lila "Certainly not like this, indeed"

Martha is looking over the ghoul, now after all her watching others, really to see if this is if she is moving her feet or not the blood gore look making her lick her lick, then take in a breath to steady the odd look of excitement in her eyes. Once she is her pleasant face she looks to Lila, "The instructions on how to use the bone of lies are in the skull on parchment. After 10 uses it is a lovely sculpture." softer, "Call Paige meet her somewhere and deliver it for us." then Martha looks over the ghoul again with a critical eye.

Alissa gives in to the sawing, letting out shrieks and pained cries along the way as she struggles to tear out of that box. She is locked in tight, however, and is left to suffer through the continuation of the act. By the time she's nearly sawing in half she's gone limp, and her head hangs down as lifeless as the one that had been attached to her shoulder earlier in the night.

She's swung and spun about to show the crowd her insides, and she remains perfectly still until asked to give her feet a wiggle. They do! Her heels waggle about, and soon enough Alissa's face is lifting upright again as she giggles. She scrunches her nose at Guivre, sticks her tongue out at him, and then starts to laugh again. She's alive! Once the box is put back together, she climbs out whole, and she takes Guivre's hand to help herself back down to the floor.

Constance remains leaned against the tent support pole and watches the whole performance with a smile on her face. She hasn't moved or said anything the whole time though she does clap with a little shake of her head and roll of her eyes at the performance.

Svetlana leans in close to Lila and says, "Vhat callink 'flick of vhrist'..." Her voice trails off as the giggling Alissa emerges from the box. She makes a face as it would seem that Alissa was not killed. She shrugs her shoulders, "Hm." She shifts a glance to Martha, "Disappointink."

Guivre and Alissa, both covered in blood, holds hands and step forward for a bow and then gesture to each other in turn. Then the lights go out and the circus music gets louder. The show is over folks but the party is just getting started!

Martha claps, "Well not sure if you are game, but sometimes the Dark fair come this way, just no drinking of anything or anyone there if it comes this year. And when going in and out of do not stray off the paths." hard to tell if Martha is making it up or serious.

Oleksiy smiles a little as he watches the trick, saying nothing but seeming to enjoy the atomsphere if nothing else.

From the sides come five beautiful ballerinas all clad in black. These Stunning Real Life Size Dolls fall still but when a helper comes over and turns the key in each one's back they come to life, dancing beautifully around the grounds until they wind down again, stopping in pose. They are dressed in beautiful black swan ballet gowns.


Lila shakes her head with a soft laugh, clapping several times for Guivre and Alissa. Brow furrowing, she gives first Martha and then Svetlana a thoughtful look. "You're serious?" she ventures then to ask Martha, nodding once at the skull still sitting under the poncho before shifting her gaze to take in the ballerinas.

Martha nods as she watches the Ballarina's "Yup need to get comfortable dealing with all people, no matter what their opinions. The sheriff is someone we sometimes have to deal with, so you will do this."

Guivre comes back out still dressed in Ringmaster outfit with spatters of fake cherry blood on his face, he takes a moment to appreciate the ambiance of the dancers and then makes small talk with people on his way back out of the tent to enjoy the party. He looks around for Alissa, calling to her when she comes out from backstage, "Would you like to ride the carousel, mon cheri?"

The black swan ballerinas move about the crowd dancing gracefully, pausing to engage with guests and occasionally having to be wound up before they can resume their dancing

OBL steps up a moment as some music begins to play. A reminder is announced that there is also a chance to win prizes this evening for those interested, "Please enjoy this evenings Show Everyone, There are still prizes to be given away at the Prize wheel as well, and have fun with the Ballerina's tonight!"

Svetlana looks to Lila, "Maintainink humanity iz noble cause. Many vhishink for retainink." She shrugs, "But vhe are apex predators." She looks to the stage, even if the show is over. She then looks back to Lila, "Just some like playink vhiff food."

