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Off the Record is an independent coffeehouse and retail shop, specializing in goth, industrial, neofolk, darkwave, deathrock, witch house, experimental and post-punk music, as well as books from occult and underground presses like Feral House, Disinformation, Amok, Re/Search, Llewellyan and Scarlet Imprint. Rest assured, if it's dark and weird, either they'll have it or can get it for you. Typical soundtrack for the store:

The patrons who frequent the place are usually as weird and hyper-attuned to subcultural currents as its owner, John Balance is, though oftentimes various local (and not-so-local) celebrities have come through, as have academics. The space is eccentric, but friendly, though not quite as sugary as their closest competition, Prospect Roasters. Where they're renowned for frozen hot chocolate, Off the Record is noted for being coffee purists. Nary a flavor syrup to be found, there.

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