Monroe Animal Ranch

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Monroe Animal Ranch

Brief History

The Monroe Animal Ranch is fairly new and located in the woods south of town. Unlike most animal rescues in the state, this one focuses primarily on animals of an exotic nature. Tigers, monkeys and bears are common sights, and animals range in size from tiny to bear-sized. And while a great deal of them are predatory and considered dangerous, not all of them are.


Alyssa: Owner, operator


Owner: Alyssa Monroe
Location: Central part of the forest
Hiring: Absolutely, priority to fera and kin


Animal Rescue: Found an animal that needs medical attention, rehabilitation or just a home? The ranch will take them in.
Healing: There is a fully stocked clinic, along with a Verbena healer, for fera, kin or mages who need such things.
Roaming in Animal Form: Fera who wish are allowed to come to the ranch to run in their animal forms.
Trained Animals: They train animals, primarily for movies/television, but also for the occasional pet.