End Of Times

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Located at Belvedere and Beach in the Harbor District

After exiting the base, the darkness is exhilarating. Neon light provides enough illumination to see the turns and corners (or at least most of them). Decor of crumbling Greco Romanesque style columns and overgrown plants give the large, two-story arena a 'reclaimed by nature' vibe. It looks as if some disaster hit this area, destroying the life that had previously thrived here. What happened? Wars between nations? An alien invasion? Have the Zombies taken over? Wrecked cars, and partial buildings litter the area, creating a perfect spot to challenge the survivors.

Time to begin your match. Are you the hunter, or the prey?


  • At End of Times players battle it out in out in a post apocalyptic laser arena with the latest technology, lighting and sound. Step first into the Briefing Room to discover what your mission is. It does not require any prior skills. All players receive a full mission briefing followed by gearing up. Next is the armory vesting room where you strap on the latest vest and phaser. Then step into another world – the Arena, dimly lit with fog swirling amid the ruins of a once thriving world. The arena has plenty of places to hide, but no where is completely safe!

  • Laser tag is a high-tech form of hide-and-go-seek for adventurers ages 7 to 97. The only requirement is that you are at least 32" tall. When you are through with your briefing and fully equipped, you go into the Arena. When the heart thumping music starts, it’s game on! The game is played by firing your phaser at other players, the GEMs and the bases of the other teams (if playing in a team session). Once tagged, a player is deactivated and cannot tag anyone or be tagged by another opponent for six to ten seconds. But after this time is up, it’s fair game to be tagged again! (ooc: gamewise that is approximately one round of poses).

- Energy – One energy point is lost every time you are tagged. If you lose all your energy, you are deactivated for 10 seconds and lose one life. Once the 10 seconds is over, you reactivate with new ammo and energy.

- Ammo – Each player begins the game with 1,000 ammo per life.

- Lives – Each player begins with 20 lives. Every time you run out of ammo or energy, you lose a life.

- Credits – Each time you tag an opponent, you earn one credit. Credits can be used to obtain special power from the GEMs.

- Points – Each time you tag an opponent, you earn 25 points, but you lose 5 points each time you are tagged.

- Rank – Keep track of your ranking throughout the game.

  • Eight GEMs are located on the walls throughout the arena. When tagged, the GEMs give you special powers for short periods. To receive the special powers, you must earn credits to exchange for the GEM. Each GEM displays how many credits needed to receive the special power. But beware! The GEMs also play an interactive role in the game. If a GEM detects someone walking by, the GEM begins a three second count down and once it reaches zero, it will tag anyone within 15 feet! You must hide or tag the GEM before it reaches zero.
  • Special Powers

- Rapid Fire – Tag opponents with continuous laser fire as you press and hold the trigger.

- Mega Power – Tagging someone with this power deducts 10 points from that opponent, instead of five.

- Extra Energy – Boosts energy to help you from being deactivated.


OOC Notes and Hints:

The number of players, ammo, and lives in the game sessions can be adjusted as needed for each group.

To help coordinate it is suggested that one player acts as Game Master/ST/Record Keeper.

Use the following, shown on the map, to keep track of where you are, as well as other players:


Zone 1 - The dark gray area with a Broken Column at the center

Zone 2 - The pale blue area with the Rechargers in the Center of Arena

Zone 3 - The pale salmon area with a Wrecked Vehicle at the center

Alley 1 - Brown area on the side is a long, tight alley

Alley 2 - Brown area on the side is a long, tight alley


Zone 4 - Sniper's Perches

Zone 5 - Neutral (Upstairs, not shown)

Suggested Rolls:

For Map Movements/Strategy: Intelligence + Enigmas (or Investigation) Ex: Noticing on map that the chute could get you faster access to neighboring Base.

For Spotting other Players: Perception + Alertness (diff 7 in Zone 1 and 3 due to many hiding places and smoke, diff 6 in Zone 2 due to little hiding places, and diff 5 in Alleys due to close quarters.

For Firing: Dexterity + Firearms


After the game session, celebrate with some good food and drinks at Redemption Restaurant


For more fun visit Timeless Tokens, right next door: