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ell I was born an Original Sinner

I was born with Original Sin

And if I had a dollar bill for all the things I done

There'd be a mountain of money comin' up to my chin.

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BygonesDraaaaaaaaagonnnnnnnns omgomgomgomg SO AMAZING

Werewolves — You know, I keep getting told they're dangerous, but I think at least some of them might think we're their gods. So... uhm... yay? Now to just make them understand that there are scarier things out there than some primordial hungering all-consuming devourer critter. Cuz, you know... Endless Winter'll kill that, too.

Wizards — So far... eh. They're people. Sure, they can do some tricks, but we can physically enter their minds, so... y'know, there's a balance there.

Everything Else — Wait, you mean all that stuff is real?? Check back later after I know that, too!

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Ambrosine — The Baronette. Ethereal. Beautiful. Personable and friendly. So very, very dangerous. If you don't believe in love at first sight, don't look in her direction. If you do believe... definitely don't look in her direction. I may have to see about getting back out to the islands. To keep an eye on her, of course.

Caressa — Smart, in firm control of her life, and happy with her family situation. Owns a place called Steamed & Hammered, and OMG, do they make awesome stuffed mushrooms. Still, she's one of the lost sheep of the family, so she's someone to look after and take care of, not the other way 'round. Which is fine, I don't mind stepping up to undo the mistakes made by idiots that aren't here to fix their own crap.

Cypha — Wow... that's... I mean... Stella those teeth are bigger than I am I hope it doesn't wanna eat me...

Dasia — You know, she can come off a bit snooty sometimes, but once you get her out away from the normies, she loosens up pretty well. Don't believe anything she says about Philban, though. That guy's dangerous when he's got a probe...

Deirdre — A true Navy Seal. Or something. Has a boat! I may need to go see it some time.

JJ — My absolute fucking heroin. No, wait, heroine! That 'e' is damned important, isn't it? Saved one of the only two possessions I give much of a crap about in this world, and I will forever owe you one. Also, I love the shop, and can't wait to see what becomes of the other shop.

Jenni — OMG look at that face she's just adorable. And she models! Have to see if I can muse her.

Persy & Clem — Ah, the sisters. As salt-and-pepper as they are, they've both got good hearts and clever minds, and it's a joy to see that. Even if one of them's Seelie. Owners of terribly interesting knitting, too, and the teas. Mmmm, to die for. Or live for! Hard to drink tea when you're dead! And if it's not, don't tell me.

Sark — Decent enough guy, I think. Wise beyond his years in the ways of judging stuffed mushrooms. Definitely someone to hang out with more often.

[Feb 22 Update:] AAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. I should totally never ever ever ever ever make Mothra jokes.

Sebastian — I told you: it's always the quiet ones.

Silvana — Badass bosslady of the Casino. She watches out for all of us on the floor, and we, y'know, try to watch out for her.

Stella — Seriously, girl, what the what? I'm supposed to be the supernaturally madcap one here, what is this ukulele-on-the-beach, oh-shit-you-broke-my-brain Dynamic Duo crap, already? This is what I get for associating with someone from the Land of Sasquatch, isn't it? Still the only one allowed to do that thing nobody else is allowed to do. That totally doesn't come across as weird or cryptic, right? Never change, you beautiful maniac!

Trace — You know what you did! Who knows, maybe you'll do it again, too!

Trishna — Another co-conspirator, and such a wonderful one. If I can figure out a way to tie this whole thing together, we could take over the world! Or, you know, maybe just a tequila bar.


The Bartender — One of my favorite people, no matter where I meet them.

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You know what you did. Oh, you don't? Well, then maybe you didn't! How the heck should I know?!?


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Kieran McNamara


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RP Hooks
Barfly — One of Kee's absolute favorite places to be is 'anyplace there's booze'. If you've got a bar you like to hang around in, we can find a reason she's there.

Beachcomber — Any excuse to hang out on the waterfront, gazing out into the waves, man.

Biker — Kirean rides a 2009 Harley V-Rod, and has no problems hanging around in biker bars.

Clubs — Similar to the bar-obsession, but Kee absolutely loves to spend time in places where the crowd's got a hint of desperation, loneliness, rage... need. It's the need. Doesn't matter what they need, that aching hole in the soul feeds her own needs.

Couch — Still not wide enough for this conversation. You know who you are.

Kith n' KinAlways happy to spend time with the reality-challenged. ;)

Music — Kee's a small-time musician who often finds herself busking during warm weather, and playing for beer money in seedy bars in the colder months.

New In... What Town Is This Now? — Kee's still learning her way around the Prospect area, and prone to wandering just to see where she can get lost and found.

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Played By: Felicia Day