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Myths are public dreams, dreams are private myths. -- Joseph Campbell

I am enough of an artist to draw freely upon my imagination. Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world. -- Albert Einstein

If the sky could dream, it would dream of dragons. -- Llona Andrews

~she's got her head in the clouds, and she's not backing down~ -- Alicia Keys (This Girl is on Fire)

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a hawk (aka Sherlock)
Red-tailed hawk. From time to time, it can be seen near or around Stella. But that coincidence would take a number of occasions to realize. She talks to it as if it understands (not unlike some elderly gentlemen talk to ducks in the park), but then Stella talks to most animals she meets which makes her possibly a bit eccentric, odd, or a little tipped in the head. The raptor's beak and talons are particularly menacing looking.

Friendly acquaintance of her employer. Witty. Her flattery doesn't seem empty. Remarkably observant. Promises to work through the entire alphabet. Would recommend. Has nickname Plans. Seems to share Stella's penchant for challenges. Update: Blues on the beach? Yes, please. What's a collective noun for two women out to stir up trouble? Kiki. The plan.

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Friendly new acquaintance who plays the game. Sun worshipper or master of temptation? Irreverent snake in small package. Likes tea. Back in Prospect from...? No fate but what you make? Deserves some good fortune to balance out the bad. Too bad Stella ran away.

Micah Info coming.

MIranda Info coming.

The (large) Dog. A particular form of happy kryptonite for Stella. Thief, making Stella a passive accomplice. But they meet and part ways randomly in such a way that it doesn't appear The Dog belongs to Stella. The quick brown dog jumped over the lazy fox. (sic) There's a collar under there somewhere. Cage free is Stella's jam.

Sark Goldstein aka Sarkesian the Gilded
Stella's employer. She is both his estate manager and his PA. Frequently she can be found in his company around Prospect. The two seem to have an easy rapport. Seems slightly younger than Stella, but almost a foot taller than the woman. For someone so young, he certainly seems to have old fashioned manners regarding a woman in his company. Depending on the context, she doesn't always call him Mr. Goldstein. And he seems to have come to terms with her proximity. (see: touchy; in hooks) The inevitable hero or villain, depending on who's looking. Just wait and see.

Lost his cat. Delightful to play with even though he breaks the rules. Witty. He wants to do what on the monkey bars? Peace summits occur at Denny's. Still figuring out what kind of -phile he is. Pretty sure he's not into kids or corpses. The right movie quote is always the answer.

Originally a trusted acquaintance of her employer. Now a curious collaboration has been established. Classic gangster look -- that's for dealing with Scottish mafiosos -- with fantastic hair that doesn't match at all. Or does it? Seems perceptive. Shaman? 'American Gods' is a documentary. Puts the 'blaze' in trail-blazer. Four words: Ancient Mythical Chicken Tender. What happens when Alice and the Cheshire Cat share some drinks? Time bends. Turns out you CAN have your cake and eat it, too. Unbirthdays. Narnia is a dance. With your eyes closed. Birds laugh at you. Starlight & whiskey. Enlightenment in the dark. The one. The only. Danger Mouse.

Stena Info coming.

Trusted acquaintance of her employer. Inexplicable creature which just happens to press Stella's curiosity buttons and her affection and intrigue the way an unusual animal would. Claims not to like tea. An unexpected champion who seems to appear out of thin air on occasion. Rat agenda with squirrels on the side. Charming in a very strange sort of way, in Stella's opinion. Baffling, bewildering, disturbing, endearing. There's some arcane etiquette required in their company that Stella is determined to learn. Stella's unexpected guardian not-angel. Somehow makes disgusting and disturbing translate as adorable, though she's not sure if she wants to protect Trishna or if Trishna is going to cast a darkling shadow over her and make her disappear or swallow her whole. If they aren't careful, Stella might decide they fall under her guardianship (a role likely only apparent to Stella herself). But even Trishna is fascinated by monkeybars propositions. And now she's gone. Stella misses her.

Woodward (aka Benedict)
Self ascribed confidence man who delivers what people deserve. Claims not to be a part of the apocalypse. Also claims to have Interesting Friends. But what kind of collector is he? And does he share? Rides roller coasters. Does not introduce himself or shake hands.

WulfraBroke Stella's heart. Not in the typical way. Now disappeared. Assumed gone or lost to darkness.

Xiu Info coming.

