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Update: 07/06/20

  • Cooler: Dawson has hired someone to lead the bouncers at the Styx. The guy's name is Levi and is responsible for keeping the peace in the bar - which usually means getting trouble to leave before it BECOMES trouble.
  • A Family Affair: Dawson's Latino bartender, Danny, has family who work in all corners of the city. From his cousin that runs the construction company that did the renovation of the bar's loft into an office, to his other cousin who runs a power cleaning service. If you need it done, chances are he's got a member of the family, somewhere, who can do it.

Update: 07/05/20

  • Streetwise: Additional information has been added about how things work, what's available and some fun additions to rp at the Styx. Just jump over to the bar and type .street. it will give you loads of rpable information to add to your scenes at the bar. So, if you're some criminal type head over and check it out.

Update: 04/24/20

  • Styx and Shadows: The Styx has always had rumors surrounding it as a 'haunted bar'. Whether it was from weird stuff moving when no one was near it, or strange words scrawled in the fogged mirror behind the bar or sudden spurts of boiling hot water in the bathrooms. No one's given it much attention but recently some Wraith have begun an investigation into the supernatural history of the bar.
  • Stones and Specters: Then, a curious pair of Wraith seemed to take an interest in the bar and started to poke around. It took them into the back room with all of its strange, calligraphic writing on the walls and down to the basement with its own secrets. Their investigations revealed more than one secret buried below the bricks of the basement and caused quite a stir for the bar's owner.
  • Spirits and Lives: The bar is now host to a few wraith who wish to further their understanding of the bar and its connection to their world. (Closed-Plot)

Update: 04/19/20

  • New Meat: Apparently someone else took the offer and has put on the t-shirt of a piece of fresh meat at the bar. The girl's name is Imogen and who's to say how long she'll last.

Update: 03/08/20

  • Cook Out?: Rumors in and around the Styx start circulating that the boss,Dawson, has started ordering large quantities of beef. Originally Tommy, the cook and master of the kitchen thought that there must be some kind of big event coming up and that the freezer was just getting stocked in advance. Nope. Now sides of beef aren't small, nor are they cheap. So when one showed up in the walk-in freezer Tommy's eyes started to gleam with the possibilities of what he could do with all that meat. And then another showed up - well, maybe there was an error in the order. And then a third and finally a fourth; two whole cows of beef got ordered and stuck into his freezer. But when he could finally ask the boss what was up - the beef was gone and Dawson just told the cook that it must have been a mistake and he'd look into it.

Update: 03/04/20

  • Blue Dragons: After Naomi wandered into the bar and had a few drinks, her exit was noted by the Blue Dragon Gang (see MoGui). The woman left the bar with three of the Dragon boys following but was fast enough to outrun them at first. By the time they got back to their bikes to run her down she was already lost in the streets and alleys of downtown.
  • OOC: Theme: New code was added to the bar to help convey the theme of the place. It details things like music, decorations, the clients and the general feel of the place. Once you're in the main room just type .theme

Update: 02/04/20

  • Bombing: Rumors fly wildly that some kind of weird, metal cylinder was found in the mysterious Lost and Found box by the bar. The metal tube was sealed, with no apparent openings, and baring a Bio hazard symbol on one end. Evonnia seems to have found it in the box and was trying everything she could think of to open it. Unable to force it open, she threw it at someone (Joel) and it exploded in mid-air. The detonation cloud covered people at one of the booths in a shower of stripper glitter.

Update: 12.13/19

  • Missing Gang: Rumors are circulating wildly from Imperial Beach all the way up to Oceanside that a biker gang has vanished. The gang is/was called Los Lobos Locos and was located in Chula Vista. The group was small, numbering only about a dozen or so riders, and was just getting themselves established when they heard of someone encroaching upon their claimed territory from Tijuana. Armed to the teeth and wearing their colors proudly, the gang headed south one night and was never seen again. What's more interesting is that their roost - an old country house just outside of Chula Vista - looked like it was hit by a tornado the next night. Every window was broken, every door was practically ripped off its frame. Furniture was tossed around inside like it was nothing but no one was found.
  • Almost a Ruckus: It seems as though some ladies came in the bar and started buying shots and food for people. You'd think that this would have been a great thing but somehow things quickly spiraled into a near drunken brawl as someone was heard screaming about roots and trees and ...well, it gets a bit hazy at that point.

