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Two possibilities exist: either we are alone in the Universe or we are not. Both are equally terrifying. -Arthur C. Clarke

Mundane Background

Vivian Starr was born in 1994 and was fairly unremarkable for the first part of her life. Born to a banker and real-estate agent, she coasted through life until she was a junior in high school; it was then that her school was visited by a recruiter from the Army. Vivian was entranced and for the first time in her life felt like she had a purpose in existing. From this point on, she became determined to join the military and defend the United States.

When she was 18 and graduated, Vivian enlisted in the US Army. Her parents did not approve. They are estranged to this day.

Vivian completed BCT with flying colors. Initially, she enrolled for AIT corps of engineers (she had displayed very high aptitude for engineering during standardized tests) but ultimately went to the Infantry. Fourteen weeks later, she was eventually assigned to peacekeeping duties in the Middle East. After six months, she received her requisite pay-grade promotion.

As a Private, Vivian saw her first combat tour when she and her company were tasked with securing a terrorist prison, during which they rescued a dissident scheduled to be executed. The dissident proves invaluable for US Intelligence services; Vivian is promoted to Private First Class.

In July, 2014, a combined sortie of different terrorist organizations launch a well-coordinated and well-equipped counter-offensive. Vivian's unit is caught behind enemy lines as US forces fall back to more defensible positions. Her CO is wounded in the fighting and a tank column begins to attack their position. In the pressure and chaos, Vivian takes command. In the course of just an hour, her unit manages to capture or destroy the entire tank column attacking their position. US Forces soon rally and push the terrorist back; Vivian and her unit rejoin the main US force.

The battle changes her and Vivian is temporarily relieved of duty pending a psychological evaluation. The psychologist in charge determines her unfit for duty and has her honorably discharged with a medical writ. Before the discharge paperwork is finalized, Vivian's CO manages to arrange a final promotion to Corporal for her, entitling her to more severance pay and better benefits.

Vivian spends the next six years working for a Private Military Company in various hotspots around the globe before suddenly terminating her employment a few months prior. She aimlessly travels around the United States and Canada, living off her saved up salary and bennies. Eventually, she decides to stop in Prospect.

Enlightened Background

Vivian's experience with the tank column did, indeed, change her; she Awakened during the incident. The psychologist who undertook her evaluation was actually an Unenlightened Prole of the Technocratic Union and reported Vivian to their superiors. Several days later, NWO Agents conduct an investigation and discover Vivian's Awakening. She is quickly recruited and removed from the Army to join the Void Engineers.

Now twenty and a member of the Technocratic Union, Vivian embarked on a new training regimen. After two years, she is eventually assigned combat duties aboard the Voidship Vigilant, a Deep Universe patrol craft.

The Vigilant turns out to be quite the maverick ship, and Vivian fit in well there. During her tour with the ship, the Vigilant is responsible for destroying 23 Nephandi outposts, 108 Nephandi craft, 1,284 Deep Universe anomalies determined to be a threat to Earth or Union interests, and assisted in countless Void Engineer assaults and scientific missions.

In October, 2019, the Vigilant's luck runs out. The Nephandi, irritated at the successes of the infamous voidship, lay a trap for the vessel. The Vigilant is quickly subdued then invaded by a small flotilla of Nephandi ships. The crew of the Vigilant put up a hell of a fight, but they were outnumbered and outgunned. Over the course of an hour, the ship is slowly taken; only the Captain and Vivian remain, holed up in the main engine room. The Captain rigs the Vigilant's engine to detonate and orders Vivian into the airlock -- he doesn't tell her that the auto destruct has been sabotaged and he has to stay behind to activate it manually. Vivian watches from her voidsuit as the Valiant explodes, taking five of the Nephandi ships with it. The others quickly vacate the area. Vivian remains floating in Deep Space for several hours before being rescued by the Endeavor.

With the destruction of the Vigilant, Vivian is returned to Earth. PsychOps personnel determine that the... flexible culture of the Vigilant has definitely become ingrained in her and that it would be unwise to send her out on another voidship. She is sent from minor assignment to minor assignment until finally being assigned to Prospect.

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They need our guidance.

Mortal They're who we're fighting for.

Technocratic Union

My peeps! If only the Black Asshats and Moneygrubbers would take the stick out.

