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The hardest person to correct is yourself. There is no shame in being wrong. The shame is in choosing to stay wrong.

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RP Hooks
  • Community: A place for Muslims to come together and find fellowship. A support for those new to town and every other benevolent or charitable act you would expect from such a place.
  • School: K4-6th grade, classes also offered to adults on things like gaining citizenship, speaking english, etc...
  • Underworld: Not all Muslims meet only to praise Allah. Middle Eastern criminals find safe places to conference here but it is not overtly sanctioned by the mosque itself.
  • Women's Martial Arts Training: The laws on rape in the United States are not so horrible that one needs four male Muslim witnesses to be found innocent of adultery as a woman, nevertheless men continue to prey on the unsuspecting and helpless. Don't be a statistic. (Evening classes only) Not all jihadi´s are men.
  • Sleeper Cells: Plenty of worthy causes to donate too overseas.

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The Jihad Continues

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Islamic Center of Prospect

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The Islamic Center of Prospect resides in the heart of Downtown and is the largest Mosque in Prospect County. Our mission statement is to serve the religious needs of the local Muslim population and work with the larger community to serve the less fortunate, to educate, and to better our nation. The regular activities held at ICP are the five daily prayers, Friday prayer and sermon, and a variety of educational talks and seminars. We also work with other Mosques in Prospect County in sponsoring and holding events for the local Muslim community. In addition to these programs, ICP is increasingly branching out in working with other Prospect organizations for social causes of interest to all people of faith.

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