Update: 11/19/19

  • Trouble on Two legs: Another in a series of drop-dead, nearly unbelievably gorgeous women just wander into the Styx and the bikers are starting to pick up on the trend. Before they got overly friendly, Dawson encouraged the woman that if she's just there for a drink that she should finish up and get out before they start to surround her. (Log: Trouble on Two Legs) and new +view to help people understand what they should expect within the Styx. (Pastebin)

Update: 8/10/19

  • Midnight Special: Word is circulated among the tradition mages through whatever means is common and reliable for information to be spread for each group: Dawson, the owner of the Styx and Stones bar and leader of the Harbingers Biker Club, has made an offer of hospitality and refuge to the members of the Traditions. Should someone need temporary refuge from the dangers on the street, he explains that they only need to contact him through the Styx. His offer includes at least three nights of shelter, showers, laundry and and plenty of bar food to hold them over. Anything beyond the three nights or the confines of his basic offer will require further negotiation. And, as expressed, this is an offer of hospitality and all those wishing his aid will abide by the ancient traditions. Just go to the bar and ask for a "Midnight Special".

Update: 8/9/19

  • Window Fixed: The large window by what was the booths in the bar has been repaired - this time with the safety glass that doesn't shatter on the first impact. The owner, Dawson, reportedly threw a brick at it to test the claims and it didn't break. Not saying that it will hold up against a bullet but it should last them a while at least.
  • Kwazy Koreans: The Khang Pae biker club, the Korean bikers that shot up the bar a while back, have apparently gone crazy. One night, their members seemed to turn on themselves in a massive shot-out that left no one standing. Those sources close to the gang suggest that their internal politics finally boiled over into a jealousy-fueled fight for new leadership. Other sources claim that three lieutenants seemed to "suddenly" turn on their leaders and all those who supported them. Then, to eliminate potential rivals, began trying to kill one another that left them all dead.
  • Bronze Tigers: Possibly to fill a potential void left by the Khang Pae, the Chinese Tong has decided to start mingling in and around the bar occasionally. Never in small groups, the tigers have been dispatched by the higher-ups in Chinatown to locate and destroy anyone attempting to do illegal business in or near their territory without permission. Why they're at the Styx is anyone's guess.

Update: 7/30/19

  • Reconstruction: Dawson, owner of the Styx, has been heard saying that he's already in the process of repairing and reconstructing the damage caused by the gang fight the other evening. The large window that was above the booths is still covered by the large hunk of plywood. Rather than leaving it natural wood in color, Dawson had it painted black with the message "Still Open" in neon green spray paint. The booths by the window have been demolished and the remains hauled away so that he can make space for their replacements. The large mirror, however, couldn't be salvaged, neither could the bust of Charon that was blown to bits by gunfire. No word on whether he's planning on replacing either of them.
  • Deaths: One of the Fresh Meat, a guy named Freddy, died in the gunfight - hit by one of the first bullets as he emerged from the kitchen. No family or other connections were known for the man. Dawson was reported to say that those who are thought to be responsible will be sure to hear from him soon. Alternately, a single member of the attacking force was killed by parties unnamed, and this lends people to look to the Khang Pae Gang - though the authorities are still "looking into the matter".

Update: 7/29/19

  • Fire Fight: Members of the Kkangpae gang decided to try and take out their enemies, the Bjorning, in the late hours of the night. Molotov cocktails broke through the window near the booths and made a curtain of fire that prevented anyone from getting out through the front. Then they started shooting at the viking-like bikers inside and their enemies fired back. Bullets and fire broke the large mirror behind the bar and killed the lights inside. Damage is reported to be moderate to the front of the bar and someone sealed it up with plywood sheets until they can get the mess cleaned up. Lin, Sharon, Raise, Shane and Elijah were present when the attack happened and rumors circle wildly that Dawson took a bad shot to the shoulder and went down.
  • Fatal Shooting: Rumors swirl around the Styx like flies as word circulates around the city that at least one person was killed during the attack possibly more. Onlookers swear that they saw some of the bikers in the bar hauling a body away before the authorities arrive. Also, though unconfirmed, the owner of the bar - a man named Dawson - was shot during the exchange and hasn't been seen since.
  • Damage to the Styx: A recent attack by one of the gangs has damaged the bar. The large window by the booths (see +view here/Map) was broken by hurled flaming bottles. The booths have been burnt to the point of destruction and the closest pool table was seriously scorched by the fire. Decorations like the Ferryman statue on the wall and the large mirror behind the bar was also broken by incoming small arms fire. Plywood has been anchored to the outside of the bar to block off the broken window and most of the damage has been removed (but not replaced). The booths are gone, the mirror is gone and the ferryman is gone. The smell of smoke is still in the air and the lights are being repaired - and tend to flicker a lot).