(Aunt) Matilda Green (NPC)
Stella's (deceased) father's unmarried sister who lives on an island in the Puget Sound a short sea plane trip away from Seattle. Wealthy. Very dear to Stella. She lived with Aunt Matilda before moving to Prospect in January of 2023.

Drasla the Red aka Stefan Drake (NPC)
(It would take some work to obtain this information.) Former mentor and 'employer' in addition to unofficially adopted family to Stella from a very early age. Lives on the same island off the coast of Seattle in the Puget Sound as Aunt Matilda. Something of a recluse. (The rest is not information available icly unless your character is worthy of Drasla's secrets or can steal Stella's deepest held treasured knowledge that she would die before giving up voluntarily). Good luck with that.) Sent her away to assist some teenaged dragon?! She didn't WANT to leave the PNW (or Drasla). At all. Drasla watched over her as a child and became something between a favorite uncle and a dear friend, though try to get an ancient, very grumpy red dragon (known for their fighting skills) to admit it. On more than one occasion, Stella's 'penchant' for asking questions resulted in her being thrown into a tree. Drasla (and her mother before she died) may be a big part of the reason Stella is as touchy as she is with the people in her inner circle. She met any number of supernatural creatures and bygones as a diplomat on Drasla's behalf. Growing up knowing an ancient dragon may also have something to do with why Stella doesn't get frightened in some situations when a reasonable human being would do so.
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Juan Espesito (NPC)
Rather handsome in a het-normative, previously special-ops sort of way. Most often drives Sark and/or Stella around Prospect (luxury Escalade SUV with a third row and tinted windows). But can also accompany as subtle body-guard (he's very good at disappearing into his surroundings). Also has his pilot's license and is known to fly one or both of his employers from Windstorm Island to Prospect or back the other direction in a sea plane (when they don't take the ferry) owned by the Goldstein estate. The man is superlative at keeping private information to himself. For her part, Stella seems to enjoy his company, teasing or joking from time to time. On the other hand, he has that build, that awareness of his surroundings, and that glint in his eyes that suggests he could be lethal in a heartbeat. Most often dressed in a white dress shirt unbuttoned at the collar and a pair of dark pants (jacket on occasion).

Mary Brighton (NPC)
Fifty-something housekeeper who is shuttled to Windstorm Island 2-3 times each week. Can get just about anyone to sit down for 'a little bite' or, at the very least, some tea. As endearing as a favorite grandmother, but when she gets stern she's a force to be reckoned with. Can clean a 3,000 sq.ft. house top to bottom in record time without missing a spot. Has opinions.

Martin Hacket (NPC)
Previous estate manager of Windstorm Island. Now focuses on animal husbandry (largely Friesian Horses and some llamas) and land management there. Nearing retirement age. Dependable, trustworthy, welcoming -- but that's Stella's experience. He is rather heavy-handed about who and what gets to the island.

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RP Hooks

Animals: (Beast Affinity 4 - play as you choose if it applies to you) On occasion, Stella just might jaywalk across a rush-hour-busy boulevard to get to that dog someone is walking. From the smallest creature to a number of giant ones, she’s a sucker for animals, though the concept of a food chain doesn't seem to cause her dismay. Want to see her melt-down? Take her to a zoo. She is not too proud to refrain from having what is likely a one-sided conversation with a cat or a raven, for example. Typically menacing animals don’t automatically send her in the opposite direction. She might even be correctly accused of taking some less-than-wise risks when it comes to creatures great and small. She is also an avid equestrian in the sense that she learned to ride not long after she could walk and has continued to do so ever since.

Was that a dare? When not focused or formal, a relaxed and comfortable Stella finds games of most kinds intriguing. Furthermore, dares from the right company in the right context take some resolve on her part to resist (aside from the appalling, disgusting, or offensive).

Music: The young woman plays the ukelele with some facility (stop laughing). She enjoys singing but not for the sake of performance and has a perfectly adequate voice.

Stories: She can be a sucker for talented tale-spinners, along with theater of both spontaneous and formal varieties – unless she’s ‘working’. How do you know if she’s working? Good question.

Touchy touchy: If you have found your way into Stella’s favor, she can be spontaneously tactile on occasion.

The hills are alive... Given a choice between inside and outside (particularly in natural environments), outdoors will eventually, inevitably win.

