2022.10.03: Leech Smoosh

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Leech Smoosh
Miguel called in Mistseekers (and friends!) to help smoosh a cabin full of Vampires and their minions.
IC Date October 3rd, 2022
Players Miguel ST, Iris, Irsa, Jackie, Rhapsody
Location Cabin
Spheres Gaian, Fera, Garou

It was early evening when Miguel sent word to Irsa, a note borne by one of his kinfolk (a young hispanic woman in khakis and a polo shirt with the mark of 'Kitten-Itza great cat sanctuary' on it). The note had an address and the words 'Leeches to squash If you'd care to join'.

Mercy's just lucky enough to be hanging around with her favorite Theurges And Friends when the note comes to Irsa. Not that she gets all up in her business and tries to read it or anything! But she's got a "Hi!" for the delivery kinfolk and a wave, and possibly also dried fruit to offer for a snack on the return trip.

Irsa reads over the notes and looks around at the group. It's a been a long, crappy night, and this is a welcome break. "Hell yeah. Ya'll wanna go tear up some Leeches?" she asks the group. "I ain't done that since I left L.A."

Rhapsody arrives after receiving word of this get together. She is all ready to go tonight, bringing her usual outfit of items for a raid. "Here I was, thinking it would be a quiet night in. Leech smooshing sounds much more fun. Thanks and blessing for the invite."

Jackie raises an eyebrow at the others, looking a little nervous. "Isn't fighting vampires a bit dangerous? For me, at least?"

"Hooray! Tearing up deathly abberations!" Mercy says, apparently entirely on board with things. "I don't think I've got any specifically fun toys for this, BUT, that just makes things more challenging! Oh wait. CAN I go? Cause like, I'm an Elder and I don't wanna just like straight horn in on your good time or anything with my ULTIMATE COSMIC POWAH! or whatever." she asks while digging around in her bag. She adds to Jackie, "OH! I'll be your body guard! Perfect way to join and also not get in the way!" But she looks to Irsa and Pandora there, cause like, weird chains of command and stuff.

Irsa checks her gear. "Might be, but they got one thing goin' against 'em -- we run in packs, you got a spear, or should by now." She waves at Mercy. "And that. I warned ya, sometimes you're gonna have t' fight if ya get cornered. Leeches can be nasty, but nasty as fomori or materialized banes. Nice spot t' get your feet wet."

Jackie looks a bit chagrined, looking at the spot against the wall where she'd keep her spear, if she had one. "Well, I was going to get a spear, but last time I was at Walmart I realized it wouldn't fit in my car, so..."

Rhapsody grins to Jackie, "I mean, spears are a bit unwieldy to carry in a car. But I'm sure we can find you something to fight with. We'll have to work on getting you something more portable and retractable. And with Mercy's Messenger'rhya with us, you'll be super safe from these things. Not just with us, while we'd certainly watch out for you."

Irsa lets out a low growl of annoyance. "Jackie, we're gonna have a talk after this. For now, let's head over an' see what Miguel's got in mind, far as leeches go." And then she's off, heading towards the address that was passed on.

"Hooray! Body guarding!" Mercy is thrilled just to be included, definitely the sort that gets giddy over a participation award. She follows as they lead the way to wherever Miguel is, picking some talens out of her purse on the way.

Jackie stands up and cracks her neck, then her knuckles. "Alright then, let's do this."

The address is on a rural road, and as the group approaches they see a pick up truck with the same logo as on the delivery kin's shirt. There is a bit of a roll to the land and there's some scrubby ground cover but no real trees worth the name. There is also a large Miguel leaning against the truck and looking off down the road (opposite the way you're approaching from) with a pair of binoculars.

Irsa keeps low and out of sight as the pack approaches. Miguel's probably not taking partial cover for no reason, right? "Pst," she says quietly, once she's near enough. "Got th' invite. What's th' situation?"

Jackie stays behind the pack, taking Irsa's lead and slinking quietly along with them.

Rhapsody keeps quiet and behind Irsa. Waiting for orders and information on what they are to do.

Mercy waves at Miguel as they draw near, and hangs back with Jackie at the rear of the group. She offers the woman a bow she pulls out of thin air and says, "Here, maybe this will be handy. I'll manage the ammo so I can activate it, if you're fine with that." Team work!

