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Clover is a sweet, bouncy little thing that most often has a huge smile stuck upon her face. She's quirky, eccentric, kind and curious, and she's got the biggest heart you'll ever find! She is easy to please and is easy to entertain, and she's always up for hearing a good story.. or a bad one, too! If you need a traveling partner, look no further! Clover loves to move about from place to place and she's always in search of an adventure!

RP Hooks
  • Music: It's her bread and butter. From listening to others play to dancing at festivals, Clover loves it all. The faster the beat, the better, and if it's the kind of music you can jump around to? She's in! Clover loves the energy it brings. She can play a few instruments, too! The kazoo is a favorite!
  • Dancing: She loves being at the club. Her favorite is Rhapsody
  • Singing: She's got a sweet, dreamy voice, and when she sings she puts her all into it. She performs mostly on the street, trying to brighten the day of those who pass by.
  • Touchy: Clover is a huggy/touchy/snuggle bug, so be warned! If this bothers you OOC, please let me know and I can have her not touch without permission. :)
  • Travel: She's been traveling a LOT and still has more to do. Maybe you were an old friend or traveling buddy for a time. Open to all sorts of ideas on this one!
  • Traveling Circus: Clover was born in a traveling circus caravan in the Dreaming, and she grew up moving place to place around artists and performers.
  • Kids : Clover loves being around kids! She can occasionally be found in the park, painting faces or making balloon animals, or just playing at the playground and blowing bubbles for fun. She’s a great babysitter!
Fun RP!
  • Travel with a friend ■
  • Get a nickname! ■
  • Join a mosh pit □
  • Glitter bomb a mosh pit □
  • Find a place to stay ■
  • Make a new friend ■
  • Find a laffy taffy trampoline □
  • Locate a bee pooka or bee person! □
  • Go on an adventure! ■
  • Go marching with ants ■
  • Piggy back rides: ■■■
  • Break-ins: ■■
  • Zyra - She smells so delicious and sweet! And her hair is sooo amazing! I love it so much! She talks a little funny, but maybe English isn't her first language. She's such a nice gal.
  • Chicory - Tall and really obsessed with pancakes!
  • Wick - Imagine that. Running into an old travel buddy! So good to see him again :)
  • Timand - Such a nice guy! He owes me s'mores and I won't forget!
  • Hope - Oh boy. What a delightful, bad influence you are. Heehee :3
  • Rick - A good reason to stick around. Real good. 💗
  • Nala - Can't.. keep.. hands.. off.. hair!!
  • Maud - I feel sorry for everyone and what we're about to put them through... JUST KIDDING. <Phone> (Text from Maud) We should be roomies. If you don't mind loud hammering sounds and the fact that I snore. <Phone> (Text to Maud) Totally. If you don't mind loud masturbation and the fact that I love to cook. <Phone> (Text from Maud) We shouldn't broadcast that on the radio. <Phone> (Text to Maud) You're right. Can't have people show up expecting me to just bake whenever they want.
Gallery (tattoos not accurate)
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Name Jayne 'Clover' Haddox
Occupation Street Musician
Nature Celebrant
Demeanor Eccentric
Height 4'11"
Weight 90
Eye Color Honey brown
Hair Color Always Changing!
Apparent Age Around 20
Race Changeling
Kith Piskey
Court Honey brown
Seelie Legacy Pishogue
Unseelie Legacy Cerenaic
Clover's Musical Style Somethink
Mindlessly Taken
  • Clockwork Beetle
  • Crystal Spider
  • more
Good Meals
  • Cake from Robbie's birthday party!
  • Feed me..
  • more