Wing Kong Exchange

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Wing Kong Exchange
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Information Snapshots

xxxxx The Wing Kong Exchange (WKE) is one of, if not THE, oldest businesses in Chinatown. Rumors persist that the owner has ties that can be traced back all the way to the founding of Imperial China. The WKE can be found within the confines of Chinatown's Alley Maze.

xxxxx The Wing Kong Exchange is a legitimate export/import business, managed by Cassie Wing of the Wing Kong Benevolent Association, assisted by Sammy Kong.

xxxxx Those with Streetwise 3+ would also know that it is a front for the Wing Kong Triad - a large sprawling criminal enterprise in chinatown. The Wing Kong have hundreds or perhaps even thousands of members and associates, various holdings of land throughout Chinatown, along with money and influence. Those with Occult 3+ would also know of rumored ties to an ancient Chinese black magic death cult of some kind. Oh, and a dragon.

The Wing Kong Exchange

The Staff

Employees Quotes
MistyM.jpg Misty Masuko
Personal Assistant
CassieW.jpg Cassie Wing
Business Manager
SammyK.jpg Sammy Kong
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