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Could've stayed for a while if we knew
Where we were ending up.

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Armani: My love.

Brooke: I am OFFICIALLY your biggest fan. Like, seriously.

Rhiannon: Like a sister to me. We'll do this right.

Rhapsody: I'll always be here for you, sis. That's my promise.

Lorna: Smart, slick, magic. Nifty.

Branton: Okay, I guess magic is real too. Why not?

Journey: You've put alot of trust in me. I wouldn't dare waste that.

Erin: And some OTHER kind of magic?.. Why... Not?

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Aurelia Leigh

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Full name: Aurelia Danielle Leigh

Age: Early 20s

Occupation: General Manager of Riley Kustoms, Activism

Demeanor: Architect

Tribe: Black Furies

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RP Hooks
Dropout!: Aurelia is a newly minted college dropout. It came relatively out of nowhere, and some people might have questions as to why the perfect student quit so close to the finish line.

Activism: Aurelia is extremely involved in general activism. LGBTQIA+ rights and women's rights are her two primary focuses- but she has also been involved in projects related to racial equality and environmentalism.

Computers, Tech, cars, what doesn't she know?: She's a nerd, who would've thought? She's known around campus for her ability to fix pretty much anything that might be wrong with a device, analogue, digital, or motorized. There's rumors she also might be a bit of a prodigy with encryption as well.

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