BikerChic turns and kisses Shiori's cheek "pardon me a moment cheri" and slips out of the tent

Connie pushes off from the side of the stage where she'd been watching from and slips deeper into the tent. Dodging ballerinas and skirting the edges of the growd.

Martha says, "Did I just hear eat the Ballarina's?"

Once Alissa emerges from backstage she finds her way over to Guivre and comes to a stop at his side. She smiles brightly up to him and lifts a hand so she may brush some of the cherry sauce from his face with a fingertip. "Would I?! Absolutely!" she says to him with a happy, dreamy sigh following. She pops the sauce-coated fingertip into her mouth, and once it's out and clean she squeezes both of her arms around Guivre's left arm and gives a gentle tug in the direction of the carousel.

Guivre shoots Martha a look on his way past, "They are Madeline's ballerinas, ask her." He places a bloody hand on Alissa's when she weaves it through his arm and heads off so that the two of them can ride the carousel, "Let's sit in the octopus."

A new ballerina has joined the crowd, though she is missing the key in her back. The stunning dancer wears an elegant black lace mask to obscure her features, and a black crown of feathers adorns her golden hair. Up upon the tips of her toes she spins about the crowd, touching the key of each ballerina to awaken them.

Lila gives Martha a small smile and proceeds to wrap the poncho a bit more securely around the skull. "I don't believe I would be able to do my job very effectively if I didn't have it." she smiles a bit more to Svetlana as she picks the skull up and rises. "I think I may go try my luck at something."

Alissa gives the arm she holds a tight squeeze, and as she tilts her head to rest it against Guivre's shoulder she giggles up to him. She tugs him closer for a moment as she leans up to whisper something in his ear, and as she lowers back down she smiles a shy sort of smile before quickly looking away on their trip to the carousel.

The Black Swan steps into the center of the room and takes an elegant pose as the other dancers come back to life and take their places around her.


When the music begins the crowned swan begins to dance. Each movement speaks of the grace and elegance of this classic ballet, as she seems to float across the floor, spinning and leaping from one note to the next. Her limbs extend through each motion in the practiced manner of someone who has been dancing all her life and then some. The black swan makes the dance seem effortless though it clearly took a lifetime of practice. And when it ends, she and the other swans sink into a curtsey before spinning away back into the crowd.

Fritz stands up, taking the opening offered by the ballerinas gather in the center, and makes his way over to OBL. "How does one participate in this Prize Wheel?" He then leans in a bit closer and whispers something to her. Fritz whispers "Something tells me you'd be jealous if I schmoozed with any other ballerina..."

Martha smiles at Lila "Good luck with the games." as her eyes move over the lovely dancers again. "Seems to be allot to do, and I love rides." then to Svetlana, "So who to wander too first. And that is a lovely dress tonight."

Shiori watches Madeline go, and is just lingering for the moment when she sees a new ballerina come in. She smiles and settles to watch the performance.

OBL smiles at Fritz and nods at him, "All you have to do is step up to the wheel and spin wheel, whatever it lands on is what you win. For the Russian Roulette, All the shot glasses are filled with vodka for a chance at a special prize in one of the glasses." She then motions towards the games, "I can walk with you if you like and demonstrate?" She was for a moment captivated by the ballerina's until Fritz drew her attention away momentarily.

Svetlana watches the ballerinas with some fascination. From her seated position, she moves her hand much like the dancers. However, when Martha speaks to her, her hand returns to her lap. "Da, an entertainink salon." She tilts her head to one side, considering a thought or two. She then looks back to Martha, "Vhill follow Primogen’s lead."

