Prospect Fire Department

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Prospect Fire Department
The current Prospect Fire Department has a historical tradition dating back to the 1850s, from the time Prospect was incorporated back into the United States following its reclamation during the Mexican-American war.

Starting as several various brigades at the time, including some held over from the Mexican government, intermittent provisionary post war, and the various US military units arriving while the new holding is established, the fire department didn't come to be a whole until 1917, following California State Legislature demanding incorporated cities with metropolitan sized areas to unify civil services to lesson budgetary loads to support maritime war efforts in support of the many naval bases in the state.

While the American Red Cross started its lifeguarding programs in 1914, its not until the New Deal Era of the 1930s that lifeguarding is officially sanctioned by the city and organized under the Fire Department as a life savings program.

Today the Fire Department includes patrolling offshore islands and up to about 3 miles off the coast in dealing with fires, they have ship in their service to assist; beyond is still strictly coast guard, out to the 12 mile mark that belongs to US 'shore'. As well, they have grown to include some of the other fire services in south county, to help with growing expansion of suburbs and control of brush and wildfires, currently developing programs that safely promote the fire ecology indigenous to these regions while protecting new homes and developments as they further encroach.

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Silver - Mechanic - Riley Kustoms; engine help

Silvana - Organized charitable event for First Responders

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July 12th, 2015 - Small fire east of city, canyon country, threatening residential/suburb, response by first responders east side of Prospect. No loss of life, structural damage to several homes from brush fire before it could be contained.

July 16th, 2015 - House fire, resident Yuri Shishkin, non English speaking resident insists on help. Sam contacts Glendora Sparrow for translation, Yuri suggests the fire was not an accident, 'union' thugs trying to employ Yuri's electrical specialist skills trying to persuade him. Incendiary device found and turned over to authorities.

July 18th, 2015 - Abandoned Warehouse Fire. Several squatters in residence at time of fire, no loss of life, injuries sustained in rescue of individuals by firefighter, Cass Kane.


Afoot at the PDF Strange happenings abound at the UC Prospect Fire Department. Doors closing, pictures falling, people being trapped in storage closets. Superstitious lot that they are, a few of the crew are suffering from rattled nerves. A slight increase in number of accidents around the station and at fires which this station responds to.

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Prospect Fire Department
Facts and Figures

Area Served - City of Prospect

  • 300 square miles
  • Population (? - population of Prospect?)
  • 17 miles of coastline extending 3 miles offshore

Fire and Lifeguard Stations

  • 45 fire stations
  • 8 permanent lifeguard stations (25 seasonal stations during peak period)

Budgeted Personnel

  • 800 uniformed Fire personnel
  • 350 uniformed Lifeguard personnel
  • 200 civilian personnel

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RP Hooks
Fire: We put them out, want to have a fire and need fire response, contact a member.

Dog and Pony: We do lots of public speaking and engagement. Will come to schools, churches, organizations, to talk about fire safety. Your work need an annual fire inspection and presentation to comply with insurance needs, by all means, contact one of us.

Suspicious fire activity: Need us to investigate something fire related, don't think that fire was an accident, we are trained professionals in fire forensics.

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Played By: Natalia Velez