2019.04.24:Witches Brew is Under Attack!

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2019.04.24:Witches Brew is Under Attack!
The Witches Brew has had protestors outside their doors for a few days now, but when a newer, more malicious group joins them, things get bad!
IC Date April 24, 2019
IC Time Early Evening
Players Aerik, Anyu, Bieta, Blodskadi Ulwin, Kaati, Phillipe, Roger, Tae-il
Location The Witches Brew

Witches Brew and Occult Shoppe - Main Room

xxxxxWhen entering the shop, the door will chime from an old-fashioned little bell set above it. First to assault the senses are the scents within the shop, there are heavy herbal smells along with delicious scents of baked goods. Describing the shop itself, it can be considered broken out into two sections. A front section that is the entirety of the front of the shop houses the cafe portion, and a back section that is split in half with one half devoted to tall bookshelves and a wide-variety of books, while the other half is devoted to a huge herbal and apothecary section that includes needed supplies for the practicing pagan. Separating the front and back sections of the shop is a long, rectangular glass counter for specialty items and checkout. It has a narrow space to enter and exit in order to serve customers and check people out from the cash register that is at this counter. There is a sign that states, 'If you can not find the book you are looking for, please enter your request in the special order book.'

xxxxxThe front of the store has nooks built against the front windows that are comfortable window seats with piles of cushions for the customers to sit and read, chat or snack comfortably. There are also plush, comfortable seats that have high cushioned arms arranged in cozy triangles around little tables for people to relax and chat. Just to the left beyond the cafe seating is a long glass counter that is displaying a plethora of baked goods, all very interesting and all very delicious. Behind the counter is a barrista that can also offer a multitude of drinks, from coffee, to tea, to water or any non-alcoholic drink. All drinks are delivered in unique cups, no two cups are alike, and they are all porcelein.

xxxxxIn the far back of the room, behind the bookshelves and shelves of merchandise are two doors that are always closed. One door has a sign on it that says 'Employees Only', the other door says, 'Private'. At the front of the store, there is a set of double-glass doors on the right hand side that lead into an expansive greenhouse, although the glass windows are often misty due to the moisture of the greenhouse beyond.

Aerik doesn't seem to notice Bieta's presence at first, he is lost in thought.. After a few moments, his face contorts in what looks to be a cross between concearn and outright fear.. He shakes his head and looks to Bieta.. "One second please." he says standing and making his way over to Blod. He kneels down, to hell with space; and places a hand on the man's shoulder, "Breathe friend.. You are among friends.." he seems to repeat himself as he concentrates again..

xxxxxThere seems to be a lot of things going on at the moment, the protestors are largely being ignored at the moment, most likely because of the drama occurring in the shop at the moment. Anyu is on her knees, trying to get Blod to drink some water, and then magic happens, and Aerik is approaching Blod to see how he's doing. There's chaos, and Anyu is currently looking a little wide-eyed as she looks on.

xxxxxThe chanting outside appears to be gaining momentum though, someone outside calling, 'DEVIL WORSHIPPERS!! THEY'RE SACRIFICING SOMEONE!!'. That seems to get them riled up even more!

Blodskadi Ulwin breathing relaxins a little bit as he looks about, like his head is suddenly clearer. he looks sane, just for a secondas he straightens up and puts the glass down, taking deep breaths "Yeah...I am." he says suddenly much more in control then he was . He breaths out in a 'phew' type of way and nods towards Aerik. "Alright, maybe better." he says with a nervous laugh as he straightens his jacket, trying to recover his dignity at least a tad bit. His eyes still hold embers, just much more secure embers.

Bieta says, "Oh no, they could give that a rest already. I wish there was something I could say or do...that would work and make it worth me going outside and trying to get them all to just leave." Bieta turns her attention back to everyone else in the store and Kasia comes over and stands beside her mother. Bieta looks a little pink in the face.

Getting bold or not, there are very few bog-standard humans that will deliberately stand in Phillipe's way when he wants to get from Point A to Point B. Right now? Point B is Anyu's shop. He manages to part the crowd enough to get by, but there are a few more shouts from the back, this time. Seems they've either grown a collective backbone or lost some collective brain cells. Either way, Phillipe doesn't look terribly impressed with their existence when he finally steps in through the door.

Kaati comes along in Phillipe's wake, like a little rowboat following a ship. Her expression is dark and she is suddenly in a *hurry* to get inside.