The ballerina's all rise from their curtsies, the toys with keys in their backs fall still again until someone winds them up. The Black Swan rises upon her toes and takes mincing little steps over to Shiori, leaning down and kissing the Primogen's cheek

Guivre pauses as they arrive at the edge of the carousel and a mischievous smirk stands out on his face without the beard. He bites him lip and leans in to whisper something back to Alissa before helping her onto the ride. The carousel is done in washed out sepia tones and the animal themed seats are all manner of zoo animals. He leads Alissa to a sleigh style seat for two shaped like a big black and purple octopus with green eyes, the tentacles curl around the seat offering something to hold onto. He helps her in first while the ride is stopped and then settles in next to her to whisper something else.

Martha laughs merrily, "Do as you will, and we might as well dance the way thru...and they are really good." looking to the Ballerina's again. "Enjoy your self."

Shiori smiles up at the dancer and murmurs, "Simply beautiful." She lifts her hand to lightly touch the black swan's cheek lightly. "I enjoy watching you dance."

Fritz gives OBL a nod and follows her lead. "Sure thing. Though not sure I'm a fan of the roulette, seems like a bit..." He pauses, seemingly looking for the right word. "...nah, with the vodka it really is fitting you'd be hosting something like it."

Svetlana picks herself up from her seat. Again, her stance is nothing but poise and proper posture. Etiquette training for so many years ingrained in the Eastern European woman. She casually checks on Lila and the game of chance that has the 'younger' woman intrigued.

As Alissa climbs onto the carousel she can't help but giggle. She smiles up to Guivre again and moves over to find her space on the little bench inside the octopus, and as she makes space for him she murmurs, "I thought about.. fixing the box a bit differently, but I wasn't sure that you'd catch it before you sawed too far.." That brings a sweet pout to her lips and a heavy batting of her lashes at the man before she's giggling once more. She lowers her voice again as she settles in beside him.

BlackSwan smiles and tips her cheek to the Toreador Primogen's touch with a wink "In a night of such splendor I fear it was overlooked, but it was pleasant to do so regardless" she curtsies once more and turns to slip out and change.

OBL can't help but laugh at Fritz's comment. "It is harmless mostly; it is the only reason we agreed to do it. But it seemed like a great game of chance to have for the evening for those willing to take a chance and take a risk." She offers leading him to the wheel of chance. "Now all you do is spin it as hard as you can and see where the wheel lands." (roll 2d20 and let me know what you get)

Shiori rises after the ballerina leaves her, and she straightens her top hat. Idle steps take her toward the wheel where Fritz and OBL is located to watch what happens.

Lila wanders over towards the Wheel of Chance, approaching just in time to overhear OBL explain how it works to Fritz. She hangs back, watching to see how well he does.

"I worry too much as it is, I think the trick turned out grand and we can always tweak it for future shows... figure out what works and when we can push the gore a little more." Guivre settles into the octopus seat and puts an arm around Alissa so that he can speaks softly to her under the din of the circus music pouring out of the carousel. It remains still for a few moments in case anyone else is getting on and then it starts up, slowly spinning and revolving in a beautiful circle, backlit by the reflection on ocean.

Fritz gives OBL a grin as he clamps down on one side of the Wheel of Chance and spins it as hard as it can reasonably handle. "Let's go baby! Big bucks no whammy no whammy..." Spin spin spin, goes the wheel as it spins.

OBL grins as the wheel lands on 'Try Again' and OBL smiles at him, "NO big bucks! But you do get to try again, maybe try being a little more gentle this time? Pretend like you are arm wrestling." She teases him.

Fritz shoots OBL a death glare, lingering for a bit before cracking a chuckle and giving the wheel a much gentler spin this time. It moves... two spokes. He grumbles, then gives it a moderately-strong spin, and this time it actually whirs around for a while.

Madeline returns in her leathers and leans near the door, watching the merriment.

Svetlana furrows her brow and then leans over to Lila with some curiosity, "Vhat iz... vhammy?" She shakes her head, "Only seeink numbers on spinnink board." She squints, trying to see if there's something else there.

As the wheel spins with Fritz's second attempt, Lila turns to look at Svetlana as she hears the question and smiles. "It's from an old game show called 'Press Your Luck'. If you land on a Whammy, you go lose everything you won to that point in the game."