Update: 7/19/19

  • Raw:
    It seems that Dawson has given the door man at the Styx a new stamp to mark the underage folks who are foolish enough to enter into the bar. Following in the theme that he 's created at the bar: new employees are called "Fresh Meat" and they have to complete a week-long audition known as "Meat Week" he's definitely got a /carnal/ sense of humor. Either way, tagging someone as "raw" has definitely gotten a rise out of the Bikers in the Back (tm). One patron equated the idea to tossing a bucket of chum to a swarm of sharks. Dawson just smiled.

Update: 6/20/19

  • Dungeon: A scandalous rumor has started to float around that there's some kind of creepy sex dungeon below the bar. Fresh Meat that doesn't make it through their initiation week are taken below to be reeducated. When asked, the owner and most of the staff just laugh at the idea, but a few people who tried to work there and quit before their Meat Week was up said that they heard strange sounds coming from down there. Men, women...girls...and sometimes boys would go down for hours. No one was allowed down there either. Could be just a rumor spread by an ex-employee that couldn't cut it. Might have some element of truth, but Dawson ain't talking and no one gets in there. So who knows.

Update: 5/30/19

  • A Wake: Word gets out that there's another wake planned at the bar. It seems that Devon has been tapped to join the Harbingers and her initiation is scheduled for 'soon'.

Update: 5/21/19

  • More Meat: Devon did her first hire - after some interesting exchanges - and pulled in Kaori, one of Miss Eva's girls that's looking for more vertical work.

Update: 5/17/19

  • Floor Lead: Devon was promoted to stand with Tommy and Danny as one of the three leaders of the bar. Tommy leads the Back, Danny Leads the Bar and now Devon leads the Floor (leader of the wait staff). Since there's plenty of Fresh Meat running around, Dawson needed to pull in someone with the skill to get the job done, wrangle the newbs and take some of the work off his shoulders.

Update: 5/15/19

  • The Last Walk: Tonight was a good night. Wendy Mullen, one of the pieces of meat, was called up to the bar to make her last walk. Dawson had been watching the blonde girl work and approved of her performance enough to flick the switch. The sounds of Highway to Hell was heard as a call-to-perform. At the end of the number she was announced, by name, as the newest member of the crew and given her name (other than just yelling "hey meat"). From then on, Wendy was a real person. ((Think of this like the Coyote Ugly Bar Dance + Intern Graduation))

Update: 5/9/19

  • Back from the Dead: The party for Sumter's initiation into the Harbingers was held at the bar. Lots of people came to mourn the loss and celebrate his revival. The motorcycle club continues to grow. (link to follow)

Update: 5/6/19

  • Wake Set: The final phase of Sumter's initiation into the Harbingers at the Styx and Stones. Details of the wake on the Harbinger's Wiki. Expecting roughly a 2 hour scene for roasts and toasts before Sumter is brought back to life by the Angel of Death. After then it's up in the air (freeform Rp). (Details of the wake to be found here: Harbingers).

    Guests to include:
    • Friends of Sumter
    • Patrons of the Styx
    • Harbingers

Update: 5/4/19

  • New(er) Meat: Dawson was approached by a gang banger named Grinch who just got out of prison. He's covered in ink and probably one of the Aryan Brotherhood and asked for a job. They talked for a while and Dawson had some concerns about the man's temper. He told him that if he couldn't hold onto it, he'd have Sierra beat his ass in front of everyone and throw him out afterwards. The two came to terms and Grinch became the next candidate for Meat Week.

Update: 5/3/19

  • New Meat: Last night Dawson hired a new piece of meat for the bar. She's a shy girl named Wendy Mullen. Who knows if she'll make it through the first night or her Meat Week

Update: 5/1/19

  • Famous Visitor: Yup, you heard it right, Raise (Fame 4) stopped by the bar. You don't know who Raise is? What - you been living under a rock? Raise "The Devil" Devlin is a known name to anyone who follows the UFC. He went undefeated and held the title for a while a few years back. He is still seen pretty often in TV commercials. Yeah, -THAT- Raise. All 7+ feet and 300+ pounds of muscle. The bikers in the back (tm) nearly crapped themselves when he walked in.
  • Bathrooms Fixed: Thanks to a plumbing problem, leaky toilets and more than a few angry looks from Denise - Dawson had the bathrooms renovated and they're finally back up and working (as places). So ya can stop using the alley like a bunch of heathens.

Update: 4/30/19

  • New Art: A half-bodied, wall-mounted statue (like the figurehead of a ship) has been installed in the bar. the skeletal figure is covered in robes and holding a bell in one hand. The wall figure is mounted behind the bar (above the mirror)
  • Midnight Bell: Charon's Bell is rung at Midnight by the bar staff as a signal to those gathered - since there's not a single clock in the place. It's sort of a warning to those gathered that the night is progressing.
  • Charon's Court: (Potentially a weekly event) whereby Charon (someone in the bar) will sit up in his chair and people can ask for favors, help, assistance "from beyond". This is all about exchanging one thing for another. Maybe you need money for rent, a different car, a job, an ex-boyfriend/girlfriend dealt with, etc. Nearly anything can be asked for - it all depends on what you're willing to pay the Ferryman.
  • Wake for the Dead: (upcoming event). It's the final stage of initiation into the Harbingers. It's an open event where by people can roast/toast the person as they rest in a raised coffin before they're "resurrected" by an "angel of death" (read as: stripper).

Update: 4/26/19

  • Meat Week: Styx and Stones is looking for Fresh Meat; that is to say that they're looking for people who want to work the floor as a waitress and/or bartender. All new employees are put through a week long audition during which they're considered as 'fresh meat' because of the nature of the people who tend to frequent the bar. Bikers, Drug dealers, Gangsters, etc. If you can survive your first week you're hired. This is a cash-for-service gig. You get paid nightly during your "Meat Week" (resources 1 level). Interested people should contact the owner, Dawson.

Update: 4/25/19

  • A Very Bad Idea: Dawson had an idea to help improve business and relations with the local gangs. He thought that he'd have a wet t-shirt contest but rather than making it an /actual/ contest, he'd just hire some local talent from Miss Eva to put on a good show for the guys. The women get paid, the guys get a good show - what's the worst that could happen? Log Here

Update: 4/24/19

  • New Merch: For reasons defying explanation, Dawson has got t-shirts made for the pool hall. When asked, he said he's got a plan. Not sure what's up with that.

Update: 4/22/19

  • Lack of Fresh Meat: Devon went and got herself hired by Dawson and "Turbo" was fired from the floor. So they're now looking for more Fresh Meat to see if they'll work out.

Update: 4/20/19

  • Auditions: It looks like this week's Fresh Meat is working out, but more importantly the other audition - the one out in the alley - has gotten people's attention. One guy, Ken, apparently took on a dozen bikers from two different clubs. He challenged the whole pool hall saying that he could beat the baddest MF in the room. The bikers thought they'd oblige. He trashed three of them and =scared= off the rest. Yeah, def. got the owner's attention. LOG HERE

Update: 4/19/19

  • Fresh Meat: Dawson pulled in a few pieces of Fresh Meat for the weekend. One's a guy named Josh but he likes people to call him 'Turbo' (NPC) and the other is a blonde named Devon. Josh, since no one's calling him by that other name, is helping to keep the bar stocked while Devon is waiting tables. Who's to say which one will last.

Update: 4/18/19

  • Open for Business: All of the renovations have been completed and the blue tarps have been taken down. The front end of the bar / hall haven't been touched much but the back end has had some work done.
  • New Hours: Now that the construction is done, the hours of the pool hall / bar have been adjusted so that the place is usually only open for business in the evening. Crews report in the morning to clean up from the night before and prepare for the following night.
    • Nightzone: The bar is now a nightzone with the occasional rp during daylight hours.

