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You don't need to look for a silver lining when your financial future is nothing but clear blue skies, all day long.

Blue Skies Financial LLC specializes in financial advising.

  • Payday loans
  • Student loans
  • Home and small business loans
  • Financial and investment consulting
  • Walk-in hours available
  • Pro Bono available

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Do you enjoy making your money work for you? Do you enjoy playing with other people's money? Do you not have enough, but need some, for a very reasonable rate? Blue Skies Financial is here for you.




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Blue Skies Financial holdings:

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Name: Blue Skies Financial LLC
Type: Business
Location: Broadway and 4th.,
Black Ridge Building, 73rd floor
Sphere: Any
Faction: None


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Broadway and Fourth Ave.

If any city could be considered to have a heart, Broadway and Fourth Avenue would be Prospect's. Like some great forest of Ancient trees, steel and concrete and glass stretch to the heavens to vie for the attention and warmth of the sun, casting their protective shadows over the hustle and bustle of every day life that goes on below. The streets and sidewalks are filled with the buzzing sights and sounds of your average Joe as he or she ekes out their existence in pursuit of the daily grind, coming and going from tower to taxi day and night, the lifeblood of the city, going with the flow to keep the body alive. Skyscrapers and high-rise buildings guard over businessman and tourist, The occasional street performer panhandling for change or the street vendor, barking his wares as they busy themselves in this never sleeping heart of Prospect, huddling close and striving for the perfection that is the city's crowning glory.

The skyline is dominated by the iconic hexagonal towers of Emerald Plaza, expanded in recent years to nearly triple their original height, followed closely by the monolithic obsidian beacon that is the Black Ridge Building. These skyscrapers can be seen from several miles away, seemingly in defiance of the heavens themselves, pulling the surrounding light of the city and sun to themselves to shed in a cold, glassy glow to the streets below, the tops lit with bright pillars of light like massive torches announcing their existence to the world around them.

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