OBL laughs at Fritz's reaction, and his baby attempt that goes only two spaces before he gives it a good spin and it makes it way back around to land on a Prize! "OH LOOK! YOU WON!!" And she takes off the part of the wheel to reveal the prize he won. "An Android phone! Do you know how to work one of those?" She winks at Fritz.

Alissa nods to what Guivre tells her, and she agrees, "That sounds splendid... You know... I can go all out with it if you like. Have something set up to where it all spills out and... you can drag it along the floor when you pull me apart next time. That could be fun... Maybe a few more spurts of blood toward the audience?" she suggests with a giggle before settling down more, suddenly quiet upon hearing something Guy tells her. She looks to him with brows lifted and she smiles.

Fritz looks over to Svetlana and is about to answer, but Lila's got it - he just gives her a nod of thanks before going back to the wheel. "Not sure I'm familiar with Android specifically, I've preferred iPhone, but I'm sure I can figure it out. Which reminds me..." There's a smirk on his face even as his sentence trails off.

Svetlana looks at the phone being given away as a prize. It's clear that the Eastern European woman is not overly thrilled at the prospect of winning such 'silly' things. Still, she looks to Lila and gestures for her to go next.

Madeline sits down on the Comfortable Lounging Chairs.

Guivre lifts a hand to pinky promise something to Alissa as they talk to each other under the din of the ride's music, "Because I am fabulous man of mystery and every epiphany is hard won." He says it matter of factly and they lock eyes as he trails off into softer whispers. "In the right venue, we can probably spill some entrails. Actually, make use of the ponchos as more than just a punchline." Sometimes their voices drift far enough on the wind to be heard and there is a doppler effect as they continue to spin lazily in that eternal circle.

Madeline glances over at the wheel and the lady running it then unfolds from her seat and wanders over.

Lila nods a few times at the prize won. "Real prizes, too." she grins a bit, then looks from Svetlana to the Wheel. "If you wouldn't mind," she hands Svetlana the poncho-covered skull to hold before she steps up to occupy the spot Fritz was just standing in and takes hold of two spots to give to give the wheel a short spin.

"I see..." Alissa manages to murmur as she lifts her hand to join a pinky against one of Guivre's own. She turns her face so she may look out at the scenery as they go around, and as her head lowers to rest upon his shoulder once more, she begins to smile more. "We could always do something like that at the museum... and we could think of a few more things to add to it, I'm sure," she notes with a soft giggle as she glances up his way.

Madeline watches how the game is played and smiles gently.

Fritz peers to the side at OBL. "Oh sure, /she/ gets to put power in her spin, but /I/ have to be gentle. I see how it is." One corner of his mouth turns upward, showing he's not entirely serious with his statement.

Shiori glances toward Svetlana, "Are you going next?" the small woman asks. "If so, I'll try after you."

Lila lets out a short laugh at Fritz's comment as she shakes out her hands before taking hold of the wheel once more, turning it back and forth a few times before pulling down harder this time and watching it spin.

Svetlana nods to Shiori, "Da, vhill try spinnink vheel of chance." She then looks between Fritz and Lila. "And hopink for ... how you say... no vhammies." She returns her attention to Lila's spin to see how she does.

OBL grins as the wheel again lands on try again, "Great thing about Try Again, it gives her the chance to keep trying to win. Once you win a Prize though. On to the next player. Want to give it another shot Lila?"

Lila stares at the wheel and its 'Try Again' sign with a bit of annoyance. "Might as well. Third time's the charm, right?" she smiles at OBL before taking one last try.

This time Lila lands on a 'Visa Gift Card' "That's the spirit Lila! You won a Visa Gift Card! You can use anywhere you like!" OBL hands over the prize to her and the value is marked on the back of the card holder it is affixed to.

