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Update: 04/03/20

  • Gambling Den: Rumors (Streetwise 2) circulate that there's a high-stakes card game that's invite only at the Nightowl. Ya gotta know the right people and it's a hefty buy-in to even get a seat but the payoffs are pretty nice.

Update: 03/23/20

  • Renovation: The back room of the bar has some renovations done that temporarily cut short some of the late hours that it's usually open but now it's back up and good to go. New doors, better sprinklers, even some better facilities in the bathrooms. Nice work, all local too.

Nightowl Hours
The bar's open all night - somehow able to stay open much longer than traditional bars in the city. If you got a need to get your drink on head to the Nightowl.
Live Music
A very small stage is open for performance Thursday thru Saturday nights. It can handle small garage-like bands and will occasionally be converted for Karaoke nights.


  • Streetwise (1): It is a local dive bar in Del Mar that's tucked away off the main streets and mostly hidden from view. You'd have to know where it is to find it. Bad location but maybe that's what people like about it.
  • Streetwise (2): The owner has some deep connections within the city council that's let him grab the bar and upgrade it as he can.
  • Streetwise (3): There's a few silent partners who are helping him keep the doors open. Rumors circulate that one's an ex-lover. There's also rumors that a high-stakes poker game goes on in the bar in the back room but ya gotta know people to get the invite.
  • Streetwise (4): TBA
  • Streetwise (5): TBA

The Roost

  • Sanctuary: The Roost operates as a semi-secret, high-stakes gambling den in the backroom of the bar. In such a wealthy community as Del Mar, the Nightowl's late hours accommodates the gambler's needs without making it too public. (See Streetwise) However, the Roost's true function is that of an semi-open sanctuary for vampires and their kind.
  • Access: For the sake of ease of generating Rp, it can be assumed that vampires could have heard of the secret sanctuary under the bar and that it's open to most vampires (see below). +hangouts/jump Roost will drop you into the basement directly but you can also make your way through the bar above if you want.
    • The Movement: All members of the cause (Anarchs) are permitted access to meet, discuss business, possibly even seek shelter as the need arises.
    • The Independents: Members of the Indy clans (Giovanni, Setites, Ravnos, Gangrel, etc.) are generally permitted access to meet and do business as the need arises. The offering of sanctuary is not normally something extended without consideration.
    • The Tower: The Camarilla are generally allowed access so long as they understand that they're not within the domain of the Prince. The traditions of the Masquerade, Domain and Hospitality are in full effect.
    • The Sword: The Sabbat are generally not allowed access. Defectors, Rogues, etc. can be considered on a case-by-case basis.

The Nightowl is an attempt to turn an old dive bar into something retro and trendy. With the walls covered in road signs to the black and white checkered floor, it's in a slow process of turning itself into something respectable in the city of Del Mar.


The owner of the Nightowl, Jonathan Insley moved into Del Mar years ago to live with his first wife. After they divorced he decided to open a bar that would be open long enough for those like himself who were often awake into the wee hours of the morning. When he met and then later divorced his second wife, she tried to take the bar from him and he barely managed to hold onto it and may have had to move into the office upstairs for a few months until the dust settled. He's sworn off getting married a third time but who's to say.

One of the more senior bartenders at the Nightowl, he's not yet thirty and has been with the place for nearly ten years. A local to Del Mar, he's blessed with a surfer's body, a charismatic smile, and enough professionalism to keep the bar running without any supervision. There are rumors that he had some problems when he was younger that prevented him from getting into movies or modeling but he's been fine ever since he started to work for John (the owner).

Name The Nightowl
Type: Bar
Resources: 2
Concept: Local Community Bar
Menu: Drinks and some bar snacks
Owner: Jonathan Insley (NPC)
Silent Partner: Listed as "Jeremy MacNeil" (NPC)
Location: Del Mar
OOC Contact: Susie




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