Miguel turns and grins at the approach of the group and he speaks quietly "There is a cabin over that hill, you can make out the glow of its lights if your eyes are keen. In the cabin is a group of three leeches and six of their minions. The tracking done indicated they came from the south and are likely planning to move out soon." Turning to address Iris specifically "Good evening elder, It is likely not much of a Hunt but you are welcome to join us. My original thought was to move around the edges of the attack and make sure none of the enemy escape, perhaps I'll take one flank while you take the other?"

"Oh I'm just here to hand her arrows and make sure no one stabs her." Mercy tells Miguel, a jedi hand wave and a smile for his apologies and all."

Irsa kneels down on the ground and sketches out a rough map, based on the info Miguel's given. "Got it. How many ways in an' outta that cabin? An' how many vehicles on th' property?" she asks the Balam.

Jackie looks at the bow, then smiles up at Mercy with gratitude and answers while keeping her voice low. "Uh, sure, I think I can manage that, thanks."

Rhapsody hmms, "Sounds like we need to approach from more than one side at least. Just incase they can you know... come through windows or doors or walls. Whatever they can do. And ranged attacks may be good. Fire Arrows would be helpful about now. Assuming Fire works yes? I have not fought them before."

Miguel nods at Irsa and provides more intel "Two cars. both by the front entrance. windows on all four walls and a back door."

"Just use it like a normal old bow, the ammo's the magic part this time." Mercy says to Jackie, so she doesn't have to worry about trying to use a fetish or anything. She watches the map making and the planning, though her job is already settled it still helps to know the overall plan. JUST in case something goes sideways.

Irsa nods at Rhapsody. "For real. We can summon up Aelous' Curse ta blind 'em to our approach. We'll see them, they won't see us. Pretty sure th' Elders here got ways a' not being affected by it. Rhapsody, ya wanna call on our Totem for that?" It's good to be the pack's mystic! Irsa listens to Miguel's intel and grins at Jackie. "Wanna disable some Leech's cars?" she asks her. "We can cover ya while ya do that, then move in on th' exits. One Shifter, plus one, on each."

Jackie slips a pocket knife out of her jacket. "If we're going for quick and easy, this'll handle the tires once we get in close."

Rhapsody nods to Irsa. "I will do that." She looks around the area, and steps aside so she can call upon Aeolus to gof it all up!

Rhapsody calls upon Aelous and it takes a minute before they all can see the fog starting to form. It becomes thick and eerie as it rolls in to cover the whole area.

Mercy shifts to crinos, but crouches down to walk more or less on all fours so that she's not doing any towering or anything, fog or no fog. Funny enough she's not immune to the fog at all, though the enhanced senses will help with that. She keeps her quiver slung across her torso though, in front, so she can whip arrows out to activate and hand over where needed.

Jackie sticks close to Mercy, taking the bow and testing the pull of it to make sure she's strong enough to bend it before lowering it by her side and following the fog in towards their goal.

Irsa murmurs thanks to the pack's totem in the spirit speech and shifts into war-form, keeping low to the ground as she slinks through the fog. Her burning amber gaze is fixed on the cabin, but her ears are perked up and listening for signs of an ambush.

Rhapsody shifts into her war form, and takes out her hilt. Not activating just yet (because sounds!) but she is ready. Staying within the fog, Protector-of-Hope makes her way toward the cabin - a couple yards apart from Irsa.

Miguel gets his hammer out of the truck and says "I will circle the fog if you can keep it to the area around the cabin. And remain vigilant for anyone trying to escape. Like the game my kinfolk showed me but with Leeches instead of moles. Good hunting." Before padding off into the night.

Mercy follows like a boss! A big, black furred boss at the back of the group!

Jackie crouches down next to the first car, flipping open her knife and jabbing it into the weakest part of the sidewall of a front tire, and pushing down on the handle to lever the gash open. With a quick look to the cabin to watch for signs that the sound of escaping air was noticed, she heads towards the second car.

Protector-of-Hope crawls closer and closer to the cabin through the fog. Keeping a mindful eye on where her pack is, and otherwise watching the cabin for any movement. They have the element of surprise at least.