Aerik steps back from the Blod, giving him room now. he smiles and moves back to his table, a glance outside. He turns to Bieta, "Not to place or time for that kinda talk." he says out of the blue.

Roger lumbers in behind Kaati, the massive bruiser well set for making sure Kaati makes it in safely and MAYBE people won't want to follow her in. Or him for that matter. "Hey Trouble," he rumbles with irritation, turning around to cross his arms and start manning the door. It's like he used to do this for a living.

As Blodskadi seems to be relaxing and doing better, Anyu's tension eases even more. "Thank the goddesses.", she'll murmer and touch her magic neck charm. Rising from the floor, she'll take the glass of water that was set down, away. It's not needed now. "Well, I'm glad you're doing better..", she'll say softly to Blod, moving to try to help him up. When she hears Kaati's words, she'll smile at her as she enters, "OH yes, everythings fine..", Although she'll pause and glance out the window as there appears to be more protestors showing up, seems like another group is joining the first one. "Huh, is it just me, or is the crowd getting larger?" There's a pause as she looks over at Aerik and smiles to him, nodding and then her attention falls on Roger, "Hey big guy.. you coming in for some treats?" That is punctuated by shouts of 'DEMON WORSHIPPERS, BURN THE WITCHES!'.

Blodskadi Ulwin nods and looks around, like seeing a whole new world for once, like he walked into the shop for the first time "Oh my...what? Yes Anyu, everything is fine." he says as he looks towards the front "You know, I could call some people, they may be able to help." he says as he reaches into his pocket and pulls his phone out, searching through the broken looking flip phone rather quickly as he hums, looking at everyone like their new wonderous individuals. Not a single eye flick from him just yet.

Kaati comes right to Anyu. "It's getting worse, yeah," she says quietly. "I'm not-- I mean, this isn't--I'm too much what they hate, I think, to be any help?" She looks around, then. "Anyone know a preacher?" she says a bit lamely.

"I know a man who left seminary." Phillipe's voice is low and rumbling from the place near the door where he's leaned himself against the inside of a window. "That is as close as I come on that front." He shrugs. "At this point, I am less ethically opposed to killing all of them than I was three days ago." He's kidding. Probably.

Aerik shakes his head, "The only people I know are pretty much in this room.. And like 2 others."

Roger looks to Anyu, frowns at the crowd, and maintains the 'doorman' act. "I /was/ coming in for a brownie and mocha... but I think you might just need an extra door," he notes.

Bieta says, "I am not a preacher. I am a christian. Anyu probably has more theological training than I do but she does but...neither of us believe exactly like these people do." Bieta looks at Anyu before looking at Kaati. "What would you want a preacher to do?"

Kaati blinks at Aerik, and blinks again, and looks a bit awkwardly over to Anyu. There's a little 'oh my GOD' widening of her eyes, like a bat-signal. "Um. Preach," she says. "Convince them that tolerance and peace are the proper Christian path. Sway them." She scans the people in the room, the back kitchen exit, the front door--Roger's got that. Good. Check.

"Yeah.. it looks like it is getting worse." Anyu replies to Kaati, her expression paling a bit as she looks out at the rather nasty crowd. Looking over at Phillipe, Anyu will give a faint smile, "Well, I'd prefer we not do anything drastic, because... well, it just gives them more fodder..", says the pacifist. Sighing, she'll walk towards the window to look out and then glances at Roger, "I'm not sure what to do at this point." She really doesnt look like she knows what to do. To Kaati, she'll reply softly, "I think that worked briefly, but... wwhile I know a lot about theology, including Christianity, I am the Witch in this scenario.", she'll say with a faint smirk.

xxxxxThen suddenly there's a **CRASH**, the window is shattered and a huge brick comes flying through it!

So, Anyu was apparently the closest to the window, and was distracted talking to Kaati, and ends up getting the brick smashing into the side of her head/face. She's so shocked by that, she'll get thrown back a foot or two and land in a pile of flesh on the ground, the side of her face bleeding from a large gash. Looks like she's been knocked out.

Blodskadi Ulwin blinks and dosn't miss a beat as he pulls his phone out "Yo, get over here now, all of you, Witches Brew, double time." he says as he shuts his phone after the call as he rushes over to Anyu and begins to drag her back, sets her down to the side away from the window in the back.

Bieta rushes over and grabs up the brick. She heads for the register and fumbles in the cup of pens and sharpees for a sharpee. She then uses a sharpee to draw a cross on the brick and leaves the sharpee on the front counter. "Alright, I pray this works."