Lila steps to the side as she takes the prize from OBL with a smile. "This will be put to good use." she turns then to take the skull from Svetlana, freeing her to take a stab at the wheel next. "Good luck."

Shiori smiles to Lila, "Congrats." She then looks to Svetlana curiously, "Good luck." The small woman offers.

Svetlana furrows her brow with some confusion. She looks to the card, and then to Lila. Yes, there are questions. Questions that need answering. But they will wait. Svetlana looks to OBL and smiles politely, "Vhould like for spinnink vheel." She looks back to Fritz and then back to Jolene, "Vhiffout any vhammies."

OBL smiles at Svetlana as she steps up to spin the wheel! "Spin the wheel as hard as you can! Everyone is a winner unless you land on try again. You can do this Svetlana!" She steps back to give her a chance to spin.

The wheel goes really wobbly from the force she puts behind it and it lands on a PRIZE first try! "Well Look at you Miss Svetlana! You won the Antique Grandfather clock! Antique French Gothic Bronze Mantel Clock https://66.media.tumblr.com/1bbe961388d560e0e886a172a70933f5/tumblr_odezp8mzFk1rx1wl4o1_500.jpg

Shiori smiles "Good spin!" she says to Svetlana. And it's not a cell phone!

Svetlana flinches a little as she did not realize her own strength. "Forgive, please." It's a soft murmur as she watches the spinning wheel click through the numbers. She is more than pleased that she won something that makes sense. Not those silly paper weights that make annoying noises. "Zank you. Generosity for prize iz appreciated."

As the carousel ride slows to a stop Guivre does the gentlemanly thing and helps Alissa back down from the ride, keeping her close once they are off and walking along with an arm tucked over her, a slow wandering couples walk... leading them back to the games of chance.

Madeline laughs softly as she watches the game.

"Will you give it a spin as well?" Alissa asks up to Guivre as she leans into his side, staying close as she can as the two walk together. She glances about and looks off towards the games, and the sight puts a happy smile upon her lips. "You know... When the carnival comes to town we should go. I love the rides.. and it's sort of romantic, don't you think?" she asks him.

"Nicely done," Lila says with a wide smile, tucking the ponchoed skull under one arm in order to give a light clap for her clanmate's success on the first try.

Shiori smiles and waits for Svetlana to step back. She says jokingly to OBL, "Do you think the wheel can handle another spin?"

Guivre is watching the antics with the wheel from a distance and he asides to Alissa, "Sure, if there is anything left when we get there..." He doesn't seem in a hurry and the two of them meander close enough to join the gaggle of people waiting for a turn.

OBL looks around to see who will be next to spin the wheel, "Will you step up and spin beautiful Rose Primogen or will it be our Malkavian Primogen tonight, or perhaps you Miss Alissa?" She looks between those gathered to see who will be next, "Or could it be our Duchess?" Then as Shiori steps up to spin, "Let’s see what you are made of Primogen Shiori! Let it go! No holding back! Well maybe a little, we don't want to lose the wheel." She encourages Shiori to spin!

Madeline steps up to watch as Shiori takes her turn.

Shiori steps forward with a laugh, and she gives the wheel a healthy spin. She tips her tophat back to watch the wheel go round and round.

Katharina has been watching, just staying quiet to observe more than anything. She nudges her husband, "Will you take a go at it?"

Around and Around and Around and Around it goes until it lands on the ominous... Try again. BOO!... and Shiori gets to 'Try again.' "Oh and I thought we might actually have a never ending spinning wheel. Come on one more time Primogen! You can do it!"

Shiori grins at OBL and reaches for the wheel again to give it another spin.

Oleksiy looks to Katharina and chuckles, he nods "I will take a turn then" he leans over and kisses her cheek before rising to move forward and wait his turn

Lila steps back further as more gather to take their chance at the wheel, tucking the gift card into a pocket as she contents herself to watch and see how everyone else does.

