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- Indoor Shooting Range -
"Hone your skills! Impress your friends! Make a whole lot of noise!!"
Find us today on the corner of East Street and Third Avenue.

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Situated between a selection of fast food joints and with a gas station opposite, the firing range is in a good place commercially, with a parking area around back large enough for ten cars. Above the main entrance, the company logo and name announces the location, a doorway leading into an airlock style system to keep undesirables out; entering one door requires the other to be closed and for the receptionist inside to buzz you in, though members can tap their card to enter.
Once inside, the entrance area looks like most offices in the neighborhood, with cream color carpets and white walls, some of the paint starting to flake in places. It is, however, kept clean and presentable, with potted plants dotted around to add some color. A few tables and chairs are gathered nearby, as well as a small sofa and comfy chair, with a row of vending machines along one wall for snacks and drinks. On another wall a large wide-screen TV shows the interior of the firing range, allowing people to watch those already inside.
Off the main area, multiple doors allow access to the classroom, storage, offices and public bathrooms, with a few marked as 'Staff Only'. A long counter, with a member of staff behind, allows for registration and equipment hire. All the equipment is on display, though the weapons are replicas; the actual hire weapons are kept in secure drawers beneath. Once registered, the membership card can open the door to allows access to the firing lanes.
The area has a light amount of security staff, all with holstered pistols and kevlar protection, who ensure people are sensible and play by the rules.
Point Blank Range Layout:
Point Blank Range Floorplan.jpg

Firing Lanes:
The firing lanes are state of the art, air conditioned, with bulletproof glass divides, adjustable targets and comfortable firing points, with shelving for placing additional weapons or clips. Though there are only six lanes allowing six shooters, one other friend or colleague is allowed to join, especially during group sessions, allowing people to take turns.
Point Blank Range Lanes.jpg

Vending Machines:
Need a break or waiting to meet up with a friend? Feel free to access our vending machines. Prices are reasonable and the hot drinks machine is completely free!

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Point Blank Range

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Name: Point Blank Range
Type: Business, Shooting Range
Concept: Street Friendly Hangout
Owner: Under New Ownership
Location: E St. and Third Ave.
Territory: Center Street
Status: Open and Ready for Business

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E St. and Third Ave.

An intersection seemingly devoted to fast food restaurants and gas stations. The area looks pretty clean, all things considered, but the heavy traffic night and day of people getting gas or just stocking up on munchies keeps a particular tinge of grunge and grease in the air. The restaurants all have drive-thru's, and the gas stations all bear large signs with today's gas prices listed on them. Cigarette butts lie in the gutters, and oily wrappers clog the trash bins.

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In the world of the internet, most people now register online to save the extra hassle. Details are sent through a secure server and downloaded into the buildings main booking system each morning. The customer can then collect their membership card at any time, or they can have the card sent via post. If the applicant is bringing their own firearms and equipment, they can also attach their bank details so the hourly fee can be deducted upon entering the firing lanes, allowing them to skip the lines entirely.

To register requires that the applicant has a clean criminal record, are not wanted by Police, and has no registered mental disorder that would affect their judgement. If they do, online, the applicant will be informed of the reason for refusal, while at the registration desk, customers will be gently turned away with an explanation as to the reason why. Customers are asked not to be offended if refused, the range operates under city and federal laws and has no say in the matter.

If the check is clear, the customer details are stored on the range's personal database and the applicant becomes a member, complete with a fancy membership card that has an NFC chip that allows access to the building and firing lanes. There are no fees, but they will be cleared from the system after 6 months if they haven't returned in that time and will have to re-register. Occasional checks are made on existing members to ensure they haven't received any criminal charges, etc, and this usually happens a couple of times a month.

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The prices at Point Blank Range are suprisingly cheap, allowing people from almost all walks of life to spend some time firing off rounds.

Range Fees Per Hour, Per Person:
Adults: $20.00
2nd Shooter Fee (Same Lane): $17.00
Military/Security Personnel: $15.00
Young Adults: $10.00

Rental Fees:
Firearms: $20.00
Targets: $0.75 - $2.00
Eye & Ear Protection Kit: $3.50
Firearm Rental Fees include two boxes of Ammunition.

Firearms, Ammunition, Targets and Protection can be brought in by registered customers, lowering the fee to the standard hourly rate.

For parties of four or more, a group discount of 20% can be applied. Be sure to let the receptionist know so you don't miss out!

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Staff Members
ConnorPBR.jpg RyanPBR.jpg JaydenPBR.jpg

Connor, Ex US Marine
He can be intense, rumors of being discharged for misconduct. Please don't annoy him.

Ryan, Ex US Special Forces
He's seen a lot of action. Generally quiet but amiable enough if you talk to him.

Jayden, Ex US Army
The friendliest of the security team, he left after his previous tour to start a family with his wife.

LucyPBR.jpg BrooklynPBR.jpg

Lucy, Receptionist
Cute and bubbly, this is Lucy's first job. Be nice, she's sweet!

Brooklyn, US Army
Starting her next tour in the Summer. A trained combat medic, she handles first aid.

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