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Update: 9/16/20

Power Cubes
Whether you're a wizard of old or an interstellar traveler, everyone needs a mysteriously glowing cube etched with eldritch runes to herald their ultimate power. Similar to the .Guardian staves which are also for sale at the shop, these three inch cubes will glow upon command. With an accompanying phone app to change the color and brightness of the glow, they're a fitting accessory for any wizard or intergalactic traveler. For more information, head on down to the favorite Role playing Game shop and type .Cubes for more information.

Update: 8/23/20

Guardian Staves
Guardian Staff-01.png
With the success of the Park Sabers selling to well in the shop, Rustin has local tech-head, "Chewy" cobble together a more fantastical version. The "Guardian Staff" is a fantasy-inspired, wizard's staff with powerful LED set within an egg-shaped, polyester resin crystal of various colors. The crystal is grasped within the hand of the "carved", five and a half foot staff. The staff is a combination of resin-cast pieces made to look like cast bronze on a real wooden shaft.

One of the "buttons" located below the grasping hand can toggle the staff to its first setting, then second and then off. A second button reveals a lightning port to recharge the battery concealed within the hand. At the first setting, the charge will last between six to eight hours. At the second setting, the charge lasts between two to four hours.

The first setting for the recessed LED within the crystal provides sufficient illumination to easily see, walk or write in a darkened room - about the same equivalent illumination as an average cellphone though somewhat diffused through the crystal. The second setting is considerably brighter and could easily illuminate a space several times larger than the room. Videos on the Guardian's website show the two intensity levels in what appears to be a large, empty warehouse space.

  • At level one, a person ten feet away is fully illuminated but someone twenty feet away from the source is dulled by shadows though visible.
  • At the second setting, both individuals are fully visible and a third figure forty feet away is dulled by shadows.
  • A third setting, which was tested but is not available, was bright enough to fully illuminate all three individuals but the staff was dropped by the carrier when they exclaimed, "Fuck, that's too bright" and shielded their eyes.

Guardian Staves are available for purchase and order at Guardian Games only for ninty-nine, ninty-nine. Come get yours today!

Update: 8/22/20

Bird Strike

Word circulates around the gaming shop and the local RPG community that a "big black bird" smacked into the window yesterday evening. This drew the attention of some of the patrons who went outside to care for the poor, wounded creature. Vivian,Ed and Susie were trying to figure out how to care for the bird, what type of bird it was (crow or raven), what it might eat, etc. Rustin just wanted the bird to stay outside as he didn't want to try and clean up after whatever mess it might make in the shop.

Update: 8/21/20

Custom Graphic Novels

Ever wanted to have one of your stories put into print? How about a small graphic novel to showcase your art or your storytelling abilities?

Guardian Games is now able to produce graphic novels a limited series for sale at their game store. The Guardian's staff of artists and editors can assist you in producing your very own graphic novel that can be on display and for sale through the role playing shop. Feel free to stop by and check out their selection of .novels that have already been produced. If you have any questions be sure to reach out to the Guardian's owner and manager, Rustin.

OOC: Swing by the Guardian and type .novels for an idea of how the short-stories would be displayed. Stories should be in short, paragraph form (for each panel) and of nearly any number of panels.

Update: 8/20/20

Park Sabers
Created for the cosplayer or park-fencer, these light sabers come in almost every style and color found in the movies with a few variations to the grip to allow a degree of customization. The illuminated blades light up with a series of LEDs in a wide variety of colors and can actually smack against each other without getting damaged. When the button on the grip is clicked, the light runs up the length of the blade -and- has the accompanying, and very satisfying sound that's clearly audible.
  • The hilt has a rechargeable battery that can be plugged in easily and will last for around four hours. Changing the color of the blade is as easily as pairing with your smartphone and using an app though standard colors are Yellow, Green, Blue for the 'good' blades and Red for the 'bad' ones. Variations include Purple and White. The blades are detachable should you damage it and need a replacement.
  • These items are a hundred dollars a pop, custom jobs range up to around a hundred-fifty with replacement blades for another fifty. A sign reads that -some- servicing to the blades is possible but prices vary.

For more information stop by the shop.

Update: 8/19/20

Gamer Grimoire
Newly arrived and available at the shop, these grimoire-styled journals are supposed to help record your character's journey through whatever campaign you're in but they're essentially just fantasy-looking, leather-bound sketchbook or journal. Ranging in size from an average PHB to half that, each book comes with over two hundred pages of quality, unlined paper. Great to toss in your school bag or to hide under your mattress, these hand-made, bespoke journals are locally made and available in a wide range of colors and designs. There are five designs each with their own basic color pallet:
  • Green with a Gold Dragon
  • Red with a Black Demon
  • Blue with the Silver Moon
  • Purple with an Opal Star
  • Brown with a Beast's Tooth

It's all for show but some of them don't look half bad. Custom designs are also possible. For more information stop by the shop.

