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Via Corp Holdings

Originally a small real-estate company Via Corp Holdings has grown by leaps and bounds over the last couple of years, much faster than is normal for any corporation. Today Via Corp has branched out into the fields of Bio-Medical research, banking, corporate and private security, political lobbying, real-estate, and construction. The current CEO’s are Silvana, and Aubrey.

BrightStar Media

Owned by the CEO Jasmine Cross, this media empire deals with everything ranging from Television, Films,Radio and Music. She owns various stations that report on the news, entertainment shows and award winning dramas. The film arm of the company (Cerberus Films) produces and distributes films that have been shown all over the world. Last but not least, Brightstar Media has its own Record Label, BrightStar Records.

If you are an aspiring musician, television star, actor/actress or anything related with Media, then get in contact with BrightStar Media.

Clubs and Bars

Smoke and Barley

Located on Lincoln Blvd. and First Ave., near the seashore. This bar and grill specializes in barbecue and microbrews. There is an NPC bartender by the name of Timor (Silver Fang kinfolk). Subtle signs in the bar - glyphs carved into the edges of the table and such - let those in shifter land know this is a bar of sanctuary for them. Wyrm scent is very weak in this building. There is an Office upstairs for more private shifter discussions. Always room to hire staff!

The Sideshow

Located at D St. and 5th Ave, in the 'artsy' district of Prospect. This venue is a hodge-podge of the eclectic; during the day it is a bistro and market place, catering to the weird and unusual. At night live shows dominate the stage and alcohol is served from a variety of bartenders including the always inept and much put-upon NPC Stacy. Be sure to check out the posted rules, they are taken very seriously and are enforced by a number of bouncers (NPCs Jenson and Ian). If you're fae or fae related, there is always a job to be found at the Sideshow, and housing is often available as well. There is a wood plank hung above the door with shifter markings on it, though paint obscures it and makes it more subtle. The markings read, 'Mine. Behave. (Or else.)'


Located in an alley at 3rd St. and Belvedere. This nightclub boasts a limited menu, a fine selection of alcohol, and a blues bar that gets live bands in regularly. The Artemis VIP Cabaret hosts co-ed burlesque. The Manager (Mystery) is looking for PC Employees both for the bar and the cabaret. The rules are fairly simple. Don't cause trouble, don't hassle the employees. They are enforced by bouncers.


Located at 5th and Market. Rhapsody is an all-ages club in the heart of Prospect. Heavily influenced by the whimsy and themes of Lewis Carroll, it's a trip to Wonderland suitable for the young and the young-at-heart. Down this rabbit hole you'll find the best bar snacks and drinks (both leaded and unleaded) in the city, as well as the most imaginative and eclectic club-goers around. Contact its owner, John Balance or the kitchen manager, Ethan Sienna, if you are seeking employment or to rent the venue for a special event.


Twisted Toppings

Located at Canary and D Street on the harbor near the beach, it features Your Pizza, Your Way. Sweet and savory pizzas are on the menu, with all the toppings you can imagine - and then some!

Other Businesses

Bubba's Pawn and Liquor Stores

Located on the corner of D St. and First Avenue. This is a place to find amazing things at the cheapest prices. Or... get a bottle of cheap booze. Not a fancy place, and a good chance you might get robbed. At least, that is how it looks. But then. Looks aren't all what they seem. Right? Owner Klem is a silent partner to the NPC couple that manage the place.

Darkest Dawn Custom Work

Located on the corner of 3rd and G st., this business is in the process of becoming one of the places that people can go to for the odd crafting need for Blacksmithing, Gun-crafting and Auto Detailing. All services include the ability for custom jobs and are licensed appropriately for everything made. The Blacksmithing pieces are considered to be decoration even if the quality of all work makes every piece very functional for what it is designed for. Guns made tend to be things designed for movie sets or very eccentric individuals that want pearl handles or gold plating and similar things done. (OOC But that doesn't mean every gun that left has been registered with the authorities, but can they prove that?) The auto detailing part of the business is in full operation now for any who want a fancy paint job or to maybe armor their vehicles up. Come in and talk to Simon anytime as he runs the place, or Seven, Van, and Twitch can get a hold of him. Or you can leave a message as the number is on the front of the building and other employees can direct anyone to contact info for work wanting to be done.

BACS Cleanup

Located at D St. and First Ave., this business servers a particular niche in the cleaning industry. Specializing in biological and crime scene cleanup, it is not your normal 'maid' service at all. Owned and operated by Evangeline Davis, she's partnered by Dave Black (NPC). Currently looking to hire in various positions, one can contact Evangeline in person or through other means (Page/mail). Rumors in certain circles suggest that those of Garou and Kinfolk alignment are favored employee recruitment.