The crash of that brick is enough to garner Phillipe's immediate attention. That it smashes into Anyu's face like that is enough to make him angry. It helps, however, that he has an immediate focus for the surge of fury settling deep into his bones. That makes it easier to control. Stepping up to the window, he focuses on the hole the mob of fools made with their violence. From it, inky black smoke curls like San Francisco fog, rushing out to surround the crowd inside a twisting, total blackness. There is only one type of magic that can see through this shroud - and Phillipe would bet money that no one out there has it.

Gaia doesn't really condone this sort of nonsense.

Aerik blinks in disbelief when he sees the brick strike Anyu in the face, his initial reaction is to help her, but Blod is already moving her. So he follows along with them and find a place to gather his thoughts.

Roger stomps outside towards the crowd cloaked in the inky blackness and loudly declares, "If you fuckers want a fight, fight ME." His eyes flash crimson and his voice has an even deeper rumble to it than usual. That alone is noteworthy, but not quite what's /concerning/.

What's concerning is the sense of divine power that emanates from him. To the weak willed (willpower 2) this is undoubtedly a demon. To the strong? (willpower 7) A glorious angel. Those in between are left to their own devices to try and decipher what kind of divine being is here, but there's no doubt that he IS divine. And they're blinded in a black cloud. Stampede, anybody?

Kaati's eyes widen a touch as Anyu heads toward the window, but *she* doesn't move fast enough to make a difference. Instead, she reacts after the fact, dashing back with Blod, knees hitting the floor at about the same time as her messenger bag. There's a distracted little shake of her head, as if to clear it; people must be doing Things, behind her. She opens the thing and starts pulling out some sort of big folded leather ... envelope? Portfolio? Roll-up knitting case? There are lots of little compartments, and a few muslin bags sort of tucked loose inside there. The same little bags she uses when she goes herb shopping, in fact. Her hands move fast, and at the same time she's looking at the wound, beginning to assess the damage. "Mother Bear, Gitchi Noozhe-makwa, come to us. Be here now." Her voice is low, purposeful.

Anyu remains unconcious for now, her body limp and her gash looks rather deep, the blood oozing out without clotting. She'll remain limp but her breathing is steady, and even, so that's at least a good thing. For now.

xxxxxThe crowd, having gathered supporters from a second, ancillary group, who was more violent, had more bricks ready to throw. They actually -brought- them to the store, to try and do damage. With arms raised, and bricks with awful sayings painted on them, the protestors are about to throw more as they continue their chanting, but then something evil flows out of the window. Evil, and black, a smoke! The mass of humanity begins to panic slightly, what evil have they actually set loose???! And then, Roger shows up, in all his terrifying majesty, his awful glory, and a few begin to pray, their arms clasping as they kneel in the blackness, sensing the angelic presence even if they can't really see him. The others scream in terror, feeling the demon inside this black fog, their worst nightmare come true.

Blodskadi Ulwinafter putting Anyu down gently he rushes back, he'll have to tend to her later, there's a problem now. He rushes back as his arms move, suddenly two shives in hand as he runs back into the main room. As he makes it back he almost stops in shock as Roger becomes something more "Holy shit." he says before looking at the fog in awe. He stands there for a minute, unsure and scared, but waits patiently at the window if anyone tries to come through

Blodskadi Ulwin meanwhile, a whole bunch of people what looks like homeless and gangsters start showing up, and freaking out with the christians as they either run or start plowing into poor christians for their money.

Well that's... something. Phillipe's heard rumors, of course - no one who lives in this bizarre-o city long enough escapes the /rumors/ of things like angels and demons, but honestly? He's a cat. He was born a cat. He'll die a cat. There's only so many fucks he could really be bothered to give about such a two-legged concept. But since he's out there being helpful, Phillipe decides it couldn't hurt to give him a little help. So if the point is to inspire belief in Roger's divinity... Glancing up at the sky, he focuses his anger into his will and watches with deep satisfaction as the bright fork of lightning zig-zags down to deep-fry one of the guys with his hand in the air to brandish a brick. That is... not a pleasant way to die, but also throwing bricks at people is rude. Very, terribly rude.

Kaati grabs some gauze, ripping open the packet and getting it on Anyu's wound, fast. She chants quietly, as she applies direct pressure.

