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The heart of man is very much like the sea, it has its storms, its tides, and its depths; it has its pearls too.
- Vincent Van Gogh


xxxxxA local girl and the daughter of a science teacher and a lab technician, Marina has spent most of her life here in Prospect, leaving only on the occasional vacation or to go protest some environmental issue somewhere. In her third year at UC Prospect, Marina is quite devoted to her studies of the environment and to protection of the same. While a little bookish, she can get downright hot headed over her activism at times.


  • Boat Tours Marina has just started up a boat tour company, where she takes tourists (or locals) on a two hour boat trip to view whales, seals and sea lions, with a heavy focus on educating her guests about enviornmental preservation and protection.
  • UC Prospect Marina has gotten halfway through her junior year in an environmental studies program, but as of February 2022 has temporarily pulled out, opting to take the semester off for personal reasons. However, she can still sometimes be found on campus to see friends.
  • Activism It's perhaps not so surprising that the environment isn't just something Marina studies. Lately, she's become something of an activist, taking part in protests against companies that negatively impact the environment, especially those that harm the ocean. She's found herself arrested once or twice, but never charged.
  • On the Water Marina can be found on the local beaches, hanging around the local marina where she lives on a smallish houseboat, or near the docks as she works on one of the boats that takes tourists out to view marine life.
  • Animals She's good with them. Rather surprisingly good, really. For some reason, animals of all kinds seem inclined to really like her.
  • Doodling It's a habit. She's decent for an amateur, but not at professional levels of artistry. Still, she could be. She seems to always be doodling, usually sea life, and leaves her doodles everywhere without even seeming to notice.
  • Changeling - It would appear so. Moreover, she's one of the rare Selkies, albeit new to her sealskin.


  • Ariah - All those teefs. A new friend.
  • Oswald - I have so much to learn. Help?
  • Diana - Another Selkie! Exciting.
  • Caressa - A friend, and also kinain. I hate how you've been treated in the past, we need to do better. I'll start.

Noteworthy Stats

Charisma: Seaglassdot-filled.pngSeaglassdot-filled.pngSeaglassdot-filled.pngSeaglassdot-filled.pngSeaglassdot.png
Dexterity: Seaglassdot-filled.pngSeaglassdot-filled.pngSeaglassdot-filled.pngSeaglassdot-filled.pngSeaglassdot.png
Swimming: Seaglassdot-filled.pngSeaglassdot-filled.pngSeaglassdot-filled.pngSeaglassdot-filled.pngSeaglassdot.png

Merits of Note
Animal Magnetism, Beast Affinity 3
Other Thing
Birthright: Ocean's Grace