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Peace is a lie there is only PASSION. through Passion I gain STRENGTH, through strength I gain POWER, through power I Gain GLORY, through glory I gain VICTORY, through victory my chains will be broken! THE FORCE shall set me free!

--Sith Motto (Star Wars)--

Garan Haters If you think I have something that's not fair click here before you complain!

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The Others


Wait, what? Okay seriously your just fucking with me now!
Werewolf Okay seriously guys it has the better part of a millennium and you are still standing around with your head buried in the sand. Seriously I thought you would have socially evolved at least a little!
Werewolf While the Gaians have stood around with their head in the sand these guys have been learning, adapting, evolving. The Gaians may have the numbers but these guys are going to win the war.
Vampire The Cam wants you on your place. Kneel, stand, kneel, stand. If you go for that sort of thing, I don't know what to do for you. A man makes his own way. No one gives it to you. You have to take it. "Non serviam."
Vampire Dealing with the Sabbat is like dealing with a snake. It is a highly misunderstood creature and as long as you handle it properly your okay. Fuck up and it will bite you and kill you.
Mage Once upon a time I used to be one, now I keep a close eye on them. Take it from first hand experience no two ever agree and there is always going to be some cocky young buck looking to make a name.
Wraith I do not like things I cant see, hear, or touch!


I may be a bastard child in Gods eyes, but you got your ass kicked to the curb! Who is the real bastard child here?
Sorcerer More dangerous than you think, do not underestimate them!
Mortal One at a time and they are harmless, gathered in force and you will lose. Reveal yourself to those not of the blood and you will forfeit all rights to that blood.

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  • Seven: A psychotic, schizophrenic, egotistical , sociopath. God I love her!
  • Cody: I owe her more than I can ever repay! Be Ye warned, harm a hair on her head an all hell shall be released upon you!
  • Lorelei: I do not call many people friends, but for some reason I am very fond of Miss Lorelei.
  • Carl: I used to hate you. I thought you where a retarded self centered prick. Now I see past that and I know you are a retarded self centered prick, but you are also my friend!
  • Van: First I hate you, then I like you. He is kind of like mold on a rock! He has to grow on you. Still he has become my friend and I admire his honesty and courage when he truly does whatever he wants!
  • Silvana: A good friend. I like to think we share a comfortable silence.


  • Marcus: Your influence in this city is growing fast. I shall keep an eye on you young one.
  • Dyson: A man that understands how the game is played. He is a gentleman and that goes a long way in my book.
  • Alala: A true lady in every sense of the word.
  • Marion: A colossal pain in the ass, but she is my colossal pain in the ass.!
  • Gar: You seem like a good guy and you make my friend Lorelei happy.

Social Circles

  • Cross: There are not very many magi I trust, but Cross has earned mine. I ow your a dept and I always repay my dept's.
  • Leila: We have never really spoken, but for some odd reason she truly frightens me.
  • Matilda: Oh joy, I get to break in a new Sabbat leader.
  • Faqirah: I always get the feeling she is either looking for or wants something. Her agenda is questionable at times.
  • Jax: Not a bad man we just do not often see eye to eye. No pun intended.
  • Gabriel: Like the old song goes "I cant decide if you should live or die"
  • Varges: You wont be missed. I just wish I knew who to send the thank you note to.
  • Ignacio: I am so close to simply riding the world of this pathetic freak. He seems hell-bent on becoming the new Varges in my life. Keep you head down and stay the fuck out of my way.

The Clans

  • Clan Giovanni: So far we are 4 for 0. You have made me notice you. The best thing for you now is to pray I forget you.
  • Clan Brujha: You are pale pathetic shadows of what you once where.
  • Clan Malkavian: There is wisdom in their madness if you have the patience to seek it out
  • Clan Ventrue: Everyone needs a scapegoat. Lord you guys make it to easy to throw the blame on you.
  • Clan Tremear: I will see every single one of you bastards burn! We have a score to settle and after 700 years I have still not forgotten nor forgiven.
  • Clan Samedi: You are so like the Caitiff, I have taken a shine to these guys and they too fall under my protection.
  • Caitiff: First of All I -<HATE>- the term Caitiff, if I hear you ever call me one I will rip the tongue out of your head. Look it up sometime and find out what it really means! Second of all they are -<ALL>- under my protection. If you go Caitiff bashing then this caitiff is going to bash back.

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Mr Popularity

GaranPic4.jpg GaranPic2.jpg GaranPic5.jpg

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Name: Garan Graves

Clan: Caitiff

Position: Elder Vampire

  • Keeper of the peace and the Independent Clans and Caitiff representative to the Camarilla and Sabbat in New Hope.

Faction: Autarkis

Date of Birth: Unknown

  • Under various names Garan has been stomping around since the late 9th century A.D.

Apparent Age: Early 30's

Elder Expectations

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Other Forms
Garan ZuluForm.jpg

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RP Hooks
  • Nutral Party Hooks.
Garan is an Autarkis vampire and has cast aside the Jyhad. He considers his self to be a neutral party in the politics of supernatural affairs. As such his domain at the Fortune Plaza Bank Building and the Kings Island Boardwalk are neutral ground and all are welcome and protected. Any that violate his claim to domain or become violent to his guest are dealt with harshly, swiftly, and permanently! All spheres are welcome to come and play. No violence of any kind, or the public display of power of any kind is not allowed, take it out to the street.
  • Personal Hooks.
* Garan has an obsession with the concept of realities within realities.
* He has a love of books and occult lore and knowledge.
* Chess! Truly civilized men play Chess!
* Thaumaturgy Needs. Garan knows a man, who knows a man who was there when something fell off the back of a truck. If you have need of a Thaumaturgist, then the whispers are he can make the proper introductions.
  • Business Hooks.
Garan is a major CEO in Via Corp Holdings.
  • Wicked Mystic Bookstore Hooks.
Garan is the owner of the Wicked Mystic Bookstore. The Wicked Mystic prides itself on is vast collection. If it deals with the occult and has been in print in the last 200 years then it is probably in stock. For the right price a copy of just about anything ever written dealing with the occult can be found, or at least a reproduction of it. Garan even has contacts within the Vatican for copies of materials only found there.
  • Kings Island Boardwalk Hooks.
Garan is owner of the Kings Island Boardwalk and as such he is always looking for new businesses and attractions. The boardwalk has a marina, amusement park, and the legendary Wicked Mystic Bookstore. I am always looking for fresh blood and new attractions for the boardwalk.
  • Millennium One Hooks.
Garan is owner of Millennium One Real-Estate, one of the largest Real-Estate agencies on the West Coast. If you need a Real-Estate agent and discretion is required he will work off the books and set up false holding companies for you.
  • Sunrise Construction Hooks.
Garan is the owner of Sunrise Construction, one of the largest construction companies in Southern California and the city. He does allot of work for the government at the federal, state, and local levels. He is also known for doing work that requires unorthodox deviations from the building plans, and off the books.
  • Fortune Plaza Hooks.
Garan owns and manages the Fortune Plaza bank. Restricted to business banking and accounts over half a million dollars. The Fortune Plaza Bank has been declared neutral and as such patrons are under the protection of paranoid level security. If you are a supernatural or mortal+ and you need a safe place to conduct business then this is the place for you.

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