Roger notes... worshippers! Oh this is not an unfamiliar feeling, and he revels in it once again. Stepping outside in to the chaos, his lifts his hands Gladiator style as if to ask 'Are you not entertained?' Between the worshippers, the gang members, those who flee, and the freaking bolt from the sky? It's utter madness. "Have you forgotten?! It was Him who said that vengeance be mine! Are you all sinless, so that you can cast the first stone without shame before your Father? Is this the turning of the other cheek, or do you seek to die by his Sword?! BEHOLD! He strikes down the unjust hypocrites who pray in the streets, says Matthew, for lo they have received their reward!" Man, he said LO. That's some serious Biblical shit there. "Go back to your churches and pray for your Father's forgiveness!" It's not really a GREAT speech under normal circumstances, but when your eyes are glowing red, lightning is striking down people in black clouds, and shit's going crazy? It fucking works.

There are many things that Bieta does not understand. The dark fog that has engulfed the whole outside of the store is one of them. However, Bieta can still hear a few of the protestors outside and a few of them sound like they might be singing. Bieta takes her brick with a cross on it and opens the front door. Kasia ran off and hid somewhere in the store soon after the brick came through the window and hit Anyu. Bieta braces herself and steps out into the darkness. She finds herself blind but she can hear a voice in the darkness bellowing over the others that she might consider angelic for lack of a better word. Bieta holds up the brick with the cross facing in the direction of the crowd and calls out into the darkness, "Fear mongerers! Those who foster hate and strife! I banish you from this place in the name of Jesus Christ! In his name you must flee!"

Aerik blinks as he watches the scene unfold, his eyes glued to Roger for the moment. He watches Bieta go through the door and say her 'prayer' he is way out of his league here. He stays hunkered down for now, waiting for any oportunity to actually be of use.

Blodskadi Ulwin blinks at the chaos around him as he stares with wide eyes and watches the thunder bolt go down and simple shakes his head, this was absolutely insane. He blinks and puts his daggers back as he runs towards the kitchen, at least he could help there. He rushes into the kitchen as he drops his jacket to pull medical equipment from it.

xxxxxBlack Fog from the Depths of Hell! The divine presence of an ANGEL or a DEMON! MASS HYSTERIA! People tackling other people for money! DOGS and CATS raining from the SKY, it's chaos! LIGHTNING comes down from the heavens and crashes into the ground, hitting one of the people who were prepped to throw a brick and burning him so badly that he collapses and the people around, are stunned by the explosiveness of the lightning crash! The divine Roger begins his splendid oratory and those who are praying begin to cry and they all begin to disburse, more like fleeing, terrified by the punishment from the heavens. Those who think he's a demon and those remaining ones sane enough to try to throw bricks are turned away by the True Faith Bieta calls, thus turning them away. Not to mention the bums are tackling folks to roll'm and steal their money, but in the end, EVERYBODY gets scattered. There is HELL on EARTH right now, and they're experiencing it, or maybe it's DIVINE retribution. The stories later will be varied, but very very interesting.

xxxxxThe police were called though, definitely called, concerning a RIOT outside of the Witches Brew. It's gotten violent, and there are multiple reports of brick throwing and the shop being 'destroyed', or maybe it was just a broken window, but depends on the person calling.

Satisfied with the chaos outside - and perhaps motivated in part by the approaching sound of sirens - Phillipe releases his hold on the shroud outside, so that the black smokey fog can dissipate naturally. That done, he turns away from the window and moves into the back room (which is where he /thinks/ he saw Blod drag Anyu earlier) where Kaati is doing her work. He drops down to one knee nearby to appraise her of the incoming cops, finally concluding with a question and an offer. "How close are you to having her patched up, and is there anything I can do to help?"

Bieta listens in the darkness as it seems to her like the cries of the crowd are moving further away. She lowers the brick and turns around to find blackness between herself and the door to the cafe. "Oh Lord, how am I supposed to get back inside the store now?" She can hear sirens approaching off in the distance. "G*d, I could really use your help right now." About that time, the dark fog dissapates and Bieta can see the door again. She looks back over her shoulder to see Roger and gives him a look before the sirens remind her standing out front of the store with a brick in her hand probably was not the best place to be. Bieta darts back inside the store.

Roger turns around and strides back in to the store like that was all him. Cocky bastard. "Mia? Can I get a coffin brownie and a mocha," he asks pleasantly with a head bob. Yeah, it ain't no thang. Just single handedly went out there to break up a mob is all (no you didn't, Roger). The bruiser isn't unconcerned about Anyu, he just knows where his skillset lies and it is NOT in first aid. Last aid, maybe. Collecting the mocha and brownie from a traumatized Mia, he heads over to his preferred cushioned seat, checking it for broken glass before sitting down.