Update: 8/11/20

  • Celebrity Sighting:
    Kameshi Cute Gram 10.jpg
    Found on Twitter, Youtube, etc. Celebrity Gaming Icon, KameHemolele, was spotted today at a local gaming store. Several customers of Guardian Games, a store near campus that specializes in role playing games and paraphernalia, posted to their social media accounts regarding her appearance. One commenter mentioned that there were almost enough photos of the woman to make a 3D model of her. Another mentioned that plans were already in the works.

Update: 2/26/20

  • Combat Light sabers: So two people came in to the shop and made an interesting purchase. Both of them were either not gamers at all or had only the faintest hint of what RPG were. And then Rustin showed them light saber handles...and eventually was able to tempt them with real, smackable, combat sabers. As word spreads throughout the shop of someone getting combat sabers, the geeks and nerds start to cluster and one even lowers the blinds and dims the lights a bit to allow the glow of the blades to be more visible. One even more creative lad puts on theme music throughout the whole of the shop: Appropriate Theme Music
  • Custom Bags: With each of the combat sabers, Rustin included carrying bags for the blades - the idea being that one might want to buy several blades in case one were to get damaged. The handle is what's more personal anyway. They currently have white and black sleeves that look like long thing bags with a carrying strap so that the user can carry the unattached blade with them like one might carry a tennis racket; it even has the Guardian's logo printed along the length.

Update: 2/25/20

  • Dice Giveaway: The shop is doing a giveaway program to college-based gaming groups who register with them. Registered gaming groups get a free set of dice, a pad of printed character sheets for their favored game and updates and discounts on new products.
  • Fliers Across Campus: To help improve the shop's marketing, they've plastered some one-sheet gaming posters around campus with the location of the shop, hours, contact information, etc.

Update: 9/7/19

  • Displays are Up: The book displays for the main gaming lines of the shop are finally up. Dungeons and Dragons, Cyberpunk, Shadowrun and Black Dog Games are situated around the shop with a grand opening deal. Above each display is a sign that reads: If you buy all three of the books for a given edition you'll get a free set of dice to go along with them as well as a bundle of printed character sheets and a campaign record workbook to document your roll in whatever game you end up making.

Update: 9/6/19

  • Open for Business: The shop is open for all of your table top, rpg gaming needs. The titles range from various editions of D&D to Shadowrun, Cyberpunk and most of the Black Dog Games. Plenty of dice, graphic novels, spaces to play, discuss - even a photo copier for character sheets. Signups for gaming groups at the counter. Hosted gaming nights every Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Five dollar buy-in to cover the price of ample food and beverages. Snacks are BYO.

RP Hooks


  • RPGs: Roleplaying Games: Dungeons and Dragons - multiple editions along with associated supplies like miniatures, terrain, etc.
    • Are you a gamer? Needing the newest copy of one of the supplements or gaming books?
  • Social Space: Gamers like to hang out with their own kind, discuss the genre, compare notes, come up with ideas, etc.
    • Are you a gamer geek in need of finding your own people? Needing to get your geek on this weekend?
  • Gaming: Weekends wouldn't be complete with out a Friday night gaming session. Friends and soon-to-be-friends, hanging out around the table and enjoying the tale spun by the Dungeon Master over pizza and coke.
    • Maybe you got a character, a few hours and a few bucks to contribute to pizza?


  • Psychic Safe Space: The backroom isn't just for private games.
    • Are you someone who can hear thoughts, see ghosts, astral project or otherwise register on the weird-crap-o-meter? Maybe you'd like to talk to others like yourself?
  • Paranet: We may not have the strength of the ancients or the power to move earth and heaven, but what we have is each other.
    • You heard something out there on the street? Got a problem with ghosts? Heard that some people been turning up missing? We want to know. Come on by.


Name Guardian Games
Manager Rustin "Rusty" Lowe
Location: Comet and Fifth
1 block west of UCP campus
Concept: Local Gaming Shop and Geek Hangout
Contacts & Allies

  • Arumi: Awesome Cosplay.
  • Robin: Red Combat Lightsaber on the first visit. We expect great things from you in future.
  • Patti: You flipped around inside of a gaming shop. +10 points of instant gamer cred.

The rumors below are shown with an appropriate level of streetwise for you to have heard of them.

Fdgrndot.pngEdgrndot.pngEdgrndot.pngEdgrndot.pngEdgrndot.png It's a gaming shop run by a part-time student named Russ who goes to the University.

Fdgrndot.pngFdgrndot.pngEdgrndot.pngEdgrndot.pngEdgrndot.png Someone was spying on the comings and goings of the people there. Security cameras were discovered inside the shop that weren't installed by the owner.



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