Timeless Tokens

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As you enter this huge building it seems to be a disorienting swirl of darkness, flashing lights, and noise. Off to one side is a large counter where a cheerful staff member greets you, both informative and helpful. They explain that the gaming area is split into three large sections:

  • The Past ~ Pinball Machines, Space Invaders table-top, Pacman & other Classics, Carnival types, and more

A cleared area at the side wall projects black and white classic movies silently amid the chaos.

  • The Present ~ Foosball, Pool and Air Hockey Tables, Superheroes, Sports & Artillery Galore

A wide screen TV hung over the games project an array of popular action movies.

  • The Future ~ Star Wars, Star Trek, Transformers, Apocalyptic (TWD), Aliens & Predators

The side wall has a wide screen TV showing constant SciFi selections

The bright and colorful main room is large, dark even during the day, and filled with a babble of sounds both human and electronic merging together. This constant roar of white noise makes it impossible to hear much beyond your immediate surroundings. What little lighting is focused on the main paths to move about the arcade guiding you from one form of entertainment to another, and the twisting maze of arcade machines seem to almost be lit by the machines themselves. Lights strobe and flash in various colors and strengths at irregular intervals. This explains the warning for those suffering from epileptic seizures at the entrance.

The sanctuary of stable brighter lighting is where the gaming tables, and the adult sized ball pit are located right before the more calming bar and dining room area.


For more fun, visit End Of Times, right next door: LaserTagArena.jpg