The Sideshow

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The Sideshow

“Wake up in a moving home. ”

Nightwish 'Last Ride of the Day'

The Mundane


The Sideshow is a unique hodge-podge, a club in the truest definition of the word. A club is an association dedicated to a particular interest or activity, and in this case that interest is in highlighting the beauty found in the bizarre. It is a celebration of the eccentric, the curiosities, the weirdos and the freaks. By day it serves as bistro and marketplace for the oddities found within. By night it transforms, serving liquor and playing an eclectic variety of music between acts on stage either indoors or out. While a schedule is posted and there are regular performers, impromptu acts from the audience are highly encouraged even if they are amateur in nature.

There is an antechamber before entry, twin red cushioned benches lining it while the walls are decorated with framed antique circus sideshow posters. This trend continues as one steps fully into the club, though here it is intermixed with paintings and photography that are fitting to the theme. It is a well known thing that almost all of these are for sale. In fact there is an alcove with additional unique pieces and oddities that are available. Various aquariums, mostly serving as specimen tanks, are set into the wall. The living creatures are not for sale.

The floorplan and setup is as unique as The Sideshow itself is. The seating is a dynamic thing, predominantly set up to be community in style, with the long tables pushed together and groups encouraged to sit with one another. While there is the stray lonely table or two they are almost always reserved. One day the tables might be set up in rows to face the stage, another day they might be set up to line the perimeter. It all depends on the whims of the staff and the scheduled acts. The only things of certainty here are the location of the bar, the stage, and the sliding glass panels that open the south wall to the outside area. While there is always an open area for dancing or traveling acts, this moves as need be.


The Bartenders Stacy NPC.jpg
Lead Technician
Waitress/Kitchen Helper/Occasional Performer
The Security CashM1.jpg
Cash Head of security.



The Rules

Stationed prominently above the bar where everyone can clearly see is a piece of parchment with bold lettering upon it. Titled "The Rules." They are written as follows:
  • 1. Privilege. It is a privilege to be here and not a right. You may be removed.
  • 2. Family. Understand and honor that here is a place of family for staff and performers.
  • 3. Respect. Respect all those present, else be removed.

The following rules were added on post-it notes in different handwriting:

  • 4. Absolutely no axe murderers!
  • 5. No slipping the bartenders roofies.
  • 6. No eating the staff.

Artist Contributions
Banished Board
RP Hooks

The Faerie Household
Owner, Dance Teacher, Entertainment Booker.

Chimerical Corkboard
This is the domain of the Eshu Aadhira Shukla, caretaker of Amaanat.
My hospitality is not to be abused. Play nice! Or I'll send you home, I have friends with sharp teeth.
Temporary lodging is available to any Kithain or Kinain in need.
Work is potentially available regardless of Household status.