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Janneke "JJ" Johansen

And in the end, we shall achieve in time
The thing they called divine
When all the stars will smile for me

Race: Boggan
Full Name: Janneke Johansen
Fae Name: Juniper Jupiter
Date of Birth: July 20th
Kith: Boggan
Age: Early 30s
Height: 5'3"
Played by: Emily Van Camp

Notable stats:
  • Charisma: 4
  • Intelligence: 4
  • Perception: 4

RP Hooks


  • I Love It Loud: JJ is very much a child of the rock n' roll era, with a real love for loud music of many kinds, particularly anything released between the late 60s and the early 00s. She dresses the part, as well, and has a little bit of skill tinkering with the guitar. Don't mention the words 'auto-tune' to her. Just... don't.
  • Little shop of rockers: Her shop, Detonation Boulevard, is the result of a lot of years of collecting memorabilia and selling online. This is her first brick-and-mortar business, and she's very excited to serve the public, or at least, to meet people with similar interests and sell them cool stuff.
  • Make it sing again: She can fix and restore musical instruments, so long as you don't ask too much about her methods and let her work in peace. She takes real joy in bringing the song back into a damaged instrument, no matter what sort.


  • Nothin' says lovin' like somethin' from the oven: JJ, typically, loves to cook. It's a great source of potential conversation. It's a hobby, but she does enjoy sharing her baked goods at the shop from time to time.
  • Pub Quiz Wiz: You definitely want JJ on your pub quiz team, because she has an alarming breadth of knowledge from her time taking random classes at various community colleges across the country as she wanders.
  • Pass the crystal, spread the tarot: Want a tarot reading, or a look at your future through the Futhark runes? JJ is more than capable of giving you insight and good advice as a card-and-rune-reader.


None yet, will post when there are some!



  • Clementine:
  • Kieran: Manic axemeister who brings trouble in her wake. She's like the living embodiment of a slam pit. Needless to say, I like her lots.
  • Oswald: He's the size of three of me! Sweet baby Jeebus, he's huge. Nice, too. He seems like a fella who could use a little more loosening up, though.
  • Persy:
  • Sebastian: