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RP Hooks

Current Foundation Projects

  • City Beautification Survey: Ideas to be researched to help improve Prospect as a whole.
  • Courtyard by Comet Survey: Resident satisfaction survey
  • Foundation:
  • Fundraising events:
  • Administrative, Dispatch, EMT Personnel, Secretarial, Security, Chef, Kitchen staff Jobs, and driver available: Please speak with Jolene to be cleared to work for the Foundation as everyone must go through a thorough Drug screening, Security and Background checks. An @mail in game will get the process started.
  • Transportation to and from hospital visits: The foundation wants to make sure that transportation to and from Dr visits is never an issue, and wants to make sure that patients are able to travel with their families so they are never alone.
  • Transportation for Support staff of charitable events: For those who help provide the Foundation with set up and tear down of events, we want to make sure you have the support you need to get your equipment to and from the event.
  • After school activities support for children: Hand of Hope Mission
  • Prepared meals for those in need.: Hand of Hope Mission to serve
  • Providing supplies to support after school activities.: Hand of Hope Mission

-Reach out to Dr. Jolene Addison if you would like to work with the Foundation for support of your organization. @mail Jolene in game.

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The On Wings of Angel's Foundation has been established to partner with local organizations, hospitals, churches, missions and many other charitable organizations and local business.

Our Mission is to make sure that no one in the community is forgotten about, or goes without, As long as we have the resources to help.

Donations are always welcome, are tax deductible and will be used to help the community here in Prospect.

We will accept donations in the form of the following that will go the Hand of Hope Mission:

Gently Used Clothing

Canned Food

Bottled Water

Unwrapped Toys

Computer Equipment (Support Job Core Programs and assisting children with research for school)

Books (Help to promote Literacy)

Sporting Goods (Go to support active lifestyles for our children in after school programs)

Monetary Donations always welcome and will be used where the need is greatest.

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On Wings of Angels Foundation - Courtyard

This beautiful property is surrounded by top of the line security with tall wrought iron gates and beautiful stonework. You must have security clearance to gain admittance or an appointment with someone who works here to be allowed in, even then you must pass through security, both inside and outside.

The building in the middle of this property borrows elements of the beautiful Angawi House in Jeddah, Saudia Arabia with an open courtyard and magnificent central pool and gardens that can been seen from the different floors for the Foundation.

The garden allows for a light floral scent to fill the air and along the path of the courtyard there are ornately shaped wrought iron tables with natural oat colored cushions on each of the chairs surrounding them. Each table has been equipped with outlets and usb hubs to plug in devices to lend to an indoor and outside work environment.

In the Background is the trickling sound of water that pours into an infinity edge central pool that is tiled in an intricate mosaic pattern that makes it look like a persian carpet.

The entire atmosphere has been created with great care to allow for a peaceful transition from an inside or outside work environment for the employees and their families if they wish to invite them to share lunch.

On Wings of Angels Foundation - Foyer

As you enter into the magnificent foyer on the ground floor of the Foundation the garden outside flows inside as well, hanging from the ceiling and drawing the eyes upwards towards the 3d Mural of Angels Wings spanning the ceiling. There ceiling itself changes throughout the day though, to reflect the current season, time of day, and weather outside. In the middle of the foyer floor is the logo of the foundation done in an intricate mosaic pattern.

On this level you must pass through security again before you are greeted by the warmth of the receptionist. The receptionist nor security will allow anyone up into the administrative offices unless they are a employee of the foundation to protect confidentiality of their clients and proprietary secrets of their systems used. Non Employees, vendors who provide services to the foundation, and employee families must also sign a non disclosure agreement when entering that includes pictures will not be taken or shared while on property, and anything seen will not be disclosed. This is a secured facility that requires background checks of employees to be conducted, and drug tests to be performed before allowing anyone to work here. Each time someone visits, they must sign a written consent form, as well as a digital consent. Employees are also advised when starting that random drug test can be preformed at any time and will be done before employment is granted.

On this floor there is a fully functioning kitchen, as well as the subtle hint of gourmet food cooking not far away. The Kitchen has a private chef and staff to prepare meals for employees free of charge, where no expense has been spared for top of the line stainless steel appliances and fresh produce and meat is brought in everyday. This Kitchen also makes prepared meals for the Hand of Hope Mission daily. as well.

On Wings of Angels Foundation - Administrative Offices

As you ascend the stairs you come up into the heart of the Foundation. The size is not immediately obvious when you enter the foyer but at three stories tall and a wide open floor plan part of this structure has been sunken down into the bedrock.

It is equipped with banks of computers setup for Dispatch to receive incoming calls, state of the art tracking software, for keeping an eye on the fleet of vehicles. If the city is ever in need it can be converted easily over to support Emergency response teams. Each computer requires requires a fingerprint scan before it can be accessed as well as a password.

Each employees is experienced in Emergency procedures in case a situation might arise on the way to an appointment. The Floor here is open, and there are simply no division between staff, in case of an emergency supervisors can get to the staff members easily and carefully monitor what is going on.

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On Wings of Angel's Foundation
Founder and Administrator: Dr Jolene Addison

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Foundation Administrator: Dr Jolene Addison

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Admin Assistant:

Jasmine Montgomery (NPC)

Community Liason:

Jefferson Star


Christina (NPC)

Toni (NPC)

Human Resources:

Damien Williams (NPC)

Toni Bradley (NPC)

Heads of Security:

David Adams (NPC)

Keith Bearup (NPC)

Head of IT:

Michelle Myers (NPC)

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