Alpha Sigma Sigma

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Alpha Sigma Sigma

University of California: Prospect

“Sorority girl: a slutty high-maintenance cliquey bitch for whom drama is a kind of oxygen[...]”

~ Anonymous


Founded: 1998
Location: Off the UCP Main Quad

Alpha Sigma Sigma is a Sorority Chapter House based on the UCP campus. Founded in 1998, it is a Sisterhood that stands as a testament to the strength and beauty of women -- taken literally these last few years by recruiting girls obsessed with exercise and body aesthetic. Their very own well-equipped gym allows them to nurture this passion. Of course, it wasn’t long before the Chapter gained a reputation for extreme parties and the debauchery that accompanied them. The house has recently re-opened after a prolonged renovation (details are [REDACTED]), and Sisters are out in force looking to find PNMs during the rush that suit the Chapter’s ideals.

Students interested in pledging to Alpha Sigma Sigma should contact a Sister as soon as able before the Rush. Social events and interviews will be held during this week, and those deemed to be suited for the Chapter will receive a bid. Accepting the bid will consider you pledged, and you may call yourself a new (probationary) member of Alpha Sigma Sigma. Full sorority life is open to you, but you may not hold office until a second vote is called at the end of the new member period.

A second, blackball vote will be held upon the completion of the new member period, where if successful you will undergo initiation to become a full member. Membership to Alpha Sigma Sigma is exclusive, and you may not be pledged to another sorority chapter simultaneously.

PC Sisters

SiriS98.jpg Siri
Naomi1.jpg Naomi
Charity Bored.gif Charity
Jesic.jpg Mindi