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March 17, 2020
The club Chrome is open for business.


Del Mar is only a quick, 20 minute drive up I-5 from Prospect. Work in the city and play in the quiet sandy beaches or up in the verdant hills.

Exclusive Property
Want a home on the beach? Something up in the Hills overlooking the ocean? Del Mar has a wide range of beach-front condos as well as hilltop vistas available.

You'd be surprised at how much a difference a 20 minute drive can make. Get away from the hustle of the urban sprawl of Prospect and enjoy the relative seclusion of numerous points of interest along the beach and up in the hills.

Del Mar is a fairly wealthy community. With a household median income of over 120K (compared to the 80k of Prospect), it's rare to see anyone or anything within its borders that would qualify as a Resources 1 purchase or resource. This means that there's no flop houses, no cheap rentals, no abandoned warehouses, etc. The streets are cleaned, the properties are kept up nicely, the schools are A+, the crime is low, the employment and amenities are also top notch.


  • This section of CoH's grid is recently build and consists of a few sections of the main hub of the suburb. It's completely open for shops of any kind. If you're interested in having a crack at less crowded streets to link your projects to feel free to come check it out.
  • In the same vein there is also a massive mall there ICly as well. If there's enough interest it could become a dug section of grid.
  • Emberskies-icon.png
    Territory: Right now this area is being set up as the RL connection for the Unseelie Fae territory of Ember Skies. Are you part of a group that you think would mesh well/not conflict with the above? Sharing is caring! It also builds more rp opportunities for everyone.


Del Mar is a beach city in Prospect County, California, incorporated on July 15, 1959. Del Mar is Spanish for "of the sea" or "by the sea," which reflects its location on the coast of the Pacific Ocean. It is a popular tourist location with an active nightlife and a large mall. Housing ranges from middle class in the lower areas to upper crust in the hills overlooking the ocean.


  • Del Mar racetrack, held live during the summer and now the fall at the Del Mar Fairgrounds. The fairgrounds also hosts the satellite wagering facility Surfside Race Place throughout the year when races are not live.
  • Prospect County Fair
  • Torrey Pines State Beach
  • Powerhouse Community Center
  • Del Mar Plaza
  • Del Mar Antique Show, held three times a year for over 50 years on the Del Mar Fairgrounds
  • North Beach Area (29th Street to Solana Beach border), also known as "Dog Beach".

Points of Interest


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