Bygone: Are you one? She not only has been acquainted with more than her share of them, but she also is quite good at keeping secrets – no matter what guise she is wearing (see: chameleon). There’s a je ne sais quoi about her that can sometimes give the impression of invitation or that perhaps she has the good listener vibe even before a person becomes acquainted with the young woman. Are you a supernatural being? She’s met a few of those as well. (see secrets above)

Financial stability: Stella hasn’t wanted for much that can be bought in her brief years. Somehow, however, she doesn’t comport herself as if she is part of some exclusive club or frequently demand VIP treatment. Nor does she frequently wear ostentatious clothing or jewelry. However, most of her fashion choices tend to have at least one piece that is understated but high quality; in addition, she has the tendency to add to her outfits one piece that wasn’t meant to fit the 'look' at all. (see: bag) On a professional level, finance itself is a noteworthy part of her relatively early (beginning before finishing her degree) career in estate management.

What's in the bag? The brunette can usually be found carrying a sizable bag of some sort when she is out and about. Sometimes it’s a messenger bag strapped across her torso to hang at her hip. Other times it’s a large tote, or maybe a colorful backpack-style bag. She doesn’t seem to take great care in matching her bags with what she is wearing, nor does she behave as if said bag is fragile.

Friends in high places? Maybe one or two. But what do you consider a ‘high place’?

Visual Arts Her mother was a successful enough artist that someone deep enough in the art world would know the name Rae Green (perhaps along with the fact that the artist died quite young in a tragic, private plane crash approximately a decade ago). At university, Stella minored in visual arts and is, at the very least, competent in several mediums.

Chameleon (of a sort): Depending on the situation, you might see an entirely different Stella. For a start, there’s the mostly-friendly pragmatist and negotiator. There’s also the cultivated, socially adept model of decorum and tranquility (™ Chess). Then there’s the imaginative, playful, too-curious-for-her-own-good, free spirit (most often encountered in natural settings). Are any or all of these versions of the young twenty-something intentional masks she wears? Have you met another version? Is she something else entirely? Who is the young woman, really? You be the judge!

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Private Detective Report/Stella's Past
It wouldn't take too much digging and a bit of tenacity to find the following information about Stella Winifred Green:
  • Father: Malcolm Graham Green (high stakes, very high ranks in the tech world which more than filled his bank accounts and assorted investments)
  • Mother: Rae Elizabeth Green (successful artist, both in name and in the cost of her pieces just before her unfortunate death -- mostly oil painting)
  • Tragedy: Stella, an only child, lost both her mother an her father when she was 13. Her father was flying himself and his wife from Portland, Oregon (their primary residence) down to SFMOMA for an invitation-only artists and platinum level donors fundraiser when the plane went down near Crater Lake (Oregon). The cause was eventually written up as engine failure.
  • Orphan: After her parents' deaths, Stella moved up to live with her Aunt Matilda (who was named Trustee for the girl's inherited assets, life insurance pay outs, and investments until she reached the age of 20) on an island in the Puget Sound. She continued to attend private school in Seattle until college. She graduated from University of Washington with an MBA plus a minor in the visual arts. Even before she finished her degree at U-Dub, Stella was retained to manage the fortune and lands of a recluse whose name in public records is Mr. Stefan Drake. It appears he has retained her services even though they will now be handled from a distance of the span of the west coast.
  • Career: Until she moved without much notice (if one is able to successfully cajole an interview with a member of the household staff at Stella's aunt's manse) in early January of 2023 to Windstorm Island of the coast of Prospect, Stella Green silently spearheaded the designation of most of the island on which her Aunt resides a Natural Protected Area under Federal and State protection. Any construction or changes impacting the island's ecosystem would need to go through a tangle of bureaucracy. The island she has moved to was privately owned by a Mr. Martin Hacket, but ownership changed hands to Stella within a very short time after she arrived. It's not usual for an estate manager (which is her position listed on all public documents) to own the land they are managing. The island is known for breeding award winning Friesian horses as well as llamas.

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Stella Green

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Full Name: Stella (Estelle) Winifred Green (aka Fred, Ella, El, Miss Green, the girl with the dragon tattoo)

Birthdate: 10 February, 1999

Race: Mortal-ish

Height: 5'6"

Hair: Chestnut

Eyes: Green

Weight: 119 lbs.

Degree: University of Washington; MBA, minor: Visual Arts

Occupation: Estate Manager & PA

Nature: Defender/Dreamer

Demeanor: Confidant

Other language/s: Reptilian

RP Pertinent Stats: Beast Affinity 4; Fae Affinity (Banality=3)

Played by: Ana de Armas

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