Teatro di Sofferenza

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* Owner - Apone
* Night Manager - Kylie
* Grid Location - Market St. and Maple St. (#327)
Teatro di Sofferenza

xxxxxTeatro di Sofferenza is a nightclub that caters to the BDSM scene. Located at Market and Maple Street, it is surrounded by other high-scale businesses, including restaurants and hotels. The well-known Club 215 is in the area, and draws its own particular crowd.

xxxxxThe nightclub itself is a place of taboo and indulgence. Ebony and crimson rule the decor, the dance floor often covered in a layer of fog. There is a well-stocked bar for all to enjoy, as well as private pavilions for patrons to enjoy themselves with some measure of privacy. For those who are less concerned about privacy, they may be able to show themselves off on the stage.

Amenities and Services

  • Private pavilions
  • Clean and sanitary toys and restraints
  • Slaves available for rent
  • Fully stocked bar
  • Open dance floor


  • Access to VIP areas.
  • No media or law enforcement permitted.
  • Thorough background checks required.


  • No outside weapons. There are implements available for play available in the club that are regularly cleaned and sanitized.
  • No unwilling/unwanted abuse or use of patrons or staff. Play safe, and play consensual.

The OOC Stuff

  • While this is a BDSM club, please refrain from being too graphic during your RP. It's still a public area. There is places code available for your use.
Staff and Management
Apone.jpg Apone: Owner
NaughtyRemi.jpg Remi: Part-Owner (Silent-ish)
Kylie3.jpg Kylie: Night Manager
Lena1.jpg Lena: Dominatrix