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Damawiy Nasrin, niece of the Sultana Talitha al-Hajr and heir to Al-Ahlam Alealiqa... the Oasis of Lingering Dreams. But please, call me
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Traveler. Fashion plate. Dream made flesh. Saudi Supermodel. But never, ever, your bartender.
Dasia ibnat Mahdi ibn Ameen
Occupation: Grad Student, TA, Tutor
Birthdate: December 21, 1999
Nationality: Saudi Arabia
Height: 5'6"
Damawiy Nasrin ap Leanhaun
Kith: Elegbara (Eshu)
Court: Iku (Unseelie)
Actress: Rawan Abdullah Abu Zaid
Notable Statistics
Appearance 🔴🔴🔴🔴(🔴)
Charisma 🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴(🔴)
Perception 🔴🔴🔴🔴⚫️
Royal Lineage 🔴🔴🔴🔴⚫️
Sanctity 🔴🔴⚫️⚫️⚫️
Campfire Tales

Dasia may have been born in Riyadh, but her family moved to Seattle in the early 2010's. The culture shift, and new-found freedoms, inspired quite the change in the youth. After all... living in the US as a Saudi Princess is not the easiest thing. Especially since she didn't find out that she even was a Princess until after leaving the Middle East. Most people don't believe in those kinds of Faerie Tales. But there are those who can see into the Dreaming, who know such tales often have a nugget of truth hidden at their cores.

Her family would eventually return to Saudi Arabia, but she decided to stay in Washington State on a Student Visa to attend Washington State University at Seattle. Specifically, the School of Art + Art History + Design. Despite having one of the worst attendance records in the history of the school, she managed to earn a BA in Art with a concentration in 3-Dimensional Forum and a Minor in Education. Dasia would later apply to, and be accepted by, the Department of Art at UC Prospect, where she will soon begin working towards an MFA in Art with a specialization in Sculpture.

RP Hooks
  • Artsy - Do you buy art? Do you make art? Do you need someone to help you sell your art? Do you pose for still-life portraits... perhaps for money, or just for fun? Or maybe you want to learn without going through the formalities of the University. You may have even seen Dasia out and about working on a small wood carving or some complex project on a digital tablet full of artistic programs.
  • Barfly - Riyadh may be a dry city... Saudi Arabia may be a dry country, but Dasia can drink booze like it's water. So long as it's tasty, and she gets one of those little straws so she doesn't mess up her lipstick too much. Or if they're shots.
  • Faeries & Co. - Though Dasia may be a Faerie Princess, such authority does not extend beyond the borders of Al-Hilal Al-Khaseeb. Even if it did, she is happy to meet other creatures of the Dreaming and work on establishing diplomatic ties between this area of the Kingdom of Pacifica, and her homeland in the Fertile Crescent.
  • Fashionista - Dasia is often seen wearing the latest, fanciest of trends, and will even take the occasional trip to see a fashion show, if it manages to line up with her schedule... or if she's working behind the scenes with the designer.
  • LGBTQIA+ - Dasia may come across as shallow (that's because she kind of is), but she is non-discriminatory with who she flirts with, and has been seen fawning over people of all genders and identities.
  • Parties - Dasia has a habit of showing up to parties. Whether she's invited or not. Mostly in clubs, because that's where the booze is, along with people who are amped up with energy to ravage. But this could also be a wedding or other event that she probably shouldn't make a scene at, but. It would be a lot funnier if she did. (ICly. OOCly, I'll try to make sure everyone is cool with someone random show up to make a mess)
  • University - Art History TA, getting her masters in Education, sometimes babysits intro classes
Contracts and Oaths
  • Baroness - Gonna need you to help convince the other nobility and the Wyrd itself that I am no mere Hearty Commoner, but am in fact, a Lofty Noble.
  • Deirdre - Surely, you would come visit the desert to see how the Sandtrout taste. Surely!
  • JJ - The rock 'n roll look could work on you, but we need to tailor that outfit, or find something actually in your size.
  • Kieran - Shots....Shots....Shots..Shots..Shots!
  • Trevor - The desert has plenty of water in it, honest! You just need to know where to look!
  • Trishna - One day, we might teach you to stop yelling at random people, but only when it stops being funny.