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Name's Irsa Rawlins. I don't got a lot of time to stand here dealin' with your sorry ass, so I'll keep this short and sweet. Might surprise you to know I'm a Theurge, despite all this size. I got the moon I got, and I ain't complaining about it. I'm tough, I got Rat on my side, and claws and fangs of my own.

I was born and raised in Los Angeles up in the Sept of Shattered Stone, in the tent cities and homeless encampments my people call home. Ain't willing to give you all my personals: it's enough for you to know that my momma raised me, her sister was the Garou of her generation, and my aunt's daughter Mariah and I were brought up together. Mariah's son, Josef, is six now, but he's not gonna be the one who pops into the war-form one day. It'll be Mariah's daughter when she's ready to have one. In my family only the women Kinfolk are the ones having Garou kids. Don't know why, don't care honestly. That's the way Gaia set it up, and that's good enough for me.

All the scars you see me wearing come from battle. My first pack was Rat's Rage, and they're still kicking around. I moved to Prospect 'cause Los Angeles is a hell-hole, the single worst place to be Garou in the U.S. Leeches run in packs up there, the local Glasswalkers are Weaver-ridden pieces of shit, and ain't no one coming to help out a bunch of urrah without a caern. The Bonegnawers and Uktena are the ones keeping the city safe, and we're spread thin enough as is. The family thought it'd be smart if some of us spread out, so we don't all get snapped up in the Wyrm's coils. If that ain't a survival strategy I don't know what is. So here we are: me, Mariah and Josef. That's all we need, and all we're gonna need.

If you see me around, I'll be busting my ass dealing with the local spirits, scouting out Weaver and Wyrm-taint, or prepping art installations on the streets. Sometimes all three. Ain't got a use for cops, the government, and even less for most apes running around on Gaia's skin. Too many are cowards, got no spine to speak of, and are too willing to turn a blind eye to all the suffering around them. Well, I ain't. I'm coming for ya, Wyrmspawn. And I'm bringing all my Rage with me.

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Vampires: Kill them. Kill them all.

Fera: You fucked up, Garou Nation.

Mages: Caerns ain't for sucking dry, shit stains.

Changelings: Only met a couple, and I don't wanna meet more.

Wraiths: Fuck around and find out.

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Journey: One of the first Garou I met here, my serious and respected mentor. He says he expects to die soon. I don't know how to deal with that.

Mercy's Messenger: Iris is totally wise and insane, best Umbral explorer bar none. A great mentor and friend. Her mate and son are 100% awesome.

Branton : The smartest dude I've ever met, and a total bad-ass.

Acacia : Held shit together for the Tribe when the last leader up and bailed.

Lorna: Girl, I love ya to death, but that dog needs to chill. Beer?

Jackie: Smart-ass Oracle in a shiny rolling box. Good job on getting that bad-ass spear and the Snatch n' Grab van.

Rhapsody: Mystic for our pack. She's also a student of Mercy's Messenger, and we even ran our Fostern challenge together. I gotta lot of respect for her and her skills.

Pandora: Damn good baker with her own sound track. Don't piss her off, she'll break into your house and fuck with all your shit.

Trey: Now this is a sharp dude. Curious, smart, know his business. He's packed with my Mentor now, they're a hell of a team.

George: A brother who knows all the best ways to kill Leeches. Solid.

Evonna: Smart wolves get good advice from smart Valkyr before they do something stupid. Plus, she likes art. Win win.

Alessio: He's got guns that're bigger than me. Straight-up, solid wolf.

Stephen: Watching his challenge was one of the most amazing and bittersweet things I've ever seen.

Aurora: A true healer willing to make difficult sacrifices.

Finn: Not an idiot, and very competent, which is more than I can say for most of his kin.

Erin : Generous and kind, hella addicted to secrets. I got none I can share without breaking a Ban and losing it all.

Bryan : I used to have a lot of respect for this man.

Kierik: Only seen this dude one time before we finally met. I dunno why everyone thinks his folk and mine are automatically cool 'cus we share the same Mommma. She's War and Rage. But hey, he was pretty chill, so was I, and we both parted with an understanding.

Akio: First Fera I ever met. Noodle Wolf. Member of my pack once. I don't know if he's alive or dead.

Reno: Punishment's done, hiding away does nothing for Gaia.

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Full Name: Irsa Rawlins

Rite Name: Hammer-Tooth

Date of Birth: 01-04-2003

Occupation: Street Artist & Activist

Apparent Age: Early Twenties

Height: 6'5"

Weight: 240 lbs.

Heritage: Black/Hispanic

Nature: Defender

Demeanor: Curmudgeon

Breed: Homid

Auspice: Theurge

Tribe: Bone Gnawer

Camp: The Swarm

Rank: Adren (Rank 3)

Pack: Mistseekers (Alpha)

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