Hidden Meadows Country Club

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If you are part of the Hidden Meadows community you can find us on +hangouts!

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RP Hooks

Information on Plots

  • Fungus Amungus: Open to any spirals who are part of the /EITHER/ Pit. Earn Infamy doing monthly chores tending The Dark Fungus! (ONGOING)
  • Blood for the Blood Gourd: Speak to Russ, this was a plot for the pack Novis Noctis Exortu and it revolves around them. (FINISHED)
  • The Watcher in the Water: A strange silver spirit has been spotted in the Penumbra around Blackwater Lake. Why? Seek out Russ to ST more details. (ONGOING)

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xxxxxAn elaborate set of gardens rife with poison foliage decorates the back exterior of the club. Flowers such as Purple Datura, Foxglove and Lady's Slipper grow hidden in plain sight alongside more innocuous species.

Blackwater Lake

xxxxxA lake rests nestled in the gently rolling hills to the south east of the golf courses. This large lake has a sandy shore and docks for boating, fishing and various other good weather activities. Soft well tended grass makes the perfect bed for picnic blankets. There are several large weeping willow trees in the area and some of them line the bank of the lake; their long boughs sweep the glassy black surface of the water.

The Golf Courses at Hidden Meadows

xxxxxFairways of classic links grasses roll between ancient shrub-covered dunes that separate holes from each other and from the nearby lake. Holes test golfers with blind shots to unseen fairway landing areas or greens hiding beyond hummocks covered with wisps of marram grass. Undulating greens challenge all ability levels to read their break but putt true. The Courses at Hidden Meadows have it all.

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Hidden Meadows Country Club


This club is open to all members of Hidden Meadows but it hides powerful Wyrmish secrets below.

More info coming to the wiki soon.
Page Russ for stories.

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While this area is open to all HM members please be respectful to the fact that it is SHIFTER territory and even the Dark Litany adheres to the Veil.

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[The NPCs]

Owner: Raldo Blackwater
Co-Owner/Day Manager: Dina Blackwater
Head of Security: Brian Toomey
Lead Administrative Secretary: Mary Beth Toomey

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