Darkest Dawn Custom Work

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Located on the corner of 3rd and G st., this business is in the process of becoming one of the places that people can go to for the odd crafting need for Blacksmithing, Gun-crafting and Auto Detailing. All services include the ability for custom jobs and are licensed appropriately for everything made. The Blacksmithing pieces are considered to be decoration even if the quality of all work makes every piece very functional for what it is designed for. Guns made tend to be things designed for movie sets or very eccentric individuals that want pearl handles or gold plating and similar things done.

(OOC But that doesn't mean every gun that left has been registered with the authorities, but can they prove that?) The auto detailing part of the business is in full operation now for any who want a fancy paint job or to maybe armor their vehicles up.

Come in and talk to Simon anytime as he runs the place, or Seven, Van, and Twitch can get a hold of him. Or you can leave a message as the number is on the front of the building and other employees can direct anyone to contact info for work wanting to be done.