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"The Bill May Be Settled by Coin, Precious Metals, Gems or Hidden Knowledge only."

"Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law."


Visible Security
No electronic monitoring. No cameras. It's just the guests and the staff. If a fight starts the staff will not interfere other than to defend themselves. Police won't be called. Damages will just be applied to the losers bill or in the case of death the winner will have to pay. A modest corpse handling fee may apply.


The Menu

The menu changes daily and the items on it range from the semi-normal, the whimsical, to the obviously poisonous. There are icons of peppers or skulls next to items to indicate how hot and/or poisonous they are. Some items have both.
The menu is well put together if obviously created by a mad person. The recipes are created by someone that could compete on Iron Chef with a reasonable expectation of winning. The food is beyond just good. However with items like 'Bourbon Braised Wyvern Haunch' or 'Shrimp in a white wine and hydra venom sauce' there is a caveat at the bottom noting that if you order an item and cannot see/touch/or survive your meal you still have to pay for it.

  • What is Pandemonium? It is a door on a wall with a impressive handle that will only open for supernaturals.
  • What is Pandemonium? It isn't here. It isn't there. It is elsewhere and different rules apply.
  • What is Pandemonium? Freedom.