OBL shakes her head as Shiori hits Try again for a 2nd time! "Come on Primogen, just imagine it is the thing that annoys you the most. And spin that wheel for all its worth. I know you can do it!"

Alissa's head begins to tilt slightly as she watches that wheel going round, and her ear is lifted higher to the lowered voice whispering into it. Her blue eyes go wide, and she gives a soft gasp, and she suddenly stands a bit taller. That wide gaze is turned upon Guivre and the blonde hisses, "Oh, that is just dreamy!" She can't help but giggle as she nods. "Absolutely splendid!" Her hands clap with her excitement, and as she looks back to the wheel she waits for her turn.

Shiori looks at OBL and says, "Careful what you ask for!" She winks and then reaches for the wheel to spin again, giving it a good spin.

Guivre is watching the wheel but he's also whispering to Alissa from the corner of his mouth and something he said gets a reaction out her and a dark smirk out of him, "Its a date, when the circus comes into town for real." He gives the side of her head an affectionate little kiss and then watches as Shiori spins the wheel. Glancing around at everyone else waiting, "Popular game."

Madeline tsks "Shiori come now" she teases with a smile

OBL hip checks the wheel when it looks like it is going to land on try again, and it lands on the prize! or not depending on How Shiori wants to accept the hip check. "OH LOOK YOU WON A SPA DAY AT Sybaritic!" or not?

Shiori snorts when OBL bumps the wheel. She arches an eyebrow, but then grins, "How about a spa night?" Of course, she gets it though! Others want a chance to spin too!

"Or spa night. We're open late for Praxis members." Guivre chimes in when someone wins a day at his spa, Sybaritic.

Shiori snorts when OBL bumps the wheel. She arches an eyebrow, but then grins, "How about a spa night?" Of course, she gets it though! Others want a chance to spin too!

Madeline laughs and applauds warmly

Svetlana collects her clock. She nods to those gathered here, "Interestink evenink, but the libraries are callink name." She offers a polite smile, "Dobroho Vechora." And with that, she takes her leave.

OBL winks at Shiori and gives her the gift certificate, "Spa Night it is." and winks at Guivre. "Well done! Primogen! You will enjoy the night of relaxation! You work to hard!"

Shiori turns toward Guivre when he speaks, and she inclines her head, "I look forward to checking out your spa." She takes the gift certificate and steps out of the way so someone else can take a spin. She pockets the certificate in her jacket and pulls the tophat back in place.

"And we look forward to having you visit, Primogen." Guivre says in response.

OBL looks around for the next victim of the wheel of chance to see who will break it, or have their will broken by its 'Try again' streak. "Come on now. Who is next?"

Oleksiy steps up "I can do it next, if no others are ready"

Fritz leans in to say something quietly to OBL, before saying goodbyes and taking his own leave. Fritz whispers "Hey, let me know when you have a night free? It's somewhat important."

Shiori pulls a phone from a pocket after a moment and frowns at the screen, then pockets it and dips her head to those present, "Please excuse me." She smiles to Guivre, "Excellent event. Thank you for putting it on." With that, she takes a couple of steps back, and then turns to leave with a light step.

Madeline takes a moment to kiss Shiori's cheek then steps over to embrace Katharina before Guy gets a kiss to his cheek "Well done mon ami, very enjoyable"

OBL smiles and motions for Oleksiy to step up and take his turn at the wheel. "Be gentle Oleksiy. I know you can be a force to be reckoned with but I like to keep the wheel in one piece please." She winks to him and can't help but smile as Fritz leans into whisper in her ear.

Madeline lifts a hand and blows a kiss to Obl before seeing herself out

Lila watches as Svetlana leaves, lips pursing thoughtfully a moment before she looks back to the wheel to watch Oleksiy take a chance.

Katharina returns the hug to Madeline, but her eyes are on Oleksiy as he prepares to spin.

