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Atlantis is a dance club located at the corner of Market Street and Ash Street, near WaffleMania.
Open 24/7, the club is famous for its underwater shows during the day and lively music at night.

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Daily Matinee Shows

Atlmermaid1.jpg Atlmermaid2.jpg Atlmermaid3.jpg

Underwaterpole1.jpg Underwaterpole2.jpg

Atlmer5.jpg Atlmer4.jpg

The Olympus Rooftop Lounge


The Depths


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RP Hooks


Every day - undersea amazement!
Every night - dance like it's the end of the world!

  • Monday -- Amateur night: 6PM-Midnight, anyone & everyone
  • Tuesday -- Toga Tuesday! No cover w/University ID
  • Wednesday -- Katerwaul Karaoke: 6PM-Midnight
  • Thursday -- Ladies' night, 1/2 price drinks
  • Friday -- The best DJs from Prospect and around the world
  • Saturday -- The Flood: 10PM-2AM, you WILL get WET
  • Sunday -- Wild Talents: 6PM-Midnight, could be anything!

(Note: if you want to use Atlantis as your performance venue, please do! If your RP time doesn't match up with the schedule, just ignore the schedule and go for it.)

Employment & Employees

Does a job at Atlantis sound fun to you? Great! Just edit this page and add your name & position below. (No interview necessary, unless you want one!) You're on your honor that your PC has the dots to perform his/her job, and you are expected to RP & @desc your character appropriately while "on the clock".

Some suggestions:

  • Bartenders
    • Ambrosius1.jpg Andy aka "Bro" (NPC)
  • Waitstaff
    • Amahle10.jpg Amy (NPC)
  • Mermaids (though probably easiest to RP while off-duty)
  • DJs
  • One-night or weekly gigs (singers, dancers, bands, misc entertainment)

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Name: Atlantis
Type: Nightclub
Location: Market St. and Ash St.
Territory: Angels
Sphere: Any




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Market St. and Ash St.

California city life beams with the tiding, ebb and flow of warm weather air, sunny days, refreshing nights with starry skyline, busy traffic during rush hour and the smell of ocean breeze when the tide comes in to pass on the wind just right. The feel of cool wind blows through one's hair in clear, crystal, natural Prospect conditions most of the time unless it's either foggy or raining which doesn't seem to happen very much. During the night, deep halogen lights line the shadowy streets in a brilliant glow, enriching the city in a life of all its own.

Music from deeper within the Downtown area from ritzier places and hot clubs from upscale to downscale...all classes of life walk through here and there. Towering buildings jut up beside smaller businesses that hide beneath the shadows of the dark monoliths that claim the deep heavens high up above. In alleyways stray cats cry while bums meander about for some decent peace and rest as the world around beats to the thrum and rhythm of the inner urban lifestyle.

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