Update: 4/17/19

  • Almost Done: The construction and renovation to the back of the place is almost done. The blue tarps still hang to keep the dust and things to a minimum. The old plywood bar has been replaced by something made of riveted steel and the old bar stools replaced by metal versions to keep them from falling apart after every Friday night fight. Repairs continue and should be done soon.

Update: 4/15/19

  • Biker Bar: The place may have had its fair share of bikes parked out in front back in the day but there seems to be a consistent presence of them now. Even though the place is still being renovated, the half-dozen or so bikes switch out throughout the day suggesting that the place has become a lot more biker-friendly.
  • Have you tried the food?: One of the weirdest things to come out of the new owner's control has been the quality of the food served there. Previously you'd have to be stupid to try eating anything that could be served out of that place but with the new guy, a big boy named Tommy, in the kitchen the stuff is alright. It's simple: burgers, fries and your typical bar food but the man loves his food and people love his cooking. This ain't no Applebee's but Bikers gotta eat too, right?
  • Locked Up Tight-ish: Because of the recent renovations, the place is only open - hell, the doors are only unlocked when the owner is there with the work crew. If you're wanting to check the place out before it gets finished you'll have to try and find him around.

Update: 4/13/19

  • Under New Management: The Pool Hall has been recently purchased by someone and they're doing renovations. He's not from the area and is rumored to have come in from Vegas.
  • Under Construction: Word has it that he's slapping new paint over old walls, improving the back so that they can serve some simple bar food and trying to make the place slightly better than its reputation.
  • SSDD: The place has always been a spot for criminals to gather and do business and there's no threat of that changing. The owner just seemed to want to change the look of the place if only so that it was cleaned at least once this year.

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Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Everyone drinks.
- Every bar owner ever”

Familiar Faces

Updated 12/13/19

  • Wesley: Former cop turned private investigator, he's doing some work for the boss.
  • Emrick: Our local handy man to keep the kitchen going and the bathrooms working. Yeah, he's just a contract helper but he works for burgers and beer.
  • Roxy: Street Docs are worth their weight in gold.

Updated 8/1/19

  • Alice: Barfly or Something. Loves her favorite seat at the bar. Good source of info.
  • Ken: New Hitter? Channeling Bruce Lee or something. Don't fuck with him.
  • Hardy: Not exactly Fresh Meat since he's not working the floor. He's been pulled in to help Danny out stocking the bar a few times.

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RP Hooks

It's a good night. Nobody died.
“Dalton, Road House”

Public Hooks

Thumper, held by whoever's working as shot-caller
  • Biker Bar: Are you the kind of person that likes your typical biker bar? Rough people, loud music, cheep beer, and the potential for fights to break out at a moment's notice?
  • Legal Age: The Styx is still a bar and legally anyone under 21 wouldn't be able to get in without some kind of sweep. It's rare that the owner has someone watching the door but it's not unheard of. So how do you get past this?
    • RP: Maybe you know someone on the inside? Find someone who works there to get you in and cover for you.
    • Fake ID: Maybe you have the background or the merit - something to cover your age.
    • Arcane: No one's going to card you if they don't even notice you.
    • Powerz: See Arcane.
    • TL;DR: If you're character isn't 21 you're more than welcome to come and rp just be aware that you're sneaking in or somehow disguising your age in your roleplay.
  • Shady Deals: The Styx isn't just about serving beer and playin pool. It's also about making deals, trading favors, buyin and selling of...stuff.
  • Open All Night: The Styx doesn't really get its act together or its doors open until dusk and doesn't generally close until a few hours before dawn. Maybe that's your scene.
  • Witching Hour: Some people might stop by to play pool, grab food or a drink, but it's generally considered a bad idea to stay past midnight. Once it starts getting later, and the usual patrons start getting drunk(er), anyone who might look like an easy mark is generally picked on, targeted. A bell, like an old church bell, rings throughout the bar as sort of a signal to those gathered to let them know when the hour passes.
  • Charon's Court: Maybe you need a favor? Maybe you need something that you normally can't find through other means. Maybe someone there can help you. Whether it's money, a problem to be fixed or a person to be dealt with, there are lots of options once you step through that door. But...there's always a price. All you need is two gold coins (dollars) to start your journey.


