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With or Without Sox

A brief discussion about a friend's attention raised an interesting question for Carter. Flavien and Cassie teased him that the incoming messages and texts would lead him to only one conclusion with the friend but he wasn't ready for that news. The question was raised if, when he were to cuddle with this friend, if socks would be worn or not. The answer was laughter-inducing for some, embarrassing for him.

Nomad No More

After a brief meeting with some folks in his company, he discovered that what he thought was the truth was far from it. Originally known as "just a nomad", he discovered that he's got even more questions about his life and the future, such as it is, here in Propsect.


Once More Into the Breach

Still no sign of his...uh..."uncle". He's been looking for him nearly a month and hasn't found so much as a single clue that would tell him where he's gone. They got separated on the road on the way to L.A. but he's not shown back up to collect him at their rendezvous spot. So he went to one of the local clubs to see if anyone else had seen him and got to meet a few of the movers and shakers. They were all curious, supportive but no information. However, there was at least one person there who offered to show him her dungeon. And no, that wasn't a crude metaphor.

  • New Guy: Recently arrived from Las Vegas though he wasn't intending upon this place as his destination.
  • Lost Sheep: Originally meant to head to L.A., he and his party met some trouble on the road and he ended up in Prospect as an agreed upon rendezvous should trouble arise - and it did. Now he's on his own in an unfamiliar city.
  • Bookstores: He's a bit of a book nerd and likes to walk the aisles of local bookstores at night.
  • Bars: Being something of a nightowl, he's known to frequent a few bars up in Del Mar - namely Chrome.

Chrome Folk

  • Flavien: Cool guy. Way more fashion sense then I'd ever have.

City Folk

Left 3

Carter/Left 4




Name Creek
Apparent Age Mid 20's
Occupation: Bookstore Clerk
Mask: Rogue
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Blue
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 180
Concept: New Guy

Known Cities

Carter has popped up in the following cities:

  • 2008: Boston
  • 2010: Baltimore
  • 2017: Vegas
  • 2020: Prospect

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