In the kitchen:

"I got this, unless you have the healing gift," Kaati murmurs. She still kneels by the prone form of Anyu. The small woman resumes her soft chanting, now and then an English word coming through the rolling syllables of an entirely different tongue. With her free hand, she reaches into the big messenger bag next to her and tugs a knife from its sheath; she swipes it across her left forearm without breaking her chant or the pressure on Anyu's head wound. A thin line of blood wells up between the graceful lines of tattooed script on the shaman's arm.

Aerik is still in somewhat of a shocked state as things start to die down, he turns and slips into the kitchen to see if he can offer help there.

xxxxxAs the Fog lifts, the front of the store looks like a mess. There is glass shattered everywhere, and outside on the street there are dropped bricks, and there is ONE body on the ground, still smouldering, quite dead. There are a few others still stumbling away, obviously having been beaten up by the bums who came in to just beat people down.

Blodskadi Ulwin begins to put on latex gloves from a plastic baggy as he lays out bandages, stiches and some other things. He takes out some sort of cleaning cloth which he doses in alchohol as he goes to clean the wound, gently moving Kaati's hand if possible thats over the wound before going back to grab needle and thread to stich the wound closed.

Phillipe shakes his head. "Not the one you would know," he answers, voice low and quiet. "And I don't think Anyu would particularly appreciate waking up to my licking her forehead." It's one of those jokes really only he and Kaati can enjoy at present - and how much either of them can enjoy it in the aftermath of this clusterfuck is really debatable. But what Phillipe //does// know is True Magick when he sees it, and has enough awareness of what those rules are that he reaches for Blod at the sound of those gloves. "Someone is going to need to talk to the police, Blod. You work here, they'll listen to you long enough for us to get Anyu back on her feet. Can you handle that?"

And from the other room, there is a crash, then a second one and then someone is pushed forcefully through to the kitchen from the storage room and goes sprawling, landing flat on his face, because his hands are cuffed behind his back. Then, in comes Tae-il, gun drawn, sight set on the dude who probably just lost a couple of teeth. He also has little tazer prongs sticking out of his back and the long wire tails sort of just falling through the air, almost in slow motion. But the guy STILL tries to get up and Tae goes down to put a knee in the guy's back. Tae takes in the room with a quick sweep. Just the briefest glance. His shirt is torn, he has a long, bleeding scratch on his face and he's probably going to have a black eye. "I said don't fucking move." Cop voice. Assertive. Authority.

Anyu remains unconcious for now, having been knocked out quite soundly by that brick to the head.

xxxxxIn the distance, the sirens are getting closer, they will be here -very- shortly. WEEEWOOOO WEEEWOOOO WEEEWOOOOO

Kaati's chanting *does* falter a moment, as she looks over her shoulder to the cop bursting in. She blinks at Tae-il, and returns her attention to Anyu. "Hold the pressure for me," she says to Phillipe, giving him a swift grateful look. "I'll poultice it."

After looking around the shop upstairs and the greenhouse without finding Kasia, Bieta heads back towards the kitchen. She sees Tae-il seem to come out of nowhere with a man he throws onto the kitchen floor and Bieta leans up against the opposite wall of the hallway in the doorway of the kitchen saying, "How did he get in here?"

Roger is behaving so well. Yes indeed, officer. Why he's seated and sipping coffee while nibbling a brownie like nothing in the world is wrong. The picture of a good citizen. Yup. Nothing to see here.

Aerik is in the kitchen for now, looking between Blod and Kaati curiously as they do their best to help Anyu

"I'm the fucking police, Bieta. I'm goddamn everywhere." Tae-il says blandly. Then Dude lifts his head a little and squirms and Tae just digs his knee into his spine, blinking a little blood from his eye where it drips down and YELLS for the people in the other room to hear. "Guys, it's TAE! Cops will be here in a minute. Everyone just sit down and make sure they can see your hands when they walk in!"

Blodskadi Ulwin looks up at Phil with a shaky nod, the adredline wearing off along with what else was effecting his mind as his eyes micro twitch. He gets his coat on as Tae comes in, he flinches before heading for the main room, nodding at the advice. Which he does in the main room with Roger and Mia.

xxxxxThe police have arrived! There are flashing lights everywhere and doors thumping as police get out of cars and slam doors. Then there's a lot of chatter and since the Witches Brew isn't that far from a hospital, an AMBULANCE is heard in the distance and several police officers in RIOT Gear come up to the store front in a rush. "EVERYBODY put their hands up and kneel on the ground!" They pause in the entryway with their shields up and looks around slowly. "Is anybody hurt?" The lead guy calls out as they all enter. One looks at Roger, "Sir, we're going to need you to give a statement as to what happened here." Some officers NOT in riot gear follow these guys in and begin to spread out. There are at least SIX police in here now. Not including Tae. Once they have situated that nobody here is a threat, they let them get up and sit again but it's a tense few minutes.