New World Order Most I've met have been so anal retentive, I think their brown eye became a black hole. If they'd loosen up a bit (and cut down on the obsessive paperwork), it would make things so much easier.
Iteration X Good allies, but a bit too obsessed with the machine. Technology is great and I wouldn't want to live without it, but its fundamentally a tool and not an end unto itself.
Progenitors Another great ally to have, though they do seem to be more homebodies tucked away in labs. Still, the greatest steak I've ever had was cloned beef on Mars. Perfect marbling off an assembly line and without having to slaughter a cow! If that doesn't speak to the value of the Proggies, I don't know what does.
Syndicate Without them, humanity would starve to death within a week and we'd never be able to get the resources for our toys. Which is not to say they don't make (horrible, horrible) mistakes; I remember one Colony where they shipped one of the old Syndicate Communists after the Cold War experiment came down on the side of the free market. I consider Orwell an optimist after the shit I saw there.
Void Engineers Fellow asskickers of the close encounter kind. We keep humanity safe from the slavering monsters just outside the gates.


These guys run the gamut between pathetic throwbacks and well-meaning-but-misguided comrades in arms. Mostly harmless.

Akashic Brotherhood Don't know too much about them, but I like me a good kung-fu flick on occasion.
Celestial Chorus One look at the raw Universe will tell you that there's no God. Humanity is on its own. Still, I won't begrudge someone who finds comfort in the delusion. Just don't try and get me to convert.
Cult of Ecstasy Surprisingly good allies out in the Universe against the Things That Shall Not Be. Here on the mudball? Uhm... I guess they'd be fun to party with?
Dreamspeakers Throwbacks of the dangerous kind. The victim mentality gets old fast. They'd be just plain sad if they didn't have a penchant for bringing really dangerous RDs down to the mudball and doing their bidding.
Euthanatos Creepy fuckers that are still pretty good at taking down Horrors From Beyond. Wouldn't want to get too close for too long, though.
Order of Hermes I give them this: they know how to systematize things. If only they'd give up the bippity-boppity-boo nonsense. I've rolled a few multisided dice in my time, but geez, Gandalf, put down the DM screen and start seeing reality for what it is. Still, if they're able to get over their butthurt at being schooled for the last five centuries, they can be decent folks.
Sons of Ether You can take the Convention out of the Union, but not the Union out of the Convention. Etherites are stalwart allies out in the Universe. Fuck those stuffed shirt pencil pushers in safe, plush offices who say otherwise. Down on the mudball... well, they're less reliable (why all the superfluous blinking lights, guys?). Still, I'd take an Etherite backing me up over any other RD... and even some Unionists.
Verbena Take the crybully victim mentality of the Dreamspeakers and add in a pinch of New Age pap with a sprinkling of teen girl angst that everyone else outgrew. That there is the Verbena.
Virtual Adepts Catch 'em on a good day and they're great pals (and have the best videogames!). On a bad day and they're huge pains in the ass with a chip on their shoulder the size of Gibraltar. If only these nerdy little curmudgeons cared a little more about the Universe we have rather than inventing an entirely new one.
Hollow Ones Apathy is better than malevolence, but not by much. If you aren't going to help make the world a better place, then just get the hell out of the way. Go read the future in the froth art from your frappuccino while writing bad poetry or self insert fanfiction or whatever you poseur hipsters do; just don't get in our way.

Mad Mages

Nephandi Terminate with extreme prejudice. No surrender, no retreat. Nuke them from orbit; it's the only way to be sure.
Marauder I honestly kinda feel bad for them. They're insane and don't even know it. They're too dangerous to let live, however; put them down like Old Yeller.

Other Reality Deviants

Not all RDs need to be exterminated, despite what Union policy says. Some of them are helpful and I'll be damned if I let some fucking absent-tee bureaucrat tell me otherwise.

Changeling I knew a guy on Darkside who swore up and down that these things are the scariest motherfuckers out there. Like, glare at your kit and make it explode scary. Frankly, I think he was full of it and just desperate to get off the moon on a Section Eight. Even if there are any of these things left, I don't think they can do that.
Fallen RDs pretend to be all kinds of things. I once encountered an alien who claimed it was Tupac Shakur. Doesn't make it so.
Vampire The leeches are more dangerous than most realize or the Higher Ups want to admit. Fortunately, there's Project Sunburst for those that get a little too uppity. There might be okay ones out there. As long as they continue skulk in the shadows and don't make nuisances of themselves, we can leave them alone. We have bigger fish to fry.
Shifter Never met one, though I've seen telemetry on 'em. Really, really good at eliminating even more dangerous RDs. Exercise good fire control: lock 'em, load 'em, point 'em at a target, but never point them at something you don't want destroyed or dead.

