Klaussenburg Psychiatric Hospital

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Healing Minds since 1872

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RP Hooks
Insanity: Do you suffer from severe mental health issues and wish to never recover OOC? We can maintain your baseline or help you degenerate further.

Wellness: Do you need a cure for your mental illness or that of another. Such things can come at a price.

Villains: Do you have a revolting concept centered around an asylum, lets talk about it OOC and see if its a match.

Raveners: My plan is to staff this facility with as many of our kind as possible, inquire within.

Heroes: We are far removed from town. The screams of the derelicts do not reach your ears. Needless white hatting requests will be denied.

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Old Gallery

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Klaussenburg Psychiatric Hospital

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The Klaussenburg Psychiatric Hospital was a brick fortress used at different times by both sides in the Spanish/American War. It became a home for the criminally insane in 1872. In that time it was one of the only buildings in the area that would later become Prospect. Purchased by a German immigrant, Dr. Heinrich Klaussenburg; it would remain on the family for generations. It was briefly shut down during the civil rights movement of the 1970s for the perceived cruelty to the patients. It has since reopened as a place of healing under the heir to the Klaussenburg fortune, Erzsebet, the only child of the dying Dr. Peter Klaussenburg. The facility is on the cutting edge of technology and research, carrying on the dark traditions of its past in a newer more seemingly humane bent. It just needed a woman's touch. With such wide resources and accomodations, it is also the most expensive hospital of its kind in California.

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Hospital Director: Erzsebet


Inmate: Thalassio


Resident: Brandy


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