Blod and Mia and whomever else is in the front room will also get the warning, "We'll need you to give a statement."

Phillipe's hands are definitely easy to spot. He's got them exactly where Kaati tells him to have them - putting consistent pressure on the wound while she works. He's definitely kneeling on the ground, but his hands have to stay where they are. Hopefully whatever police make it this far back will be able to assess that pressure on an open wound is more important than the letter of the law there.

"I was not talking about you, Tae-il. Kasia hid and I can not find her anywhere," says Bieta. "I came back here to see if she might have gone downstairs where we hold the bookclub to hide." Bieta looks down at the brick in her hand and says, "I probably should do someth8ing with this."

Tae-il announces himself from the kitchen and notes that he is armed and calls out his badge number. They know it, surely. Bieta is completely ignored, though his teeth can actually be heard grinding together. Kids in danger. Pisses him off.

Kaati's knife has, happily, been returned to the bag. "She's okay, I think," she murmurs to Phillipe.

Roger rolls his eyes and sets down his coffee and brownie to kneel, which really he doesn't feel should have been necessary but whatever. Riot police, man. They have NO chill. Once he can sit again, he gets up and does so, sipping at his mocha. "Yup," the bruiser replies to the query of the written statement. He actually managed to be NOT one of the violent ones here, so he waits until someone gives him a pad of paper to start writing down an edited version of the events that conveniently skips over the dark cloud, the worshipping of him specifically, and he totally didn't see a lightning bolt come down but he heard a loud crack so why that guy's electrocuted on the street is anyone's guess? Yeah, that's the ticket.

Blodskadi Ulwin would immediantly hit the ground with hands behind head, like a routine before standing up and giving a very altered but realistic verbal statement that dosn't make him nor anyone sound like any criminal activity nor harm to others were done, along with him not sounding crazy. After which he sits down and looks stunned because he is stunned as he holds his head to get around what he just witnessed.

Anyu, who has been laying on the floor, unconcious, with blood seeping out of her head, looks a LOT better after Kaati is through with her. Her eyes blink open and she'll flutter awake, sitting up JUST as the cops come in asking for hands and searching folks. THen things just start to get red-tape and paperworky, asking for statements, taking in custody of the 'perp' Tae caught, etc.

Kaati gets some more supplies out of her bag, giving Philippe a look and co-opting his help in a very quick binding of the wound. Kaati whispers "Please refuse medical care. I've taken care of it and um. People saw, so."

Once the cops come through and the gun is pointed at Tae - because he's armed - regardless of announcing himself, Tae moves the gun out to the side and lays it down. Guns are lowered. "About time you scrubs showed up. THere's a kid in here somewhere." He describes Kasia in a way that only a cop would. "This guy was in the back, with a homemade bomb. My fingerprints are all over it." He gives more details that, again, only a cop would notice or whatever, leaving out anything bizarre or unnatural.

Also, "Nah, Bieta. Just keep holding onto it. Raise it a little higher too." That's Tae. Being a dick. He thinks Bieta should drop it.

Bieta gives Tae-il a look and says, "this is not the time." She offers the brick to Tae-il. We do not know who threw that through the front window but this brick is what hit Anyu in the head."

"She's *okay*," Kaati says quickly, looking over her shoulder to Tae-il. "It wasn't as bad as it looked."

Roger finishes his statement with a bored expression and hands it off to the nearest officer before going back to his brownie and mocha. Once Anyu's up and about, then he'll wander over to her. "Hey Trouble," he remarks with a smirk. "Just had to try to catch that brick with your face so we'd all worry about you. Sheesh."

