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A hidden gem recently unveiled on Market and Ash, just down the street from Wafflemania!

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OOC: Members are given a key to access the garden. Read Garden rules in the shop to see grounds for getting membership revoked.

What we are

By The Plot is a non-profit organization Community Gardens, Shop and Education Center.

Plots are leased on a seasonal 3-month rotation on a income-based sliding scale. This is to ensure that homeless and low-income families have the opportunity to grow their own food. For a family on foodstamps this can dramatically stretch those valuable food dollars as a well tended plot, or two, can keep a family in fruit and vegetables year-round. A certain number of plots are reserved exclusively for this population. All other members plots are available on a First Come, First Served basis.

Lease Seasons Sliding Scale
Spring: March 1 - May 31 Res 0 - 1: Free
Summer: June 1 - August 31 Res 2: $50 per season
Fall: September 1 - November 31 Res 3: $100 per season
Winter: December 1 - February 28(29) Res 4*: $200 per season

All money from lease fees, shop sale and classes are put back into the organization to cover costs of operating such as the utility bill, seed stock, tool and ground maintenance.


Owner: Caressa
Manager: Caressa - also hiring for Office Manager
Shop Clerks: Hiring

Educators: Seeking Chefs, professional gardeners, nutritionists
Looking for people who can teach cooking, gardening skills, food nutrition and food preservation. If you'd like to volunteer another topic, contact management.

Members, Supporters and Volunteers

Thank you to our generous membership and supporters!

To Become a MEMBER, contact Caressa.

To have your business become a SUPPORTER, contact Caressa.

Velvet Dreams
Eirsway Clinic
Fairie Florals

Thank you to those who help!

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Education Center Fire Ring


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