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How can I get a place to live?

  • +rent/list
  • +rent/jump (place) (pick one appropriate to your Resources level)
  • +rent/lease (number)=(name on nameplate)
  • More information: +help +rent

If you prefer, you can +buildreq an individual house.

These are not the only living places in the city, just the only ones on-grid. You can choose to handwave an off-grid living place appropriate to your Resources level.



Name Minimum Resources
Mission Plaza Tower 5
Cornerstone Villas 4
Vallarta Terrace 3
Falcon Square 2
Summit Springs Apartments 2
St. Macrina Arms 1
Li Wong Tenements (Chinatown) 1
California City First Shelter 0


Name Minimum Resources
Avante Seaside 5
Courtyard At Comet 4
Coral Reef Apartments 3
Canyon Park Crossroads 1


Name Minimum Resources
Leisureland Mobile Estates 1
Stillwater Farm Mobile Homes 1


Name Minimum Resources
Carlsbad Oaks 2

Housing blocks

Name Minimum Resources Location
South Gate Suburbs 3 Downtown
Glenhurst 2 Harbor


  • Carmen Vail Hall
  • Weaver Hall Dormitory


  • No Resources required
  • No landlord and thus no +rent/lease, just squat somewhere and take your chances
Name Location
Tent City Downtown
Rundown Building Harbor


Name Minimum Resources Location
Belvedere Hotel 4 Downtown
Thorn Building (businesses) 3 Downtown
Sleepytime Motel 1 Laughlin