Crazy Hector's Fun Emporium

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Crazy Hector's Fun Emporium first opened its doors on June 8th, 1997, with the goal of providing a fun and entertaining environment that parents could share with their kids. For almost twenty years, this has been a popular spot for weekend stay-cations, school fieldtrips, and everyday fun. From the arcade to the Thunderdome Bowling Alley to the mini-golf course and Splash Zone Water Park, Crazy Hector's provides a little fun for everyone!
The Arcade
The state of the art Arcade features all sorts of games, covering multiple genres — from interactive shooting gallery to immersive racers, Skee-Ball, hoops, and more. The prize counter is stocked with plenty of appealing rewards, from simple stickers or funny erasers to bigger-ticket items including flat screen TVs!CH1.jpg
ThunderdomeBowling Alley
The Thunderdome Bowling Alley sports ten lanes, a lot of balls, a shoe rental, and five pool tables for a variety of fun. There's also the Thunderdome bar, where the adults can have a little fun of their own. Come throw a round or two, or rent out a number of lanes for parties. Anything goes at Thunderdome!CH2.jpg
Hector's World-Wide Putt Putt
The best minigolf course in the country! Eighteen holes packed with tons of fun at every turn! From Pirate Reggie's Wreckage to the No One's One-Eye Adventure, this course runs the gamut of challenging and wacky adventure. You won't believe it 'til you try it yourself. If you need a break, there's the Bo Peep Picnic area with access to our kitchens, the Everest Ice Cream stand, and lots of places to sit and enjoy the shade.CH3.jpg
Splash ZoneWater Park
The Splash Zone water park features three wild water slides, a wave pool, and a bumper boat extravaganza! There's all sorts of fun to be had, so any trip to Crazy Hector's isn't complete without a bathing suit! Towels are provided. We also sell sunscreen and water-proof cameras, and rent lockers so you can stash your belongings without worrying. Come for the fun, but remember: YOU WILL GET WET!
While the brochure paints a jolly picture, this place hasn't always been as 'family friendly' as it might like. During the early '00s this place was under near constant contention between two feuding gangs, each wanting to claim it as part of their territory. A fire broke out and nearly destroyed the arcade, requiring massive reconstruction in 2010. Under new management in 2014, the place began to reclaim its family-friendly aura. It's older, definitely showing its age, but there's a lot of love found there: a love for fun and adventure, a love of having a good time.CH6.jpg