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Body Shots is a strip club located at the corner of E. Street and Fourth Ave.


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RP Hooks


Employment & Employees

Please note that Body Shots is NOT a classy joint. (Prospect has enough of those. The lower class needs some love too.)

Body Shots doesn't have a theme, unless you consider "naked girls" a theme. It's just loud music, alcohol, and attractive women in various states of undress gyrating for tips from horny men.

Employment at Body Shots will justify Resources 1, maybe 2 if you're pretty special. If you have Resources 3 or more, you'll need a reasonable IC reason why you're working at place like that when you don't need to.

Still interested? Does a job at Body Shots sound fun to you? Great! Just edit this page and add your name & position below. (No interview necessary, unless you want one!) You're on your honor that your PC has the dots to perform his/her job, and you are expected to RP & @desc your character appropriately while "on the clock".

Some employment suggestions:


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Name: Body Shots
Type: Gentlemen's Club
Location: E Street and 4th Ave
Territory: Kearneys
Sphere: Any




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E St. and 4th Ave.

On the corner of E St. and Fourth sits a vacant lot. Grass grows in patches, with bare dirt predominant, and some trash strewn over the surface of the lot. A faded, run-down sign has seen better days, and proclaims that 'This is the future Site of Herrick's' written in small letters below. The sign has been here for years, and will probably be here for many more. The buildings surrounding the lot are run-down themselves, with many open retail spaces available for rent.

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