Dusk til Dawn

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Details Who Runs Dusk til Dawn?

        1. You're here to train and have fun. Do both or leave. 
2. The course has two settings: w/ Powers or w/o Powers.
3. Non-power runs are monitored closely.
4. If you don't make it this time, there is always next time.
5. Follow the directions on each obstacle to progress.
6. Again, have fun or stay home.
Location: Carlsbad, CA
Hiring: Contact Asheton for details.
Theme: Camarilla Members Only Training Facility
Security: Security is in place, the property is monitored for the safety of its members.
  • 1. Extended rolls are allowed and probably necessary for many. This was designed to be very difficult and based on some of the hardest obstacles available in Ninja Warrior, WipeOut, American Gladiators, and The Titan Challenge. Everybody has an opportunity to complete the course, that doesn't mean "everybody gets a chance to win". Some might win and others won't.

  • 2. Stamina Rolls:
    • A Stamina roll (diff 6) is needed at the end of the Salmon Ladder, Warped Wall, and Cage Crawl. At least 1 success needed.
    • A botch is the end of the obstacle, pose your own demise.
    • A 0 success roll will require a Stamina roll vs 7. You need to get at least one success or you fall.

  • 3. Currently all the obstacles are a one and done option. You make it through the first time or you are out. That may change in the future.

  • 4. Allegedly we're all grown ups here so unless it is something your character would do ICly, please refrain from using powers on the unpowered runs. Make a choice and stick to it. As stated before, all unpowered runs for "course record" purposes will be watched by Auspex.

  • 5. Please @mail Jolene with all of your rolls if you wish to be considered for the Wall of Fame. For now, we are only putting up the top 2 winners, as we gain more participation, this will be extended. Good Luck!
Discipline Uses:
  • 1. Celerity: Re-roll 1's on dexterity based obstacles.

  • 2. Potence: Bonus successes per level on strength based obstacles.

  • 3. Obtenebration: 2 extra dice for Dexterity or Strength based obstacles. (won't be of use on the final obstacle)

  • 4. Protean: Forbidden. No exceptions. Use of talons will result in the offender paying to replace the damage or be banned permanently.


Obstacle Course
  • Obstacle Course: The course is a gauntlet of challenges. The Conveyor Belt Climb starts the course. Beyond that is the Big Red Balls obstacle. Next comes the dreaded Salmon Ladder. Pipe Slider will challenge the participant next. Survive that, and the Jumping Spider awaits. The Warped Wall, even to the uninitiated this is a known "ninja killer" in other courses. The Wall Lift is next on the trip through the extreme. After that, the Cage Crawl challenges in ways most would not believe until inside. Finally, after all that, the Hell-avator stands ominously waiting to see if any survive to challenge it. If you want to be added to the Wall of Fame you must complete the ENTIRE obstacle course.
    @mail Jolene in the following format.

    @mail/quick Jolene/High Score=Completed Entire Obstacle Course - <Player> -

<1.1>+<1.2>+<1.3>=<Total>+10+<2.1>+<2.2>+<2.3>=<Total>+20+<3.1>+<3.2>+<3.3>=<Total>+30+<4.1>+<4.2>+<4.3>=<Total>+40+<5.1>+<5.2>+<5.3>=<Total>+50+<6.1>+<6.2>+<6.3>=<Total>+60+<7.1>+<7.2>+<7.3>=<Total>+70+<8.1>+<8.2>+<8.3>=<Total>+80+<9.1>+<9.2>+<9.3>=<Total>+90=Total All Points earned – <all obstacles must be completed to qualify for the Wall of Fame and must be witnessed> - <Witnessed by: Katrina or Jolene>
* The Above is an example, you may roll more or less dice for your tries, but each roll, for each obstacle, must be represented. Also each participant who passes an obstacle will earn a pin of recognition for their valiant efforts! Be the first to collect all 20!

  • Top 2 Winners in the Unpowered Category!

  • Top 2 Winners in the Powered Category!


Big-Red-Balls1.jpg Cage-Crawl.jpg Conveyor-climb1.jpg Jumping-Spider1.jpg Pipe-Silder1.jpg

Salmon-Ladder1.jpg Wall-Lift1.jpg Warped-Wall2.jpg Hell-evator1.jpg