Hammer-Tooth keeps sneaking forward, steering the group towards the vehicles and covering the ever-stabby Jackie. What a violent person the Fenrir Kinfold is! She's so proud. Vehicle one down, and on to the next.

Though Jackie's busy murdering tires, Mercy stays right by her side, at at some point in her work on that car, she slides an arrow out of her quiver and holds it very delicately in her big clawed hands. That's gonna be needed soon, so she figures why not skip a step and just get it ready, even going so far as to channel some mojo in there to have its spirit active and ready to rock.

The Cars are parked a good fifteen feet from the cabin and between the conjured fog and the group's sneaking none of the vampires or their minions seem to have noticed them. There is light and shadows visible through the windows, but nothing very clear. Between the glass being filthy and the curtains...also being filthy. There does seem to be one shadow staying mostly still near the door but inside the cabin and peering out.

Hammer-Tooth speaks to her packmates over their pack link. >> Spread out, one exit each. I will take the front, Rhapsody the rear. Jackie, take the window on the left with Mercy. When I count to three, get ready. I am going to scratch at the front door and hide in the fog. If one comes out, I will ambush them and drag them out of sight. The others will probably panic and start shooting, so take cover."

Hammer-Tooth adds, >> Let Mercy know, Jackie. <<

Protector-of-Hope begins her crawl quietly to the rear of the cabin, replying on the pack link, >> Heading there now. I will be ready. << She goes slowly to be sure she does not make a sound.

Jackie whispers to Mercy, staying real quiet as she takes cover where she can see the left side of the house. "We're on the window on the left. I'm gonna probably need that arrow once Irsa starts the party."

Mercy leans in and swivels an ear so Jackie can murmur to her. Once she's got the skinny, Mercy nods to Jackie and hands her the readied arrow she's got. Prepared to act as partial cover for Jackie, she slips out another arrow to read it as well. In all fairness, the arrows look pretty brittle and a little janky with some splits in their shafts. Maybe she doesn't take good enough care of her stuff!

Hammer-Tooth flattens herself until she's slithering forward on her belly. It's nightmare fuel for someone out there in the world. She keep herself out of view to one side of the door, and reaches out a clawed hand to scratch ever-so lightly at the base of the door, like a cat begging to be let in. She melts back into the fog, watching and waiting to strike.

Protector-of-Hope gets into position, and gets her hilt in hand/paw/whatever. Under the cover of the fog, she'll activate it with her Gnosis, and the sizzzzzzle of the lightsaber comes to life. She's ready if they come.

When Irsa scratches at the door after everyone is in position the curtain on the window next to the door flicks aside and a grumpy sounding exchange ensues but then the door opens and the sentry comes out to investigate. So far no one is looking out the other windows.

Hammer-Tooth is terrorizing the hell out of poor innocent ghouls, the big meanie. She hurls her first victim at two ghouls who come out looking for their buddy, sending the body sailing into one and stunning him. A series of claws strikes takes them out just as a third ghoul tries to run outside and shoot her. It's a shame when Protector-of-Hope slices him in half with her lightsaber, but these things happen.

Mercy didn't tell anyone what those janky lookin arrows did before hand on purpose, and she genuinely hopes the woman feels like a badass after shooting actual sun-fire balls at a monster and setting it on fire. And you know, it IS a bit difficult to sit there in crinos and NOT tear something's head off, but really, hippy-werewolf is okay. Sure, sometimes you gotta set your own face on fire and just be like "Nu uh.", and that's pretty satisfying. That and seeing a young pack of Maidens having fun with death and destruction for a good cause. That makes the whole thing totally worth while.

Protector-of-Hope waits for the right moment and upon seeing a figure in the window and a shotgun, and hearing the commotion in the front of the cabin, she takes her opportunity. Rising quickly up with her lightsaber, she makes her STRIKE! WOOOSH! CRACK! SHATTER! DED. The lightsaber runs right through the air, through the window and THROUGH the figure standing with the shotgun - but NOT for long. She jumps through the now broken window of death, and bring death again! With another of these tweedledums going after Hammer-Tooth, she swoops in and slices again with another WOOSH! DEATH.