Aerik will give his statement, claiming to have not seen much after the brick was thrown through the window. He tells the officer that he went into the kitchen to assist with taking care of Anyu

Anyu will nod to Kaati and smiles at her. "Thank you hon..", she'll whisper and reach up to gently touch her bloody, but now healed head (and bandaged). Of course, the medics come and immediately head to her, to see how hurt she is, but she'll get up and smile, "I just scratched myself, I'm okay. No really.. seriously. I'm fine, thank you though, I've been treated by a licensed practitioner already, yes thank you... Anybody else hurt?", she'll try to deflect. Anyu is standing now, the cops are swarming, and she's looking a little flumoxed, she has no idea what has happened, so she'll stand to the side and watch with wide eyes. Seeing Roger, she'll sigh and say, "I didn't see it at all.. we'll have to talk later, and please let me know what happpened... I don't remember a thing." Yep, Anyu's a little dazed as she looks around, and waits for things to settle and the cops to go. A lot has to be handled though, since there is a dead body outside.

"Careful," Kaati murmurs. She stays at Anyu's side, unless ordered otherwise by the cops.

Blodskadi Ulwin will stay outside, not wanting to make the cops more suspicious of them then they already were, but he does check to make sure everyone is alright in there before sitting down and focusing on the table, obviously trying not to loss his cool as he stays out of the way. Cops are cops. EMTS are EMTs. And Tae is banged up pretty good, but he moves out of the way a little, toward Anyu. He brushes off an EMT to check on Anyu. "You okay?" Tae gives his statement too. Perfectly legit. Saw dude coming around back, went to investigate, made an arrest. He might have actually called it in half a second before they got the call from whomever, too. He's a good cop. He knows the rules. He knows where to fudge if he has to, but really.. he didn't see anything, so he doesn't have to lie about it.

Anyu nods at Kaati and stays fairly still even if she's perfectly healed. She still moves slowly, just in case. You know, she has to look somewhat injured. She'll look over at Tae and frowns, "Oh my goodness, what happened to YOU Tae?" Then she pauses to listens and learns what happened and she'll just look shell-shocked. "A bomb? Are you kidding me?" This is about the time Anyu has to go sit down, so she will wander toward the front and sits in a chair while the police search downstairs and upstairs, to make sure all is clear. They most likely will find Kasia in the process unless she's left the premesis. To Tae, anyu will say quietly, "Yeah I'm fine now... thanks." Anyu's story to the cops would be a brick hit her in the head and she got knocked out.

Aerik follows Anyu out into the main room and finds a seat of his own. Watching as the cops go about their business.

Roger sits patiently, waiting for things to calm down. When cops start leaving, he mentions, "Hey, Mia? Since your boss took a wallop to the noggin, maybe you could start cleaning up here?" Wow, what a dick. He doesn't even work here. Thinking about that fact, he sighs and adds, "Gimme a broom and I'll help." Because broken glass sucks.

Blodskadi Ulwin having already given his story, waves as people come out "Ok?" he asks, a gutteral sound as he looks towards Aerik and Anyu hopefully as he glances towards Roger and Mia as they get to work. But not daring to move as the fuzz is still here.

Tae-il shakes his head. "No ma'am," Tae says, still quite formally in Work mode. The EMTs bug the shit out of Tae until he sits too and lets them look him over. Scratch on the face, maybe some bruised ribs, all that fun stuff. Also, "There's a pit bull pup upstairs. Don't scare him," he tells one of the cops and he winces just a little bit as one of the EMTs poke at his ribs. Tae's floor guy is indeed hurt but that's what happens when you resist arrest - you get cuffed and your face gets slammed against the wal and then the floor.

Kaati picks up on THAT word, the second time around. She stares at Anyu, and then in turn at Tae-il. "Sacred stars," she whispers. Then her forehead creases as she studies the cop. "You okay?"

Mia, who was shell-shocked as well, hops to it as she hears Roger and nods rapidly. "Oh yes, oh yes.. I could do that." She grabs a broom and begins to sweep up glass carefully, while the police tag and bag evidence, bricks left outside, etc. They're efficient, but this will likely take HOURS, literally, and then people will be able to leave. During those hours, Anyu will remain seated for the most part, letting the poor, traumatized Mia do most of the cleanup with Roger's help (aww). Watching Tae get patched up, Anyu will make careful note of where he appears to wince, or whatnot, obviously planning to do something later. Then to Roger, she'll smile, "Rog, you're nice... I'm sorry that you got caught up in this." She'll pause and look at everyone else sadly. "I'm sorry everyone." Bummed, totally bummed. Violence sucks. And now she has to fix a front window, tonight with board.

Kasia is found hiding downstairs under one of the sofas. Bieta waits for the officers to bring her Kasia. Once they are allowed to do so, mother and daughter would go back into the store and offer to help Anyu clean up the mess.

