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What marks the edge of map, where the known meets the beyond? Here be dragons.
— Art by ThemeFinland


Mortal.png Such interesting things... so much they have lost, so much they can gain. One day, I hope, that they can see more.
Changeling.png So much wonder and beauty. Why did people shut such things off from themselves?
Mage2.png Those who have opened their eyes. I only hope they know how to open themselves up to feel as well.
Dreamspeakers.png Those who know how to truly connect with the beyond, and whom I owe my new life to.... Without them, I never would be where I am.
GlyphGarou2.png Strange shifters... wolf-like, but too strong in spirit to be normal creatures. Unlike what I learned of wolves. What are they?
Bygone.png So strange. You let some creatures into your textbooks but leave others out arbitrarily? Your ignorance only clouds your vision.
Dragon.png I am so glad to see others, and in such quantity. The currents are shifting, and we can feel it... our time will come again soon.


To put it bluntly, Wulfra is not from here. Not just Prospect, or California, or the US, or the country... or the world. She was born in the far reaches of the Umbra, in a desolate wasteland inhospitable to life as it's known. A reflection of smoke, fire, decay, and destruction. It is unknown how her egg ended up there, but there it did, and suffused with those energies, she was born anew. If not for a brave Dreamspeaker wandering into those far Triactic reaches on a mission, she would never have made contact with anyone. Through him, and her own dragony dreams, she was able to learn enough to find somewhere new... a source of hope.

Art by Palimpsest

Even for dragons, Wulfra's appearance is strange and alien... even when in a solid form. She has multiple sets of eyes and multiple sets of wings, and she does not squarely fit in to any traditional depiction of western drakes or eastern lungs considering she has traits from both... as well as ones unique to her. But, due to her young age and where she grew up, she has not yet grown very large, only about the size of a horse in dragon form and very skinny in her human one. She wears Do not let her gaunt human appearance or alien dragon appearance fool you, though, she is not some big bad evil wyrm of destruction. She has seen far too much desolation in her time... she wants only to bring good tidings, promote new life.


Kieran The first one to find me in this world... such a fortunate tide. A trustworthy soul to more dragons than just me.
Janneke You were the first to give me shelter and protection. Your establishment brings nothing but good to the world.
Sark More beautiful and shining than any knight in shining armor could ever hope for. I hope we can bond even more, despite our differences... goldybutt.
Trishna Though you cannot see as I do, we share in so much. I am always comfortable around you, and I hope we can continue to learn from each other.
Stella I am sorry... I know there is more to you, I just keep getting overtaken by my own feelings at the worst times. Sark trusts you, so I shall too.
Caressa So well established... and a "bringer of wishes." We need to speak more.
Cypha An elder of the waters. I am thankful for you enlightening me to the wonders beneath the surface!
Stena Another plagued by the wastes... only for you, it is a curse. I wish to help you as you have helped me... you have far too much pain built up.
Dasia We have met only in passing... and I do not understand what your deal is. Quite showy, even for a faerie.
Peri I was plagued by my preconceived notions of knights when we met, but now... I am thankful for you. You gave me the chance to come out of the shadows.
Riptavian The wolfy thing, loves smoke. Reacted strangely to me... quite mysterious. I will have to learn more about them.





Vital Stats

Race: Bygone (Dragon)
Heritage: ??? (Smoke Dragon)
Full Name: Wulfra
Date of Birth: Est. 1760-1800
Apparent Age: Twenties in human form
Demeanor: Scientist
Height: 5'10 as a human. Around 6' at the shoulder as a dragon.
Played-By: Chelsea Wolfe

Notable Stats

Wits 🔴🔴🔴🔴⚫️
Cosmology 🔴🔴🔴⚫️⚫️
Awareness 🔴🔴🔴⚫️⚫️
Lore Spirit 🔴🔴⚫️⚫️⚫️

RP Hooks

Watching the Passerbys: Wulfra loves to sit in cozy spaces and just watch people go about their days, and is always interested in seeing new folk. Her favorite spot to watch is the Witches Brew and Occult Shoppe.

Not Quite Right: Wulfra's mannerisms are markedly foreign. She has an accent untraceable to any country, often seems very forced in her expressions, and does not know about many basic things. Anyone who interacts with her for more than a little small talk will start to feel something's off with her.

Encyclopedia of the Dragon Lines: Wulfra is defined by her curiosity, and a source of often enigmatic information. She will inquire about interesting things and take people up on offers she probably should not in order to learn and see more, but she can also provide a great deal of wisdom beyond even what she has learned... taken from her natural attunement to the Dragon Lines connecting everything. Do you speak an obscure language? With only but a moment of exposing her to it, she can understand and speak it!

Fascinated by Mages: Wulfra adores magic practitioners of all sorts, but holds a special interest for Mages due to her mentor being one. If you're a Mage, especially a Dreamspeaker, and looking to augment your magic with the creatures of the tapestry itself, look no further! She might even consider acting as a full on companion if she made a special enough bond with one.

Ride With a Dragon: Wulfra very much enjoys exposing suitable people to wondrous things as much as she loves seeing them herself. If you're in a safe place and she knows you well enough, she'll be glad to show you her true self. And, in places where the mortals can't quite see, she will even let you experience dragon flight if you ask nicely. She is a very talented flyer, and experienced with giving people good rides!

Shapeshifting Thing: Wulfra is of amorphous, ethereal essence. Her smoke and fire can be molded on a whim, and thus she can take on many shapes... though she currently has trouble changing size. Any place where there could be an animal, it could be her... or she might, perchance, learn a new form from you.

Everywhere and Nowhere: Wulfra hails from lands far beyond, ones of hostility and extremes. Her ethereal nature lets her fade in and out of the ether at will, becoming no more than scattered bits of smoke on the wind. Combined with her shapeshifting, lack of need for basic things like air, and ability to step through worlds... she can truly find herself in the most strange and remote places, at the most opportune or inopportune times. Where did she come from, where did she go?


Persona 5 - Rivers in the Desert
It's now or it's never, and I've got to
Make my decision
This time it could be my moment
Is this a mirage or a chance to fulfill my mission?
My heart is a furnace
It's hot as hell in my world of conflict
One goal is what keeps me going
Take back what I lost to...
The bosses of greed and fear, yeah
Don't ask why I'm ready, but I'm ready to take them down now
The time for a new start
Is constantly drawing nearer
A river in a dry land
The last ace in a lost hand
When the hope of new beginnings burned our feet
Now we need it
A heartbeat for a tin man
An oasis in a singed land
Remind us what we're here for...
Creating new life
Creating rivers in the desert