One of the vampires runs off into the fog and there is a thunderous CRASHCRONCHBOOM not long after. With all the enemies dispatched the fog is lifted and Miguel comes walking up with his hammer over his shoulder and the head coated in gore "That went well. You all alright?"

Hammer-Tooth makes sure these human thralls are dead by snapping their necks. That usually kills most people. She ducks around the corner to check on Jackie and growls with surprise as she spots a monstrous, dead Leech. She drags the body out with the others so the others can admire the Kinfolk's kill. She checks all the Wyrmspawn's pockets after shrinking down to her homid form. "Yeah, we're fine," she tells Miguel. "Not even a scratch. We should check inside, see if they left anythin' behind. I'd like ta know what these Leeches were doin' here. But, and this is huge -LOOK WHAT JACKIE DID!" she points right at the dead Leech.

Bones snap and break, shrinking and shaping into a new form. The creature before you becomes a dark, scarred woman.

Mercy turns off her head! Or snuffs out her head. Whichever makes more sense. She stays in crinos though, having a good look around juuuuust in case there's a Dracula or something hiding under a table or in a closet. Assuming all's well there, she asks, >>Who's doin the Cleansing tonight?<< while she goes over to headbutt Miguel. But nicely, cause she's bigger than him for once. At Irsa's praise, she backs it up, saying, >>I never touched it, I just did shield duty, so it's all her.<<

Bones crack, fur drops. What was a monster, is now a Rhapsody again.

Rhapsody reverts to her breed form and looks around at the hacked up leeches and their spawn. "We did good. I just wish Pandora could have made it. But we did great." She looks to Miguel and his gorey hammer. "Good job everyone! Especially Jackie!" She says to Iris' question, "I can lead it, unless you would like to?"

"And Akio," Irsa puts in. She makes a face as she spits out a wad of flesh stuck between her teeth. "Ugh. Naaaaasty," she grumbles.

Miguel is totally fine with the headbutt, homid's not his breed form so he's durable enough. With a grin he adds "There will always be more. They come north to make trouble once I heard a group talking about attacking other leeches."

Mercy waves a clawd black hand, >>Take the renown of the moment for yourselves.<< she assures, and once she's sure there's no lastminute jump scare waiting, she shrinks down to homid as well, and gets her bow back from Jackie. Once she's got that, she'll search around the cabin and cars, lookin for interesting loots while cleansing is going on.

Rhapsody takes out a bottle of water, and then a clear water talen and hands them both to Irsa. "Here, swish and spit the water. Then drink this one down. It will help." She agrees, "Yes, and Akio. I'm sure he would have enjoyed this too. Next time? Especially if they are coming back." A nod to Iris, "A wise choice."

Irsa practically gargles with that water, that taste in her mouth is that bad. She spits the stuff off to one side and does it again before finally drinking the rest down. "Ugh. These dudes are naaaasty."

Miguel nods sagely at Irsa as he brings his hammer down to clean off "That is one of the reasons I like my hammer so much. Some things just aren't nice to bite."

Rhapsody loses one Magical Essence
Rhapsody loses one Magical Essence
<---======##====================[ Dice Roll ]=====================##======--->
Rhapsody rolls Charisma + Rituals vs 5 for 6 successes.
2 2 3 +5 +7 +7 +8 +10 +10

"We should invent, like... Battle Dental Dams." Mercy suggests while looking around and trying not to get her bare feet in anything too gross.

Growing taller and larger, standing up on hind legs, this grey and white monster howls as it comes out and ready for action.

Protector-of-Hope takes out her implements for the Rite of Cleansing, and then shifts back to her crinos form for it. She begins her dance around the place, howling to send the Wyrm away! Expending her gnosis while she banishes the corruption from these leeches that was left with their decaying corpses.

"Bet th' Glass Walkers got shit like that," Irsa says to Mercy. "Probably like, a non-stick coatin' sprayed onta their fangs." She nods towards the pile of dead people." Didn't find anythin' on 'em. How was inside, anythin' intel-like?" She shivers as that lingering taint is dispelled. "Thanks, Rhapsody."

Mercy shakes her headand pushesher glasses into place, "Nope, not that I saw. Hey, if you know a guy who knows a guy, you could probably repurpose or sell these cars, even if it's just to a wrecking yard. Net a few bucks." she tells Irsa.