Glass House Pawn Brokers

One of the few remaining businesses on D St. and Second Ave., Glass House Pawn Brokers was established in 2007 by its owner and operator Dmitri Glass. All manner of things come through these doors, and if you know what you're looking for, gems can be found in tucked away corners. Open late into the night, Dmitri is known to have all sorts of folks in his shop. He also welcomes those who simply want to sit in his library alcove and chat. If he likes you, he might even bring you tea. It also seems that he is perpetually hiring.

Feather of Maat Books

Under new ownership. Details forthcoming.

Kings Island Boardwalk

The Kings Island Boardwalk, or the Kings Walk as it has come to be called, was built ten years ago through a joint effort by Garan, Sunrise Construction, and Millennium One Real-Estate. Since the day it opened not one cent has ever been accepted as payment by a patron to visit the Boardwalk. It boast of the largest arcade in Southern California, and a complete Amusement Park. Recently a marina has been added and docking fees suspended in order to help draw the crowds. The Boardwalk is also home to Comicopalypse and the Wicked Mystic Occult Bookstore.

Magic Box

Located at Canary and D out on the Harbor, the Magic Box has been serving the occult needs of the area for over 30 years. It has recently been taken over by the daughter, Darcy, of the previous owners after their death in a car accident. Whatever supplies a person may need for occult purposes can be found here, including various talks and classes for the curious. Many of the Pagan holidays (Sabbats) are upheld here, and open to any who might want to join in to celebrate the holiday.

Makani Gym and Youth Center

This fitness center was converted from some old office and warehouse space in one of the more low-rent parts of town. Run by semi-retired M.M.A. fighter, Kekoa Fisher, the gym's main focus is on disadvantaged youth in Prospect. Makani offers free martial arts classes to youngsters from low-income families, paid for by government grants and the modest membership fees of other clientele. Aside from access to the gym and fitness equipment, Makani Gym also offers private lessons for an additional fee. What sets Makani apart from other gyms and dojos is the focus on spiritual philosophy and meditation techniques. Their Serenity Room is essentially in indoor Zen garden where members can go to engage in quiet reflection and relaxation.

The Oasis Casino

The Oasis Casino is an establishment that has your entertainment needs, from gambling (Roulette, Blackjack to various slot machines etc.) to various other forms live entertainment (dancing, singing, etc.). The Oasis Casino serves a mass majority of beverages and finger foods. If you have any questions or wish to be hired on for talent contact the manager Silvana. So come on down, just head out to Broadway and Maple St and take the Hwy 42 exit.

Off the Record

Off the Record is an independent coffeehouse and retail shop, specializing in goth, industrial, neofolk, darkwave, deathrock, witch house, experimental and post-punk music, as well as books from occult and underground presses like Feral House, Disinformation, Amok, Re/Search, Llewellyan and Scarlet Imprint. Rest assured, if it's dark and weird, either they'll have it or can get it for you. Typical soundtrack for the store:

The patrons who frequent the place are usually as weird and hyper-attuned to subcultural currents as its owner, John Balance is, though oftentimes various local (and not-so-local) celebrities have come through, as have academics. The space is eccentric, but friendly, though not quite as sugary as their closest competition, Prospect Roasters. Where they're renowned for frozen hot chocolate, Off the Record is noted for being coffee purists. Nary a flavor syrup to be found, there.

The P.R. Primrose Museum

The P.R.P. Museum, also known as The Primrose, was built south of Prospect beginning in the mid fifties. The museum's owners, Pandareos Ramses Primrose and his wife, never completed or opened the museum, and it sat dormant until the Spring of 2013 when it was acquired by a local charity and reopened. An eclectic mix of art, history, and science, The Primrose proves to be an all day experience. It boasts an observatory that's open from dusk until an hour before dawn, and has a food court stocked with fusion restaurants of various affordability. With levels three and four, as well as the vast basement, unavailable to the public and used for storage, there is a great potential for PRPs (Get it?) to be run here. Contact Project owner Druitt if you'd like to set one up. Experienced storyteller can be provided.

Weeping Fern Apothecary

The Weeping Fern is a true to the stories apothecary featuring the herbs and such of the medicines of the Orient. They also stock several ready to use remedies for the more common ailments. Acupuncture and Acupressure are also offered along with some minor massage and reflexology for those willing to allow their uses.

Wicked Mystic

The Wicked Mystic is an occult bookstore and Oddities Museum that specializes in rare and difficult to find text on horror, the macabre, and the occult. The store proudly boasts that if it has been in print in the last 200 years then we have it in stock. ANY other text that can be found can be ordered, it may take awhile to track it down, but the Owner Garan has numerous contacts and for the right price ANYTHING can be found.

Monroe Animal Ranch

The Monroe Animal Ranch is a sanctuary for exotic animals who have been abandoned in the wild, injured or taken from illegal homes. It's owned and operated by Alyssa Monroe, and she takes in all manner of animals, raises them, cares for them and even trains some of them for 'acting careers' in movies or television.

Actuarial Consultation

See Richard's business card.