Guivre gives Madeline a European cheek kiss and a quick hug on her way out, "Endlessly grateful for the stunning venue, see you soon darling."

As Oleksiy spins the wheel, he almost breaks it despite OBL's warning, but he manages to land on an original piece of art work! A Kim Keever Abstract 31353 pieces. "YAY!! Way to go Oleksiy!"


Oleksiy smiles as he sees what he won "This is very nice. thank you." he offers as he steps back.

Once it seems no others are stepping up to the wheel Alissa moves forward for her turn! Whee! The blonde moves away from Guivre, smiling brightly as she goes, and she steps closer while looking to see what it is Oleksiy has won. Ouu!

Guivre steps over and says something softly to the living ouija board lady while Alissa is busy spinning the wheel, he is smiling kindly and its a quick exchange that ends with him stepping forward to watch what prize will be awarded.

Guivre whispers "Consider us even, you throw a smashing party..."

OBL smiles at Guivre, "You surprised me this evening Guivre, thank you for allowing me to help you. This was a long time in coming for both of us, My Friend. And if you need help in the future just let me know. I would be happy to help!" She then turns her attention to Alissa for her to spin and this time that shaking wheel from previous spins lands on a Prize and Apple iPhone 11! "Well Look at you Miss Alissa! An Apple iPhone! Right out of the gate!" She smiles at her and is also looking to see if any others are going to spin!

Guivre declines a turn to spin and he is all smiles for Alissa when she wins, "I don't need a turn, what will people say? Winning prizes at my own event." He chuckles and nods to the carousel again, "One more spin?" He inquires of Alissa and then looks back out at Jolene and everyone else nearby, "Thank you all for attending, if I disappear before I see you again it was a real pleasure to have been here at all!"

As the wheel is spun and eventually slows Alissa watches it tick towards her prize. As it's revealed she stands there with a curious expression and brows lifted. Hands lift to take the prize, and as she looks it over, she says, "Ohh! One of those... fancy ones... How interesting..." Her head cants slightly and she smiles then looks to Guy to see what he will 'win' or not!

Katharina smiles as Oleksiy wins his prize. She looks like she might want a turn but is unsure. It is late. "That was a fun night."

OBL smiles at Katharina, "Lady Katharina, are you sure you don't want to spin, I can see it in your eyes. Please step up and give it a try?" She tries to encourage her. "There are still some really good prizes to be had."

Oleksiy smiles to Katharina and nods, offering his arm to her "If you want a spin...I’m sure one can be had.. " he will escort her up to do so if she wishes

Katharina is not used to playing games like this. "Is there still time? I... I guess so." She will walk toward the front and spin the wheel.

Lila smiles faintly as she watches, reaching to pull her phone from a back pocket as Alissa's prize is announced. After a brief glance at the screen, she tucks it back, preparing to leave but waiting a few moments as Katharina steps up to take a turn.

With Guy finishing his spin, Alissa claims his left arm once more, hugging herself up against it. She moves away from the wheel with him, and as they walk she says, "Then... Let's go enjoy the carousel some more while we still can? Might not know when the carnival is in town! Could be a while." She giggles. The blonde then waves to those left and says, "Thank you again!" for her prize before she is taking Guivre with her to the carousel.

The spins of the other players this evening has sent the wobbling wheel into a spin that almost knocks it off and the wheel lands on the last remaining Original piece of art, A Jiang Tie Feng Original Gouache Painting Large Signed 1988. "Way to go Miss Katharina! You won a Tie Feng Origanal! Congratulations!"


Katharina looks surprised. "I did?" She smiles so brightly, and then looks to Oleksiy, "I won something!" That is nothing normal for her at all!

"Congratulations, Duchess...Scourge Druzyna," Lila offers sincerely, inclining her head to them before finally moving to leave. "I hope you all enjoy the remainder of your evening."

Oleksiy smiles a little and chuckles "I knew ou could." he will help carry the artwork back.