  • Streetwise: More information can be found within the main bar by typing .street


The owner has sort of a sot spot for people trying to turn their lives around and needing some work. However, he's not running a charity so anyone who wants to pick up some quick cash has some hoops to jump through to demonstrate that they're worth him hiring. Call it an interview process, an audition or whatever - anyone who wants to work at the bar has to go through the same process. It's often referred to as "Meat Week".

Meat Week

During this audition phase, all new employees wear a standard bar t-shirt that reads FRESH MEAT across the back, because they're essentially just raw meat thrown into the grinder of the nightly drudgery of keeping the biker bar going. They serve booze and food, clean tables and floor, scrub the bathroom, empty the trash, anything and everything that would be considered a lowly, dirty job of any bar / pub - it's a Meat Job.

  1. You lose your names for that week. If someone yells for Fresh Meat - you answer and do what they tell you.
  2. You are not paid for your Meat Week - if you get tips you can keep them. We feed you before and after your shift.
  3. You are the first to show and the last to go for each nightly shift.

When you complete your Meat Week, and if you managed to impress the boss, you are given the chance to work at the bar for real. You're paid, given a schedule and set duties. You even get your name back.

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Fresh Meat
  • Dawson: Shot-Caller.
  • Devon: Floor Lead. Head of all Waiters & Waitresses.
  • Sierra: Security & DJ
  • Hardy: Barback (hauls ice / beer to the bar)
  • Wendy Mullen: Floor (Waitress, etc.)
  • Tommy: (The Cook)Tommy is a stout-looking man with no neck, fifty-extra pounds, a sleeve of tats up one arm and a scar on the side of his neck that looks like someone tried to punch his ticket with a pointed object; which it very well may have been. Any one who can read a person would peg this guy as an ex-con by the way he carries himself and all of the mileage written on his body. He speaks with an accent straight out of the Bronx. At the first bite you can tell that Tommy -loves- his food.
  • Danny: (The Bartender) Danny, the would-be bartender, hobbles with the gate of an amputee. It’s nothing that you’d notice if he was standing still but as soon as he moves there’s no question about it. The young man is in his mid-twenties, possibly Latino by his tanned complexion with a military haircut and the facial growth of someone that’s been adjusting to civilian life for a year or more. A few tattoos visible just above the line of his t-shirt and the bump of a pair of dog tags around his neck confirm any suspicion that he’s probably an injured vet.
  • Denise: (The Head Server) Denise is an ex-biker chick herself who used to ride with a club back in the 80's. She's been there, done that, got the tats and the stories to go with it. She likes big hair, tight jeans, and lots of lipstick. She's old enough to probably be mom to most of the guys that come into the bar.
  • Miss Eva: (The Connection) Miss Eva is a woman that runs a few girls near the Styx. Dawson has occasionally helped her out and she him when the bikers get a bit too rowdy in the bar and need to be calmed down. It's amazing how a hand full of guys who are ready to rip the walls down can be distracted by a few pretty faces and big tits. They've had a working relationship for a few weeks and Dawson has even extended her the protection of the Harbingers should anything go wrong.

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  • "This is a Biker Bar, not Styx and Starbucks. Why do people come in thinking that it's just another place?" - Anonymous
  • "Patron quote goes here" - Source or Anonymous

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Styx and Stones

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Name Styx and Stones Pool Hall
Type: Business
Concept: Criminal Hangout
Owner: Dawson
Location: F St. and Fourth Ave.
Territory: Kearney
Status: TBD: Awaiting Sitdown.

Influence: Street (2)
Sphere: Mortal+
Faction: None





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F St. and Fourth Ave.

      F St. and Fourth Avenue's sights could easily bring the attention of one's eye with the bright neon glow of signs in shop windows or on billboards whether during night or day. Whatever pleases the flesh can be found here, from shady porn shops, to sleazy strip joints, or even mind altering drugs if one knows where to look. The shops around this area are more of a lower class mix, selling various forms of adult entertainment and the like.

      The air is a bit thicker here in this part of town, more smog than anything else from factories close by. The streets are close to in need of repair, being an older section of town, uncared and overlooked by the rest of humanity while left to rot in its dark sin.

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