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Sark could be a case study of 'what happens when you didn't prepare for a problem'. A very young dragon finding himself loose in the middle of Colonial-era Eastern coast North America, his initial fascination over human society rapidly deteriorated into the idea of 'holy hell, there are too many of them!', and he promptly fled west across the continent, occasionally lingering around some of the nomadic native people on his way, and encountering more of the native mythical creatures these humans lived closer to being in harmony with. But the 'invaders' from the east pushed relentlessly forward, so Sark fled to the West coast, only to find the Spanish already present in California. Driven by a rather fanatical Church, the Spanish managed to corner Sark before he had time to establish a Lair of his own. Badly beaten and almost destroyed, he made it to an island off of the coast and sank into hibernation, for almost four hundred years.

A lucky accident and a young, friendly troll woke him up out of his slumber and gave him a relatively safe place to spread his proverbial wings. Sark has managed to make a few friends that don't seem to want to eat him or cut him up into experimentation pieces, and he's now trying to work out exactly how he can have a good influence on this city that is completely overrun by selfish, blind humans.

The troll friend has unfortunately moved on, but Sark has made arrangements such that he has been able to retain control and ownership of the entire island, and now considers it a safe haven for himself, and to a more limited extent, other Bygones that need an escape from the humans. He also has a very limited list of people who are welcome to come visit when they'd like. His only rules are: No guests unless you clear it with him first, and Be Nice To The Livestock. (The island hosts a horse and livestock ranch and Sark has become a little fond of the Friesians and the Shetland Ponies).

Are you a 'good guy'? Sark will probably like you. If you can tolerate his overabundance of energy. He might have a new addiction to espresso. And doughnuts.

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Humans - Humans are, generally, greedy, scared little things that will kill anything they dont understand, so it is ideal to stay away and Dont Poke The Bear. HOWEVER, Sark has been informed that during his long sleep, humanity has largely forgotten that creatures like him exist anymore, so he's chosen to be VERY CAREFUL and start exploring Prospect and all the fascinating changes the little critters have wrought in the last 4 centuries.

Changelings - Sark has met a few of the local Changelings and so far, gets along famously with them, once he establishes they are not the kind that dream about questing to kill a dragon, first ;) Generally speaking, he identifies a lot with the Seelie code though he's a bit more naive about it than a normal wilder or grump would be. Give him a break, he's a teenager ;)

Other bygones - Sark has met a surprising number of Bygones since he woke back up and his experiences have been mixed. Some have been wonderful to hang out with, some have been confusing, and some have been arrogant folks he has no plans to spend any more time around. He will still be fascinated to meet others, especially if you're a type he's never seen before.

Mages - Sark has met a couple of mages now, and while he's still wary about them, they have been a very good representative for their type, and at the moment, his opinion is pretty good about them in general. Still wary at the level of power they wield, but he's not jumpy around them at this point.

Shifters - Currently Sark is aware there are more than one kind of animal shifter. He's met the rats and has a good working realtionship with at least a couple of them. He knows the wolves are around but has yet to meet one, and knows there are even spider and kitty shifters, but hasnt seen them either.

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Sark is very new to the area, having been roused back up after an inadvertent 400 year long literal dirt nap. The list of folks he has met and considers friendly is small but slowly growing.

Martin Hackett - (NPC) This is an individual Sark knows that legally owns the island he now lives on. At some point in the future, when Martin gets old (or for whatever reason tries to betray him), Sark will take over his identity and begin the Highlander-esc method of moving property around. But that's decades away. There's too much fun stuff to check out right now!

Kierik - Kierik gets very cranky at times, and naive Sark was having trouble figuring out why, but now that he's had a little more time around people, the dragon understands a little better. Kierik is Good People and Sark trusts him just about as much as he can trust someone else at the moment.

Stena - Stena's pretty! And biiiiig. And has three heads! Sark kinda frustrates her a little with his youth, but in some ways manages to tug her a little more into the present day. He thinks there's a way to resolve her darkness, as bad of an idea as that might be.

Cypha - Cypha's pretty! And huuuuuge. And has three heads also! And likes water. He can go fishing for sharks with her.

Caressa - One of the reasons Sark's opinions about mages has improved. She has a nice safe area they can chat at and has never made any requests of him he wasnt very comfortable with.

Erin - Still trying to figure this one out, but she might be a reason why he's starting to get interested in motorcycles. Big, loud machines that go as fast as he can fly. WOOOO!

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Race: Bygone (Dragon)
Full Name: Sarkesian the Gilded
Date of Birth: June, 1604
Heritage: Western drake (Gold dragon)
Demeanor: Guardian
Apparent Age: Early 20's when appearing human.
Height: A little over 6' as human. Around 7' at the shoulder when appearing as dragon (approx large pony sized).

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RP Hooks
More to be added here, but these are some ideas that might help working out a RP connection if you're interested in meeting a dragon:

Windstorm Isle - Sark owns an island off the California coast that is home to a large pony and livestock ranch, run on paper by one of his retainers. Its far enough off of the coast to not have to worry about lookie-loos with binoculars on the mainland, and Sark often invites friends to it so he can be casual and not be constantly vigilant for other threats. Wanna come give the ponies some carrots?
Information - Sark is a sponge for information, some of which comes to him through the ancestral link he shares with every other dragon still alive on the planet and in the Realms. He's also been quite the information sponge around Prospect, and USUALLY retains the idea that, if you tell him something, its with the understanding he should not be sharing that information with others, especially if it's something specifically secret to what you are.

Healer and Protector - Sark is a TANK, but not much of a warrior, though some friends have given him some valuable instruction on hand to hand (claw to hand?) fighting. He has supernatural ability to shrug off physical as well as mystical damage, heals unnaturally fast, and possesses a lick that can even resolve Aggravated Wounds on himself or others, that he absolutely will use on someone else that can handle the idea that he can cure third degree burns by (eew) licking them.

Shapechanging - At current, Sark can take the form of a young human male (which you will most commonly see him as), his birth form, or that of a red-tailed hawk. Do you have some odd reason to be interacting with a hawk? Hit me up!

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