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AdelineAdeline - Interesting geeky chick. Steampunk fashion sense. Military buff?
BobbiBobbi - Tatted up hippie chick. Better than most hippies. Sugar momma for breakfasts!
CaelanCaelan - Drinkin' buddy! Also good taste in strippers. Porn tastes go towards the more esoteric.
ConnConn - Tex's boss. Owns Murder of Crows.
DalvinDalvin - Easily embarrassed redhead. Fun to tease. Plays Barbarian in Katie's game.
DakotaDakota - Smol and stronk. Also adorable and fun to hang and drink with.
EdenEden - Awesome lady! Makes toys! Drinking buddy! Likes danger.
KatieKatie - Cute and optimistic. Knows her breakfasts. Hopefully playing in her RPG!
Captain Mason KillianKillian - Huge slab of American Hero Beefcake! Awesome griller! Great drinkin' buddy!
Li BongLi Bong - Friendly.
NaomiBlack Pearl - Gorgeous slice of chocolate cake. Girl can really move! Works at Body Shots.
TexTex - New friend. Possibly with benefits if he can get his life together. I'll see if I can help with that. Fixes a mean, meaty breakfast.
SkyeSkye - Androgynous guy(?). Knows and is extremely friendly with Adeline.
VanceVance - Strong guy. Note to self: don't bother trying to wrestle him.
VicVic - Laundry Whisperer. Web developer/programmer from Mexico.

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RP Hooks

Mundane Hooks

Ex-Military: Vivian is an ex-Army enlisted woman. Also former military or just interested in some old war stories? Buy her a beer and hit her up!

Porn Connoisseur: Military life is frequently described as 'hurry up and wait'. This goes double for those stuck on a Voidship. To fill the long periods of boredom between the sudden bouts of terror, Vivian turned to porn. She knows a lot about it: series, actors, production companies... she has a near encyclopedic knowledge. Have a similar interest? In the industry, even if peripherally? She probably knows of you.

Junk Food Junkie: One of the biggest boons with being stuck on the Mudball is the food. Rather than concentrated protein solution or nutrient bars, it's a sheer joy to be able to eat a cinnamon bun or a donut. While the best steak she's ever eaten was on Mars, few things can hold a candle to the unhealthy packs of sugar, salt and carbohydrates that represent junk food. Have a talk over your favorites!

Supernatural Hooks

Vigilant Survivor: Vivian's status as the only survivor of the Vigilant gives her some surprising influence with many members of the Union and perhaps even within the Traditions. The exploits of the Vigilant and her crew, while officially frowned on by the Union as a whole, are well known and Traditionalist magi may have heard tales of the voidship actively helping out Etherships and other travelers. Non-Mage supernaturals who have extensive dealings in the various types of Umbra may have heard rumors about the Vigilant. On the other hand, Nephandi may well curse her name for the huge pain in the ass the Vigilant has been to them in the Universe. Either way many may have heard of Vivian or at least of the Vigilant itself.

Hypercram: Vivian knows a disquieting amount of information about secret or esoteric subjects far above her paygrade. Project: Lookinglass, Project: Sunburst, Vivo, and the Lunar Robot Cult are just a few of things she knows a smattering about but shouldn't. Nothing that would be compromising, but just the fact that she has come across this information ("An old buddy of mine told me. Who? Huh... can't quite remember, actually...") might be a little worrisome. Maybe she heard some snippet about you and yours that she could not possibly know?

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I created a Mage Primer for those newish to Mage. It's still a work-in-progress, but hopefully it will be of some help.

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  • Did you know I am a pioneer
    I'm out on a secret mission
    I travel the galaxy and far beyond
  • Can't you see that I am I pioneer
    Unlocking the greatest mysteries
    My key is a fearless heart
    So pure and strong
  • I had a dream last night
    The world was set on fire
    And everywhere I ran
    There wasn't any water
  • The temperature increased
    The sky was crimson red
    The clouds turned into smoke
    And everyone was dead

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Vivian Starr
Vivian Portrait.jpeg

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Full Name:Vivian Starr
Convention:Void Engineers
Methodology:Pan-Dimensional Corps.
Apparent age:Mid Twenties
Occupation:US Army/PMC Grunt, retired
Concept:Space Marine turned Dirtballer
Demeanor:Bon Vivant


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My availability on weekdays varies according to work amount. I should be able to RP (though be potentially slow) in the mornings through afternoon EST if I'm on. Just be aware that I might need to leave suddenly if something comes up. Evenings EST are generally good.

On weekends, Saturday is generally good all day (though I may on occasion not be available for a particular day). Sundays are generally more restrictive, though if I'm on in the evening EST, I should be good to go.

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