Tae-il at least mostly cooperates with the EMTs, but he isn't leaving. He gets up to get Anyu something to drink. And he's limping JUST a little bit, and holds a hand across his ribs on one side. "Yeah, don't ever apologize for assholes like that again." His voice is actually a little stern. "No sorries. Not for this." Then he's on the phone, making a couple of phone calls, off in the corner. Little bits might be heard.

Tae-il mutters to itself, "... It's Tae.... I just... to... your... had... bad.... sure she... all... stuff.... you... with... car... with... insurance... It's just... deal... you'll... about... want you... okay?..."

Kaati returns to the kitchen to get her things, before anyone gets curious about that messenger bag.

Blodskadi Ulwin after a moment, he'll get up and help, but he's very slow in his movements, being careful with the glass, getting anything. Just slow his eyes don't really flick, just look at things slowly. After he gets down helping he would sit down and look towards Roger, then Phillipe if he comes out, and Kaati, then the scene before looking back in front of him towards a chair, looking if not anything shell shocked like any mortal.

Roger helps sweep up the mess, and boy is that a lot of glass, and has it set aside in a plastic tote. Better that than in a garbage bag where shards can tear in to it, yes? Yes. They're thrown out and then Roger goes out to get some plywood and nails.

Aerik moves closer to where Anyu is, he looks her over a moment as if attempting to assess her situation. Seeing she appears to be fine he says something quietly to her.

Aerik whispers "I take it from your look earlier that we have somethig to talk about later?"

Kaati just pitches in where she can, keeping a concerned eye on *Roger* of all people.

About an hour later, a couple of dudes show up and just start boarding up the windows. Tae says nothing, but he does look relieved when they show up. He smiles at Anyu and then will get up and help with whatever needs helping with, including keeping the cops busy, though officially, he's on brief medical leave.

Bieta walks over to Blod and says, "Please, take a seat. We will help you with this mess. Just try to relax." Kasia walks over to Mia and says, "can I help clean up the mess?"

Kaati watches Roger go, and then blinks as she hears Kasia's voice. Then she turns and stares at Bieta in frank disbelief.

Blodskadi Ulwin simple nods after a moment at looking at Bieta as he goes to take a seat. He sits down and looks around before taking a breath and holding his head in his hands "I'm sorry this happened Anyu." he says with out making eye contact and stares at the table for a moment, almost like he's lost in thought.

Anyu will mostly sit there awhile looking shell-shocked, it's her first time dealing directly with hate-crimes against her personally. So she's in lala land. After the cops finally leave, and the dudes board up her windows, Anyu will look over at Aerik and nods quietly to him. "Let's talk... tomorrow. Tomorrow we'll be closed.", she says officially. Then to Mia and then Kasia and Bieta, "I think it's time for everyone to just go home, and... again I'm sorry. Go home nad love your loved ones, and spend time with them.." She'll give a pointed look to Kasia and Bieta and then sighs as she looks over at Kaati, "Thank you Kaati..", she'll say softly, "For everything." Of course, Roger gets another thank you, and then Anyu will say, "I think I'm gona go upstairs now... Blod you can sleep on the couch if you want.. you too Aerik if you want.."

Tae-il looks up as well, brow arched, then looks around at the.. carnage.. and then over to Anyu, up to Kaati and then over to Bieta again and starts to say SOMETHING, but then Anyu speaks and he nods, rising. "Everyone out. Come on." He shoos people toward the door.

Bieta notices Kaati's look but before she can say anything, Anyu speaks. Bieta nods and she says, "I will need to call a cab to drive Kasia and me home. My suburban was vandalized night before last." Bieta looks at Aerik. "I would like to wait for the taxi inside if I may."

Blodskadi Ulwin nods after standing as he heads for the basement slowly, blinking as he heads towards the door to the basement before entering.

Aerik pushes off and shakes his head, he smiles to Anyu. "I am gonna give them a lift home." he indicates Bieta and her daughter. "I will be back soon." he pauses, "That is if you want a lift?" he asks Bieta.

"Thank you, Aerik. Yes. I would appreciate that. I think it will make things easier on Anyu since she wants to lock up the store." Bieta says. Bieta looks at Kasia and says, "Kasia, it is time to go. We can come back in a couple of days." Kasia looks at everyone and says, "alright." Kasia goes over to her mother. Bieta looks at Aerik and says, "lead the way."

Kaati looks over to Anyu, a touch of worry still in her eyes. She murmurs something to Tae-il, quietly.