California Belle

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II Forward

Contrasting with the gaudy clutter of the casino aft, this oval-shaped section is dominated by an open stretch of floor space: indigo carpeting, suitable for dancing or other sizable gatherings. Well-stocked bar at the fore, seating and observation windows to port and starboard; at night, the windows can be opaqued and repurposed as television screens. One level up from this is the bridge and crew quarters, doors and trim a warm maple, walls painted salmon with an unobtrusive diamond pattern of light and dark.





Two rows of blackjack tables run the length of the casino area. There are slot machines along the sides, and another group of them arranged in a circle at the aft end, surrounding a miniature globe suspended within a trio of concentric gold circles. Glass cube panels in the ceiling usually allow natural light to pass through, but can also be illuminated with recorded footage of a submarine dive with technicolor schools of fish swimming above.



Lido Deck

An open air swimming pool, five feet at the deep end, paired with a circular hot tub. Drinks are served here, though the bulk of the liquor supply is kept further down. The exterior of the ship is clearly visible: mostly white, with green and gold trim and a crimson paddlewheel.