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Information Contacts

Located at Comet St. and Harbor St.

About Our Program

  • The Prospect Opportunity Program (POP) is a for profit company that accepts those that have left prison and puts them to work FOR the community in order to prevent them from going back to a life of crime.
  • POP offers a chance at becoming a contributor of the community. Every participant must start in the work program which includes a variety of job possibilities: car repair, car paint, car wash or the recycle center.
  • Every participant must also enroll in classes for life skills, career education, and therapy.
  • A GED program is also available should the participant be interested in that.
  • Every participant is given a social worker to support them in their transition toward making better choices.

Owner: Madison Lee

Offered Programs Include:

  • Kitchen - Chef, Line Cook, Prep Staff, Dishwasher and Expediter
  • Librarian - Librarian Assistant, Computer Lab
  • Car Wash - Detailers, Car Repair, Mechanics, Body Work, Recycle Center
  • Recycle Center
  • Class Rooms - Languages, GE Degree Assistance, Employment Assistance, CPR and First Aid Classes, Life Skills, Career Education, Therapy
  • Apprentice Opportunities with local businesses

Current Business Partners:

  • Vieux Carre

(Please let us know if you would like to be part of our Apprenticeship Program)

Snapshots Quotes

"We have a responsibility to unlock the potential of our citizens,
and those that have completed their time in prison
have great potential to improve our community."

- Founder of the POP program

“We lose our right to be surprised that California has the highest recidivism rate in the country
if we refuse to hire folks who have taken responsibility for their crimes and have done their time.”
― Greg Boyle


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