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A night club owned byFrancis William Aiden. It is shaped like the tower of London and plays euro-dance hits from all time of Europe.

The music is half industrial trance and random shit. It's like a goth girl high on pixie sticks and coke and maybe shrooms is playing the music......who says she is not......The dj looks a tad crazyyyyy in her cage.

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RP Hooks
Euro trance club-Oh yeah bum bum bum grind!

Drugs-Not us why the fuck would we do that!

Weapons-No we don't sell them here.

Bar-Fully stocked with home-brewed beer and also only micro brewed.

Tower of London-There is a tour each Friday night showing the history of the tower of London.

Fight Club-Hell no that is a risky thing and we are all about safety here.

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The Tower/Logs

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The Tower

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Dance the night away!

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Jackbartender.jpg Jack Hope-Bar tender fun loving and amazing.(NPC Staff has stats if needed)

JamesBouncer.jpg James Randell-Bouncer and all around cool dude.(NPC Staff has stats if needed)

MercyHope.jpg Mercy Hope-The amazing spooky dj with all the right moves.(NPC Staff has stats if needed)

Secuirty head.jpg Anarchy-That is the only name he answer to and he runs a tight god damn ship.(NPC Staff has stats if needed)

JacksonHenderson.jpg Jackson Henderson-Anarchy's right hand man and great in a brawl.(NPC Staff has stats if needed)

Boxer1.jpg Boxer! She's the on-call electrician and fixer. She makes everything work like it should.

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The Tower/Gallery

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